Jupiter Quincunx Uranus Natal and Transit

Jupiter Quincunx Uranus

Jupiter quincunx Uranus maximum orb 3°00′.

Jupiter quincunx Uranus natal gives faith and optimism. You probably don’t have a definite plan, but you have faith that things will turn out okay. You like to aim high because even if you don’t get there, you at least get somewhere.

Your faith is often rewarded with good fortune falling in your lap out of nowhere. These lucky breaks now and again renew your self-belief after a dry spell. You will learn to take full advantage of only the best opportunities. You cannot force an opportunity to come, and you have to wait for lady luck to show up when she is good and ready.

Lack of patience and follow-through is possible with this aspect. A lack of joy or excitement will make you anxious about change. As the tension builds over time, it reaches a critical point. At this point, you may lose your cool and make a scene. An outburst of anger or craziness would be embarrassing, but you relieve the tension.

Another option is a spot of good luck that brings positive change and renewed optimism. There is another option in the middle where you make a small positive change while acting with moderation.

You appreciate lifelong study and learning and may find air travel overseas extremely rewarding. The most important thing you can learn from this aspect is to find a balance between your hopes for the future and how much change your loved ones can handle. They may grow tired of your constant edgy and unhinged behaviors. Rapid changes can affect your level of wealth, legal issues or travel arrangements.

You may even approach higher education in fits and starts. You can swing between periods of genius and madness, which puts others on edge; it keeps them guessing about you. However, the spark of creativity at the end of the process can lead to incredible possibilities and a successful, satisfying life.

Jupiter Quincunx Uranus Transit

Jupiter quincunx Uranus transit can change your belief system, wealth, education, travel, general happiness and contentment. In this constant flux, you can swing between optimism and uncertainty, confidence and anxiety. The ups and downs and give and take can be very stressful, but changes are needed in your life so you can grow.

A growth spurt is possible now in the physical, material and spiritual worlds. You need patience, moderation, and research to choose the best of the opportunities coming your way. You should be modest, thankful and generous when sudden good fortune comes your way.

Following the advice above, you should enjoy this positive change and excitement period. Open-mindedness and flexibility will increase your chances of success during this transit. For example, you could receive a job offer on the side of the country and then have to weigh up all the pros and cons quickly.

If you get greedy, wasteful, or arrogant, a sudden reversal in fortune could leave you desperate and anxious. Yet positive growth and change can also come from this situation. Changing your values and morals will improve your self-belief and hope for the future.

Jupiter Quincunx Uranus Celebrities

Zoë Kravitz 0°00′, Yoko Ono 0°08′, Jennifer & June Gibbons 0°11′, Meryl Streep 0°13′, Brad Pitt 0°14′, K.D. Lang 0°14′, Janet Street-Porter 0°18′, Nina Simone 0°20′, Peter Jackson 0°25′, Erik Satie 0°25′, Conor McGregor 0°27′, Julian Lennon 0°35′, Marc Bolan 0°46′, Garry Kasparov 0°51′, Carl Wilson 0°54′, Uri Geller 1°18′, Nicolas Cage 1°32′, Steven Spielberg 1°33′, Heather Locklear 1°33′, Roman Polanski 2°03′, Woody Allen 2°56′, Jeff Bridges 2°56′.

Jupiter Quincunx Uranus Dates

8 November 2018

10 December 2029
15 June 2030
13 September 2030

28 February 2032
8 July 2032
2 December 2032

5 thoughts on “Jupiter Quincunx Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. Hello!

    I have to ask, is this aspect the same as Jupiter semi-sextile uranus? It works the same way? I read sometime ago that quincunx and semi-sextile were almost the same, but I don’t know…I don’t think so.

    What do you think? How it would be like a semi sextile between this two planets?

    Thanks in advance. I love this page, your interpretations are top lol

    • Thank you! Yes, I have heard the same thing but can’t remember where. But I think a semisextile is more like a mild sextile than a quincunx. I find the quincunx aspect totally different than the sextile. So I would read Jupiter sextile Uranus.

    • Hi Anon.
      Well, as far as I see this, the semi-sextile aspect works like something (which we will call “Element A”) that helps another thing (ex.: Element B) to occur or happen. Like when you were cheated and then start to write a book based on it. That’s one case.
      The quincunx, on the other side, is more like two people that dont understand each other because they talk two different languages. And eventually, the one who speaks English (the universal idiom) may also overcome the guy who only knows his own indigenous dialet. That’s why this aspect also receives the name inconjunction, by the way.
      Hope I’ve helped u even if a little bite. 🙂

  2. Thank you Jamie and Jackson, Thank you guys! I really appreciate it. And Jackson, I like your interpretation…but to add a little bit more… as far as I know, in the quincunx you have to try to mesh both sides, and not to resist the energy that this creates. And then you will have a NEW outcome of it. Something unique. Or something in along those lines as far as I can remember, I read that somewhere else too lol

    Anyways, thank you guys for your output. Keep it coming Jamie! great site 🙂

  3. 1961 has a Jupiter Capricorn to Uranus Leo Quincunx I have one in my chart.
    I totally resonate with your interpretation

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