Mitt Romney Horoscope

Mitt Romney HoroscopeIt is obvious now that Mitt Romney will be contesting the November 6 2012 US presidential election representing the conservative Republican Party. He will face off against president Barack Obama for this six month hyperactive hooting and hollering flag waving spectacle. In this post I will look at Mitt Romney’s natal horoscope for any presidential potential, then look at his transits for election day. Two other techniques used in predictive astrology will then be examined, the solar return chart and progressed chart. Finally I will stick my neck out and make a prediction based on all the jargon, as all good astrologers are supposed to do to earn their keep.

Mitt Romney Horoscope

Mercury is the spin doctor and is supposed to rule politicians. Romney has Mercury retrograde between Sun and Mars so he has a few tricks up his sleeve and should be very astute with good debating skills. His Mercury is conjunct a star called Achernar which gives “success in public office”. Moon conjunct Jupiter should make him come across as genuine and add to his public appeal, especially with women.

What I find really astounding in his chart is that Venus and the Part of Fortune are conjunct the Midheaven. This suggests a very fortunate career and a charming appeal with the public and the ladies. This area between 6 and 8 degrees Aquarius includes stars in the constellation of Capricorn, which is known as the Mansion of Kings. This fortunate Midheaven, ruling the career, is trine the North Node which is where he is heading. It does appear he was always destined for big things. I have highlighted the grand trine formed with Neptune in his chart below.

2012 Election Day Transits

Mitt Romney HoroscopeThe preceding solar eclipse in May at 00°21′ Gemini is bang on Mitt’s Ascendant, which represents his soul’s purpose and how he projects himself. This is a good omen putting him in the spotlight for the majority of the campaign. It will give him a great energy boost and extreme self confidence which will be noticeable to everyone. He has natal Ascendant sextile Saturn which explains him representing the conservative side of politics. With the solar eclipse then sextile his Saturn, he will come across as safe and secure, authoritative and with leadership qualities as a father figure.

However the June 2012 lunar eclipse at 14°14′ Sagittarius is square his Mercury, and on election day, Jupiter at 14°36′ Gemini is also square his Mercury. This suggests he really will be pushed to the limit to express himself and get his message across. Squares do make things happen and because of the fortunate star on his Mercury it should bring out his best, especially as the rising Sun at the White House on election day at 14°28′ Scorpio is trine his Mercury.

The next most important thing to look at in transits is Pluto at it represents long term and very significant changes. Transiting Pluto on election day at 07°34′ Capricorn in sextile his Mars which will give a staggering increase in energy and magnetic appeal. This transit will be in effect for the entire presidential campaign and also means he will be forceful and determined, but not in a way which is off putting to others. The October 29 full moon at 06°48′ Taurus is also sextile his Mars.

Saturn at 03°48′ Scorpio is square his natal Saturn which indicates a severe test and turning point in his life. It is generally seen as a very challenging transit but we do need things like this to make us take responsibility, to stand up and be counted.

Just after the election, the November 13 solar eclipse at 21°57′ Scorpio is trine his Sun suggesting good fortune with his goals. The November 28 lunar eclipse at 06°47′ Gemini on his North Node activates that fortune grand trine in his natal chart mentioned earlier.

Mitt Romney 2012 Solar Return

The return chart for his birthday is relocated and precession corrected. He was on the road in Alabama on his birthday so we cannot be sure exactly where he was at the moment of his precessed birthday, when the Sun returned to the exact same position against the backdrop of the stars. For this reason I will not look at houses or house cusps. I have highlighted the major aspect pattern, the grand trine between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. This points to a tremendous drive and determination leading to large scale success.

Mitt Romney Astrology Chart

Mitt Romney Secondary Progression

Mitt Romney Astrology 2012In the progressed chart set for election day, Moon conjunct Midheaven means a high and favorable public profile with the ability to come across as emphatic to the needs of the public and especially women. In tune and intuitive about the public mood. Both progressed Moon and Midheaven are on the brightest star in the constellation Cepheus, The King. The culminating Moon forming a trine to Pluto suggests this  popularity in the public eye will lead to great power and influence.  The progressed Ascendant at 28°02′ Cancer is trine his popular natal Moon Jupiter conjunction, another good omen for positive self projection and good fortune.

2012 Election Prediction

The betting odds at SkyBet as of today, May 8 2012 have Barack Obama paying $1.33 and Mitt Romney paying $3.20 for the win ( Common sense says that Mitt Romney will lose the election, and this is what the vast majority of astrologers are predicting. Barack Obama has some good transits too, and I will post about that later. However I must say that most of what I have looked at in the charts for Mitt Romney suggests that he will win the 2012 presidential election.

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  1. Sorry, Greg F, I gave you the solar return chart planets of Mitt Romney, calculated from his natal chart of course. His solar return charts show he has many of the planets you were looking for.

  2. Never imagined that there could be such an animal as a conservative astrological website!
    Reasons to not vote for Romney and conservative candidates in general – voter suppression, promotion of power in the hands of the few and wealthy), ugly,rabid racism, staunch anti-abortion stands,(even in cases of rape!), looming supreme court nomination(s)with the power to overturn Roe v. Wade, anti-environmentalism stands, anti banking and other business regulations stands, astonishing degree of duplicity,(i.e. ‘flip-flopping’), war-mongering, ‘support-our-troops’ (until they come home),Romney’s political whoring: “I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said, whatever it was. I’ll go back and take a look at what was said there.”, “death panels” in the guise of cold, greedy private health insurance providers, etc., etc.
    No perfect person in the world, but I’ll take my chances for a more equitable playing field for the majority of citizens by never voting for a conservative candidate.
    It’s apparent from both the article and the comments, that astrological information can be interpreted in many ways. Better to examine the facts and make decisions based on informed intuition.

    • “Never imagined that there could be such an animal as a conservative astrological website!”

      We have an astrology website, not left or right wing. This article is only about astrological opinion, not personal political opinion. I predicted Cameron in the UK election and Ignatieff in the Canada election.

      • The occasional progressive interpretations/comments do seem to be outliers, though.
        While there is much to be said for astrology, there seems to be much that cane be read into it, as well.

      • I never thought of this as a conservative astrological website Jamie…it is an astrological website…I agree and continue to be fascinated by the discussions.

      • Thank you Jamie. And a wonderful astrological site it is, indeed. And quite different from other standard run of the mill astrology sites. Much more interesting.

    • Yes…its not conservative or liberal – its just commons sense….suggest you move to Europe so you can implode from Socialism as they are about to any day now. We on the other hand prefer prosperity and individual freedom. We are making informed decisions based on facts…these are the facts: the last four years have sucked…time to move on.

      • I suggest you stop using this as your right-wing political platform and just let it go. Enough name-calling. I’m just another American and my beliefs are no less important than yours.

        • Didn’t call you any names…just stating the facts. I am not a right wing republican…common sense independent.

          • ‘suggest you move to Europe so you can implode from Socialism…’

            How polite…

            • Sorry…it is what it is…that’s the issue with liberals – they can’t face reality. Not much up for nurturing you or misprepresenting the facts. Europe is in fact imploding from socialism…it does not work in the long run and they are about to pay the price for it probably before the end of the year.

            • As a matter of ‘fact’, Europe has been following the most hard-core neo-liberal policies during this crisis; it is this intransigence that is sending it down the drain at the moment, not the non-existent socialism american conservatives talk about. This noise about ‘facts’ is also very telling; because it seems conservatives actually are prone to use only the ‘facts’ that serve their purposes at any given time, conveniently leaving more disturbing ‘facts’ (as the outsourcing of businesses) out of the conversation. That’s ‘reality’ for you. Twisting everything to support their preferred version of how the world works; and insulting whoever disagrees, only to call others ‘rude’ (or ‘whiner’, depending on what serves them most) whenever they feel cornered or simply have to face the ‘fact’ of free speech and free thinking.
              In any case…live and let live, as the saying goes…but I guess even that is too much to handle for some people.

            • Sad, but true, Kacey. What ever happened to ‘all for one and one for all?’ As somebody said on another thread, we call it ‘Civilization’ (not Socialism).

    • Well Joann A, You are right. It is true that astrology can be interpreted in many ways. In the case of Romney’s solar return chart versus Obama’s, Romney has more favorable and supportive planets than Obama. In such a case, the assumptions to be made would be:- the one with more favorable, positive and supportive planets would have the highest probability of winning the position of the Presidency. That’s my interpretation.

  3. THANK You, Joann!

    I thought I was all alone on this same feeling. How can we believe anything from Romney with his constant waffling on every issue? He’s pro-life — no he’s pro-choice…etc.

    • I’m a woman and when asked if I am pro-life or pro-choice, my answer is that I am both. I am pro-life for my own beliefs, and I also respect my friends views on the fact that since they are the one carrying the baby for 9 months, they should have a choice to decide if they want to do so or not. THerefore, I can totally see the Romney’s “constant waffling” as you call it. Women, as I know them, are very intelligent. They care more about having a job first and be financially independent before they care about how the other political party trying to paint women as being dependent on government subsidizing abortions and birth controls. When women have jobs and money, they can buy whatever they want, contrary to what mainstream media wants you to believe. No need to worry about women, Greg F, they are very capable of taking care of themselves. Nov 6 will prove it.

      • You are quite right, Georgina. With the 4 to 10 percent more women than men who vote each election, women will determine our next President. I still worry about single mothers and their access to affordable health care for themselves and their children, and the wage gap between the sexes. May the best man win on Nov. 6th.

    • Well we know he is consistent when it comes to the economy and all roads lead to the economy. We need to turn this country around and fast. Romeny can do it! Fours years later we know Obama can’t do itas he said himself. “If the economy isn’t fixed, this will be a one term presidency.”

  4. I am tempted to respond, in depth, to the political arguments being put forth here. But an astrological website doesn’t seem to be the proper venue to continue the discussion.
    Who knows what the future holds? Only the shadow knows…………

  5. nothing to do with politics, just astrological data. Obama’s birth date and time are still not known, and it astonishes me that anyone would use the make believe birth certificate he put out as a starting point.

    I have worked with Romney’s chart only, and I predict a landslide for him – if elections are held.

    • I’m with you, Carrie, I too predict a landside!!!! Astrology aside, anyone who is intelligent should be able to see through that empty suit Obama is wearing. It took the 1st Presidential debate for many Americans to see that, but it looks like America has awakened!!!!

      • You are willing to back a LIAR! Shame that you cannot give credit where credit is due. If Romney gets in and makes another mess like GW people like yourself deserve what you get. I think he will start WWIII with his lack of diplomacy. And I bet he will blame it on Obama.

        • Obama is the one who likes to blame everyone but himself. Obama is the real liar, one after another, he lies. You believe that he didnt know Benghazi was a terrorist attack on day one? Shame on you for not knowing how to discern between good and bad. Bad eye sight?!?!? Deaf?!?! Ignorant?!?

          • I hope Romney loses. His followers have so little respect for the opinions of others. Un-American activity in most civilized company.

  6. JoAnn, are you not an astrologer?

    And Carrie, what is it going to take to convince you that Obama was born in the U.S.? Seriously. Do you honestly believe that hundreds of people have been involved in a giant conspiracy for the past 50 years because they knew ahead of time that he would someday become president? Please explain why you believe it is not his correct birth certificate.

    • Because it is not certified, which makes it legally worthless, and because it has “layers”, which means it is photoshopped. I have done this for a living.

  7. Perhaps the astrolger is correct, but that does not negate the fact that Obama will be in his Venus period on November 6, and Romney will be in his Saturn period according to Cards of Your Destiny. I, therefore, give Obama a slight edge in this race. Also, Obama is a double 9 of Diamonds Leo, and the Moon will be in Leo on Election Day. The election will be close, but Obama has the advantage!!

    On the night that President Barack Obama was celebrating his inauguration at various balls, 15 Republican lawmakers and strategists were discussing ways to sabotage his presidency at a private dinner in Washington, D.C.

    The event is discussed in Robert Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives.”

    According to Draper, the guest list that night included Republican Representatives Eric Cantor (VA), Kevin McCarthy (CA), Paul Ryan (WI), Pete Sessions (TX), Jeb Hensarling (TX), Pete Hoekstra (MI) and Dan Lungren (CA), along with Republican Senators Jim DeMint (SC), Jon Kyl (AZ), Tom Coburn (OK), John Ensign (NV), and Bob Corker (TN). The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich and Frank Luntz, the long-time Republican wordsmith.

    For about 4 hours in the Caucus Room (a pricey D.C. establishment), the book says they plotted out ways to not just win back political power but to also block Obama’s legislative platform.

    All of these Republican lawmakers should be brought up on charges of treason, removed from office, and not be eligible for their “cushy” $174,000 per year lifetime pensions! They are responsible for this country’s credit downgrading, the extreme gridlock in Congress, and holding back America’s progress these past 3.5 years. I find them despicable and disgusting!

    Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee for Vice President who sat in on this treasonous meeting, has the gall to say that President Obama has no record on which to run! That was the Gang of Fifteen’s plan in a nutshell.

    President Obama wanted to work in a bipartisan manner to solve this nation’s problems, but he has been stymied and blocked at every turn. That is why I plan to vote early for the President today in Texas!

    • Jeanette, you are on the wrong website. This site is for astrology, not destiny card. Nonetheless, since you brought it up, Obama may be in his venus period in destiny card, but he has 5 of hearts in Venus, meaning this is a card of separation or completion in relationships. He loses the election. Romney’ card is Queeen of Spade in saturn period. It is a powerful card of mastery. When you get such a master card like that, it voids your saturn effect. Obama’s 9 of Diamonds twice is for double bankruptcy. He is supposed to learn from having it all to losing it all. That’s his lessons in life. Who wants to continue to support a President who is going to lead us to a 2nd term of bankruptcy??!!?? Even in astrology, Romney has better planets than Obama. It will be a landslipe in Romney both in astrology and destiny cards. Obama can fool us once, cant fool us again. How about Benghazi? That was a total cover up and it is absolutely unforgivable. He didnt care about our 4 Americans who died. He should be impreached immediately. Wake up!

  8. well there is that perfect storm try a little baseball very american go giants!!!!!!forget the anger and just play the game

    • I can’t remember if it was on the Darkstar blog or another astrology site, but someone warned that Election Day Nov. 6 would be plagued with some delay or problems in procedure like in 2000, when the Supreme Court decided the outcome. It looks like Mother Nature is going to throw another wrench in the works with Hurricane Sandy. It could be Thanksgiving or later before it all gets sorted out.

      Meanwhile, Play Ball!

  9. Mercury going retrograde on Nov 6 has been a question mark for sure. Then I heard something yesterday that may explain what might happen. Ohio has a law that says a person who does not return their mail-in ballot on time can still render a provisional ballot. This would mean the count could take up to several weeks to complete. But Romney will ultimately win. Looking at a forecast for the US in 2013, all indicators point to more responsible actions by Congress, a resurgence of American pride and optimism, and a renewal of worldwide respect for America.

    • I love reading your posts Gabby! Been working my butt off for Romey – I live in a swing state 🙂

      • Keep up the good work, Elsie. I live in a blue state and needless to say, it is broke with “to the bone” austerity cuts in programs for schools; the elderly and handicapped; overcrowded schools; overcrowded jails; over run with gangs; etc. etc.

        We are in desperate need of some common sense, and Mr. Romney is the man for the job. Both Dems and establishment Repubs are going to be unhappy with his “sun & rain will fall equally on all” approach. No more cronyism! Yeah!

          • I don’t think God is laughing. Obviously, the Science of Astrology is not laughing. I don’t think the victims of Hurricane Sandy are laughing. I don’t think the victims of the freak windstorm, derecho, that whipped from the Midwest to the east coast last July when over 7,000 people in McDowell County West Virginia, among others, suffered 100 degree temps with no electricity, were laughing. Speaking of cronyism, the mother of all cronyism is the political stranglehold on the Mountain State by the Big Coal Party. There should be a “C” after all legislators in America’s Little Switzerland, regardless if they have an “R” or a “D” after their name. An excellent book to read on cronyism is Unleashing Capitalism: Why Prosperity Stops at the West Virginia Border by Russell Sobel. Nothing against mining; my Daddy was a coal miner, but we have to follow the laws on the books to protect the water and people’s health. My Daddy put his own life in danger by going INTO the mines; Mountaintop Removal puts the communities in danger. Crony Capitalism is on its way OUT. Prier to 2008, God was “softly and tenderly calling” us to turn back to Him, then Pluto entered Capricorn and God began to hold an earnest conversation with us through the weather, and through governments and economies crumbling worldwide. When Uranus entered Aries, God raised His hand and began counting to three. The Pluto Uranus Square between 2012-2015 will convince everyone, even you Greg :-), that it “ain’t” funny anymore. We need a strong leader to guide us through these times; Romney is that leader.

        • Today is the day we have been waiting for…feels like Independence day all over again.I can barely keep my eyes open I am so tired…off to knock on doors until 3..then its time for Champagne shopping…I am so excited….

  10. Dell Horoscope November 2012 edition November’s Planets and You by Bill Meridian:

    Mr. Meridian takes a look at both the Democratic Party’s and the Republican Party’s aspects for the election. He says the Dems show possible loses in the Senate and governors and a change in leadership in the Senate. The Repubs show no adverse aspects. I’ve read Bill Meridian for years and his predictions are non partisan. Back when I was a rabid Democrat, I thought differently when he showed Bush would win both times, and later when he said Hilary wouldn’t (Primary vs Obama). Now I can see he just tells it like it is in the stars without regard to politics.

    Any additional insights about the Congress from the astrologers on the Blog?

  11. Any opinion on Romney’s progressed Sun making an exact conjunction to the progressed MidHeaven (government) of the US chart at election time?

  12. “The Universe has denied Romney the seat of the Presidency, of the United States of America”

    • Don’t be too sure. “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”. She hasn’t sang yet. Don’t forget this Hurricane
      Sandy happened under Obama’s presidency. The job data & retail sales data
      will be at their worst when they are released before the election, disregard
      if the election result is delayed or not. I’d say even the Universe is not
      smiling too kindly on Obama.

      • And now…CBS has him lying on camera about Libya and they covered it up all this time….yikes.

  13. I had a dream/vision last night. An outline of the US in red, white, and blue, and a blank center. A new beginning; a clean slate. No more red and blue states; no more “R” and “D” parties. One nation under God in reality, not just rhetoric. One party, “G”.

    We know one thing for sure; the prediction that Romney will win the popular vote and Obama will win the electoral college cannot be accurate according to astrology, considering the inauguration day chart. So this will be a very good referendum on Astrology and I think it will stand the test of time as always. We shall see.

  14. I don’t know when I have ever been as happy to be wrong. I’m wondering what role Mercury Rx played today (RE-election? REpeat?). I expected at least a glitch or two in the process. And now I am anxious to see what Romney will be doing on Inauguration Day because I still believe that his chart shows a more public presence than Obama’s. I’m definitely going to have to go back (well Mercury Rx got me, that’s for certain!) and see where I went wrong.

    One more thing I want to say while I’m here. I did not come back after my initial visit because I’ve never in my life seen so many rude and hateful people who instead of discussing astrology felt the need to insult each other with nothing more than personal opinion and abominable attitudes. Georgina, if this were my blog, you’d be banned for life. I cannot help but wonder why, when astrologers must be some of the most enlightened people in the world about the nature of the universe and the laws of karma, that they still choose to be so nasty to each other. If you have not developed spiritually from the study of astrology, then it is not for you. Please get out because you give the rest of us a bad name. Greg, I really have to hand it to you…I would have bitch-slapped someone by now. I think from here on that you should be known as Saint Greg.

    • Lesia, love the pic! 🙂
      Someone suggested that mercury retrograde could point to re-election, I think it was in the 2012 Election Predictions post.

    • I think I went wrong by believing tr Pluto sextile Mars would more than compensate from tr Neptune square AC. Now I see that the May 2012 eclipse square Neptune must have made that transit more influential.

    • Maybe Jamie believes in one of our most precious rights – free speech? Funny how liberals/progressives see rudeness in others but not their own. I saw Greg as just as strongly opinionated as the rest of us, but I wouldn’t call anyone rude for expressing their true opinion.

      As to Astrology, since I am a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, I am happy you folks are going to get what you asked for. With Uranus and Pluto playing havoc with the world, there is no doubt you will.

      • I never told anyone to ‘move to Europe’ in my discourse. That kind of ‘free speech’ is inappropriate here.

        • This is so interesting; I never really saw Greg, strongly opinionated as he was, calling anyone names simply because they held different beliefs and opinions. This is what you do in a civilized, yet passionate, discussion: It is the opinions you ‘attack’, not the person. On the other hand, I do remember conservative inclined posters being aggressive, and downright offensive, to people disagreeing with them; it’s all there in the posts. Freedom of speech, which conservatives seem to very selectively claim for their opinions, but very consistently deny for others, has nothing to do with spewing hate.
          And the Uranus-Pluto square would still be there for everyone to face if Romney had won, so I fail to see how this too is the progressives’ fault…but again, to each their own…

          • I don’t think we can know that things would turn out the same regarding Uranus and Pluto regardless of which man won. Shocking upside down change can be either positive or negative. Had the people turned back to God, I think it would have ushered in the millennium and astonishing positive change. Since obviously the stars said Obama would win, it is man’s interpretation of Astrology that is faulty, not the Science itself. It was a clear choice between the party that kicked God out of its party and platform, and the man who follows God, and the people made that choice. So, will coming events reflect positive or negative consequences to our actions? Only time will tell. If Obama, like Nineveh, changes his ways, will I, like Jonah, still harbor mistrust and animus against him? Probably. And of course, I never have trusted the Repubs so I guess I’m finally where I should be, placing trust in only God and His coming government. To each his own. Amen …

    • Well Leslie, bitch slap me if you want because I really couldnt care less what you think. If you Obama supporters think you win, wait and see. You will see the next four years of hell. We will be just like Europe. Obama won because socialism is being taught in school. Also, people want entitlements so they dont have to work. Little did they understand that it is not free. We have to pay taxes to support them. So why do people bother to try to find work when the government can support them? Of course they wont. And women, we fought so hard to get our freedom and now we are giving our power away to governments just so we can have contraceptives and abortions!!!. The people get what the deserve. Get ready for the fall of the Great Nation into bankruptcy and who knows, maybe the terrorist will invade us soon and there will be nothing left. Maybe the Mayan calender is predicting end of the world.

  15. saturn won’t help the prez or vice p. at least for awhile. about 3 weeks ago I had a dream of Obama giving his inaguration speech….I don’t think much will come of this victory on a stationary mercury into a void with moon passing over obama’s sun.

    Socialism loves public transportation, here we have a brand new highspeed commuter rail 4 cars totally empty, like the empty bus. They really love sticking it to us.

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