2018 Midterm Election Prediction

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2018 Midterm Election PredictionThe 2018 United States midterm elections will be held mostly on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Americans will elect members for each of the 435 House seats and 35 of the 100 Senate seats in Congress. Donald Trump and the Republicans are fighting to maintain their majority in both houses. However, the Democrats have a healthy lead in the polls and have a good chance of taking the House of Representatives. [1] The stakes are high because a Democrat victory in either chamber would grant powers to open investigations into President Trump.

2018 Midterm Elections Astrology

The chart below for the midterm elections is set for noon on November 6. Being a 0° Aries chart, the Ascendant and Midheaven can be ignored. Even the position of the Moon is not that helpful because polls open and close at different times all over the country. But there are some significant planetary aspects that give some clues about the outcome.

2018 Midterm Election Prediction Astrology

2018 Midterm Elections Astrology

Jupiter quincunx Uranus is tightest aspect in the midterm election chart and is exact on November 8. This aspect does point to change, with candidates and electors swinging between optimism and uncertainty, confidence and anxiety. For some there will be sudden good fortune, positive change and excitement. But for others, a sudden reversal in fortunes and more anxiety.

Jupiter rules the House and Senate, the Supreme Court and the Justices. So the 2018 midterm elections should result in a realigning of social consciousness, common values and belief systems of the United States.

Sun trine Neptune suggests this election will favor the Democrats because Neptune rules socialism. The Sun in mundane astrology represents the president but also the general character of the nation and the way foreigners view the country.

So the changing values and beliefs shown by Jupiter quincunx Uranus will probably lead to a more sympathetic and compassionate United States. This is a good omen for equity, social welfare, health, immigration, human rights and relations with the United Nations.

Venus Retrograde Opposite Uranus

Venus is the most important planet in the midterm election horoscope because it is the most aspected planet. It is also retrograde which happens only 7% of the time. Venus rules peace and harmony, money, the stock market and banks, food production and the entertainment industry. While the Moon rules the women in America and how the country views women, Venus represents the “feminine archetype” of the nation. [2]

Venus retrograde points to introspection and reassessment about those things ruled by Venus. It suggests the voters will be especially concerned about their finances and lack of harmony so noticeable within politics, foreign relations and society generally. Venus retrograde also suggests the Me Too Movement and the sexual exploits of the president will have a big impact of the outcome of the midterm elections.

Venus opposite Uranus is another indicator of change. This aspect makes the voters feel uncertain about their financial stability and more likely to rebel against the current government. It suggests a large protest vote and makes radical ideas more appealing. Strikes and street protests are possible. Changing economic conditions could manifest as a sudden change on the stock market, or in the value of the US Dollar or Treasury Bonds.

Uranus rules new technology and the internet. So Google, Facebook, Twitter and independent online news organization will be more influential than ever before in determining the outcome of the midterm elections, and more controversial. Hollywood celebrities will be louder than usual in their support for the Democrats.

Venus conjunct Ceres emphasises the importance of the Mee Too Movement in this election. Minor planet Ceres rules working mothers and single parents so it is possible their votes will be the deciding factor. Climate change and the environment may sway many voters. This conjunction also supports the more sympathetic and comforting influence of Sun trine Neptune.


It seems the major theme of the midterm election astrology is change. Uranus is the planet of change and rebellion. It is involved in all but one of the most important aspects in the chart. There is also a strong focus on feminism as well as compassion. So the astrology for the day of the 2018 midterm elections seems to support the opinion polls.

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  1. No..Feminism defeated again. Look at the moon in 4th phase (crone period), Ceres and Venus rx all having negative/challenging aspects to Uranus whereas Jupiter and Sun (ultimate male authorities) are rejoicing and prevail.

  2. Apparently, you watched a different election. Women were elected to Congress at a record level in the US.

  3. Kemp/Stacey – Georgia Governor vote battle appears to be over. Nov 16, Venus stationary direct, Mercury Rx.

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