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The Australian state of Queensland (QLD) has been hit by record flooding since Christmas, when tropical cyclone Tasha hit the coast on December 24 2010 near Cairns. The rain has continued, and flooding has affected a massive are of this large state. The situation escalated rapidly with flash flooding in Toowoomba on January 10 2011, and the Brisbane river is now spilling over in the state capital, home to over 2 million people. At least 10 lives have been lost with 80 still missing. This is the worst flooding in Australian history.

The obvious place to look for some astrological explanation is the December 2011 Lunar Eclipse because it came just 3 days before the flooding started. I believed this eclipse would be significant for Australia, because it was conjunct a very sensitive point in the Federation horoscope for Australia. The tightest aspect in this Australia horoscope is Mercury opposite Neptune (24′). Neptune is conjunct the fixed star Betelgeuse, the same star triggered by the December 2010 lunar eclipse.

Australia Astrology Chart

I was not sure what this aspect would mean for Australia, Mercury and Chiron opposite Neptune, but with hindsight, associating flooding waters with Neptune in this challenging aspect seems reasonable. Even transiting Neptune is aspecting this setup, trine to the Australian Neptune now. The rapid escalation of the crisis can be seen with transiting Uranus square the Australian Neptune, not exact till February 23. Jupiter is also square this Neptune, exact on January 17.

Australia Astrology Chart, Australia Horoscope

Australia Astrology Chart

As I wrote in the January Forecast, I wasn’t expecting the Jupiter Uranus conjunction to cause the devastating flooding associated with the previous conjunctions, which we saw in China, Pakistan and elsewhere. This was because this January conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus was not on the star Scheat, like the other ones were. Well now Jupiter and Uranus are again closing in on Scheat, the star of catastrophic flooding. Jupiter is now within orb, and hits exact on January 20, square the Neptune in the Australian horoscope. This is the worst flooding in Australian history, and Australia is the “land of flooding rains“. I’m thinking that this sensitive Neptune, opposite Mercury and Chiron is to blame, especially now realizing that this Neptune is activated by the December eclipse, and square Scheat, which is being activated by Jupiter and soon Uranus.

Fellow Aussie astrologer Alice Portman has researched these floods, and also points the finger at the December lunar eclipse, though for different reasons than I have found. Alice used the horoscope for QLD and noticed that the December lunar eclipse was conjunct Mars and Jupiter in the QLD chart. Wow! That singles out QLD for special attention, it has both Mars and Jupiter on the fixed star Betelgeuse in the Orion Constellation, on the Australian Neptune. What I found particularly interesting in her article, Queensland Floods, was the horoscope for the 1974 Brisbane flood, the previous record flooding event. Saturn in that chart is conjunct the fixed star Betelgeuse, on the Australian Neptune, the QLD Mars Jupiter.

The one thing I see repeated here is Betelgeuse, the sensitive point in the Australia horoscope because of Neptune, opposite Mercury and Chiron. Saturn was there in the 1974 flood, QLD has Mars and Jupiter there, and this was triggered by the December 2010 lunar eclipse, three days before the flooding started. These connections are only obvious when we make the fixed stars the reference, not the degrees of the tropical zodiac. You especially notice this when comparing current events to much older charts, like the Australian horoscope for Federation. Precession correction means that Neptune in that chart (27°30′ Gemini), is now 29°02 Gemini, just 19′ from the December 2010 lunar eclipse.

Australian Astrology Chart Data

“On January 1st 1901 the Australian Federations investiture was in acted with the Swearing In of the First Governor General Lord Hopetoun. This took place in Centennial Park and was investigated and Timed by the Late Gwen Stony. The time Gwen and her assistant Tex Cox produced through their vigorous investigation was 13:35:42 AEST, Sydney.” Astrological Forecast Australia 2013

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    • Jamie…Nostradamus:
      Garden of the World near the new city,
      In the road of the hollow mountains,
      It will be seized and plunged into the Tank,
      Forced to drink water poisoned with sulphur

      It was translated as New Jersey, which dubbed itself “the Garden State” would have it’s water poisoned, possibly by terrorists. But I thought of Victoria straight away as we are known as the “the Garden State”.
      Due to the floods I wondered if our water could become contaminated…on the radio the other day it said that tests carried out around 2009 in Melbourne showed that out waterways were heavily contaminated by fertiliser…looked it up on the interent and sulphur is in fertiliser!! Problem with Nostradamus you can’t work out his predictions till AFTER the event…then it’s easy to put 2 & 2 together!!
      Showed the Yarra River on tv last night…raging…if that overflows then Melbourne city could get flooded. Am not sure if all these country rivers run into the Yarra or not….but they look like they may burst their banks (on news today, Sunday)
      regards barb

      • I was surprised about the flash flooding in VIC, didn’t think the cyclone would effect down there. I was expecting a lot of rain where I am near Coffs Harbour but we have had a heat wave for a week and still no relief. That Murray-Darling river system is our food basket so there would be so much fertilizer being spread through the flooded land.

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          • Should work if you do subscribe to comments. This WordPress theme plays up sometimes, could be that. They send me updates fairly often to fix bugs.

            • Seen how bad the fires are in Perth?

              Just realised…have not been clicking on “notify me of followup comments via email”….and am not a blonde!!!!

  1. Ok, now we have a russian volcano erupting.

        • Any idea if it is now worsening?
          PS I keep waiting to see what the next “disaster” is going to be!!

          • no other news about the erruption (it’s not even a full erruption, it’s just spewing some smoke and ash….maybe when Uranus is in Aries it will errupt)…but, from what I’ve read, it hasn’t errupted since 1929. is it a coincidence that the last time it errupted, Uranus was in Aries?

            here’s some footage posted in youtube:


            • Watched the video, ta…looks quite amazing..nature is awesome.
              Looks like they have an outbreak of dengue fever in Queensland.

          • philippine volcano errupts:


            “THICK ASH spewed by Mt. Bulusan covered the entire town of Irosin in Sorsogon yesterday as the volcano came to life, prompting Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo to warn provincial and town officials there to prepare for any eventuality.”

  2. Re: Victorian floods
    Just found out that my son’s mate George…who had his car flooded with water in ST Kilda on Friday night..that his car is a right-off, due to the water, he even had it checked by RACV…he only has 3rd party fire & theft insurance, so is not covered by insurance…BUT his neighbours, who have car’s worth $60,000, and have full comphrehensive insurance are NOT covered either! George has looked into the flood relief hand-outs…and they are not paying for cars, only houses. It is SO wrong…people depend here on their cars SO much to get them to work etc…can you imagine the people who have taken out car loans…that now do not have a car…they will have to try and get ANOTHER loan for another car…at the same time continuing to pay off the first car loan?
    I pay full comprehensive insurance for my car…so that if ANYTHING happens I am covered…well, thats what I “imagined”.
    I feel SO sorry for some of these people…Barb

    • Lots of people in SE Queensland thought they had full cover on their houses too. Turns out insurance companies are not paying out in a lot of cases because of some technical loophole, categorizing “flash flooding, storm damage and riverine flooding.”

      • It’s 9.14pm Thursday…rain coming down REALLY hard in Melbourne & thunder…keep thinking we may have more flooding…even though nothing on the news.

        By the way…when the cyclone went from Queensland to Victoria, shouldn’t there have been a trail of destruction?

        I heard about the insurance companies in Queensland…they all stink….but I think the funds people have donated to should help people out more. Like I would like funds to cover a car…more than say, for example new carpet…’cos a lot of people won’t be able to get to work without a car or pick up the kids…they are going to be stuck at home, paying off a car loan, but don’t have a car..and they won’t be able to afford another car loan on top of the one they already have…a “domino” effect….people need help to “keep their jobs”.
        Hey…even though it says “you are subscribed to this entry”..I am still not getting replies to my email address…have had some…but has stopped again…Regards Barb

      • Just went back to my email address…and this mesage JUST came thru when I was in it…have noticed you posted it at 11.13

        • trying to post the above and computer when mad and posted it before I finished it!!!
          So…your blog at 11.13am came thru to my email address at 9.34pm.
          Ohhh….news is on….more casualities in Egypt.
          going to watch the news…Barb

          • The time set on this blog isn’t Australian time. I’s now 2:09 am here in NSW, Friday Feb 11 so it must be set for GMT + 1

            • Just been opening emails from friends in the UK critising insurance companies…they have had bad storms…one mate, due to the storm, had her rendering knocked off her chinmey, made a hole in the roof, she just got flooded…insurance company said damage to chimney is “old age”, not due to the storm!!, she is fighting them…gawd…Regards Barb

  3. Hi, can I, as an obsessed sub editor, correct you on your use of the word effecting/effect? When you say something is effecting it can only be used as in ‘effecting’ a cure, or result etc. In effect, the word in your blog should be ‘affecting’, as in when something is affected by, say, floods etc. The effect of the floods was devastating, affecting thousands of homes. Effect is almost always used as a verb. Unless your topic is psychology, you will rarely need to use affect as a noun.
    When we say one thing has had an impact on another, we use the verb affect. For example: It’s hard to say how the price of bread will affect the economy. Growing up with three older siblings affected me greatly.
    When someone affects you strongly, you may develop affection for them. Effect is almost always used as a noun. When people talk about causes, they also talk about effects. An effect is what is created by some cause. Here are some examples of effect as “the result of a cause”
    It’s hard to say what effect the rising price of bread will have on the world economy. One undesirable effect of not wearing shoes is dirty feet.
    The hurricane caused many tragedies, and the victims are still feeling its depressing effects. However, it can also be used as a verb, meaning to bring about, as in her actions effected a change in the situation.
    The Grammar police

    • OK Leone, I do struggle with grammar having Mercury and Venus opposite Saturn. So what do I write for this:

      Pluto conjunct your Moon effects you like this….


      Pluto conjunct your Moon affects you like this…..

  4. Just watching the news and I am sure they said that there are TWO cyclones hitting Australia.

  5. Here’s a good link to see what’s developing out off the east coast, got my one on something there.

  6. An earthquake has just hit New Zealand…funny, I had a feeling the other day “Earthquakes next”…but I thought of earthquakes in Australia

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