2015 UK Election Prediction

UK Election AstrologyThe United Kingdom general election occurs on 7 May 2015. The polls and betting odds have been neck and next for month now, right up to 10 hours before the polls open as I write this post. I am not going to predict the makeup of and winning coalitions, because the experts say no major party will win an overall majority.

We do know however, that the next prime minister of the UK will be either the incumbent David Cameron of the Tory Party, or the challenging Labor leader Ed Miliband. My prediction will be for the next prime minister of the UK, Dave or Ed.

First I will look at the chart for the opening of the polls at 7 a.m. on Thursday May 7. Next I will compare transits for each candidate. Finally I will summarize and make my prediction.

UK Election Astrology

Uranus sextile Ascendant is the most important aspect in the chart below because it involves the Ascendant (AC), being one of the three most personal points (along with the Sun and the Moon). It is also the tightest aspect in the UK election chart with an orb under half a degree. In mundane astrology, the AC represent the citizens of a country, while Uranus represent change.

Firstly, this aspect  suggest positive change and reform for the people of the UK. This sounds like a change in government. Although I associate the Labor Party with Jupiter, Uranus can also be considered because of it humanitarian and progressive nature. The rising star Rigel is associated with generosity, more of a Labor value than Tory.

Jupiter is associated with generosity, protection and humanitarianism. Therefore I associate it with progressive left-wing politics, in this case the Labor Party. Jupiter conjunct IC suggest a ground swell of support for Labor from a grass-roots campaign.

Saturn is associated with discipline, responsibility conservatism. Therefore I associate Saturn with conservative right-wing politics, in this case the Tory Party. Saturn retrograde making no aspects is not a good omen for the Tories. especially with Saturn on the repulsive fixed star Acrab.

Sun trine Pluto is the second most important aspect in the chart with and orb of under one degree.. The key word for this aspect is positive transformation. With the Sun representing the leader of a country, this is another sign of a change in prime minister.

UK Election Astrology

UK Election Astrology Chart

Comparing Transits for David Cameron and Ed Miliband

When looking at transits for major events like this, the big players are moon phases and Pluto, so I will only look at these.

View the David Cameron horoscope and Ed Miliband horoscope.

The March 20 solar eclipse at 29 ♓ 27 was conjunct Davids Descendant. This transit favors his open enemies, in this case Ed Miliband. In Eds chart, it was trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. This is not so important when compared to Davids Pluto transit..

The April 4 lunar eclipse at 14 ♎ 24 was conjunct Davids Sun. For Ed it was square Midheaven and conjunct Vertex. This lunar eclipse is equally unfavorable for both candidates. Although the conjunction to Miliband’s Vertex may suggest he is about to reach his destiny.

The April 18 new moon at 28 ♈ 25 made no aspects to either of the contenders charts.

The May 4 new moon at 13 ♏ 23 made no aspect in Davids chart. In Eds chart it was sextile Moon. Another bonus for Ed Miliband, suggesting popularity with the public and women in particular.

Transiting Pluto is square Sun for David, and conjunct Midheaven (MC) for Ed. This is most telling and greatly favors Ed Miliband. Transiting Pluto square Sun presents a major challenge to Davis power and authority. For Miliband, transiting Pluto conjunct MC has the potential to go either way for his career and status. However, Miliband has a well aspected natal MC, being conjunct Mercury and sextile both North Node and Part of Fortune.

UK Election Prediction

The UK Election chart favors a Labor victory because of positive aspects to Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn retrograde on an unfortunate fixed star is not a good omen for the Tory Party.

In comparing aspects from current moon phases and transiting Pluto to the charts of both candidates, Ed Miliband does much better than David Cameron.

For these reasons, I predict Ed Miliband to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

I correctly predicted David Cameron to win the 2010 UK Election, but I struck out  in the 2012 US election by prediction Mitt Romney to win. Fingers crossed the scales tip in my favor this time around.

11 thoughts on “2015 UK Election Prediction

  1. I wouldn’t associate the Labour party with an expansive planet like Jupiter. Neptune perhaps.
    David Cameron has a lot of Leo in his chart including Jupiter. Leo is currently transiting Jupiter.

  2. sure was a surprise one can only speculate the people were very afraid of change and content with the uk economy which has been one of the best performing so at the end of the day greed won over principal

  3. Brave of you to predict, kudos on that account. Perhaps the Tory win means the government will be a burden to Cameron using what you described. I suggest that Labour is the “conservative party” in the UK and the Tory’s are the outsiders and party of change, if that is the case would you have predicated the opposite, if Labour were associated with Saturn? I surmise that is the flaw.

  4. Thanks Jamie. I do not think the Tories really had as many MPs as they are claiming. There was less support for the Tories compared with the last election. The last election which brought the Tories in had a ‘We need a change from Labour and scaremongering about the debt. The Tories did not merit an increased vote, Labour did not merit such a poor vote and UKIP certainly merited a higher vote, loads of people liked them. The postal vote can be used to alter the election results and the results can be otherwise fabricated such as by introducing extra votes that nobody actually voted on…in swing seats
    Another indication of the vote rigging would be SNP’s takeover of Scotland, when apparently they did not even win the devolution vote. I am saying that there was vote rigging on the vote for an independent Scotland.
    Are our government capable of such dishonesty? Yes.

  5. Well then..? What do you have to say now? You got wrong ain’t it? Nature and Star’s predictions cannot be at a micro level…if Ed had won! you would have gone over board to prove you were right, please respond post a error in prediction too.

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