Syria Horoscope

Syria Astrology Chart, Syria Horoscope

Syria looks next in line for a 2011 revolution with the government using “jets and tanks, sustaining fire with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades” [CNN] on it’s own people. I’m going to look at two horoscopes which may describe what is happening with the protests in Syria, and whether or not the Assad regime will fall. The two charts are for the independence of Syria from France in 1944, and for beginning of the current Assad regime with a coup in 1970. The astrology does show the violence and links to terrorism with which Syria is associated, and also that the crisis is intensifying rapidly.

The two horoscopes are based on the research of the contemporary world expert on mundane astrology and national horoscopes, Nick Campion. The references at the bottom of this post will show the details. So the first chart is for Syrian Independence*.

Syria Astrology Chart

Syria Astrology Chart, Syria Horoscope

Syria Astrology Chart

The Ascendant of the Syria astrology chart is 13 degrees Libra. So the malevolent fixed star Algorab is rising, associated with terrorism. This rising star is also the action point of a Yod aspect pattern to the Moon and Vertex Point. This critically placed Ascendant will be activated by the April 2014 Grand Cross. Boom!

Mars conjunct Uranus, both retrograde point to explosive violence, protest and revolution. Both are on the fixed star Hyadum I in the Hyades star cluster which gives “tears, sudden events, violence, fierceness. Striving for prestige leading to power politics leads to tremendous success in life if bridled, if not, failure and a fall from power. May exploit other human beings in quest of power.”

Peace is a struggle with Venus square Jupiter.  Rebellion and military action. Note also that the Syrian Jupiter in on the fixed star Adhafera in the Lion’s Mane, ” liquid explosives, liquid fire”.

*The Book of World Horoscopes, 2004, Nicholas Campion, p.311.
Independence: “the French finally agreed to transfer all the mandate powers to the Syrian Government on 1 January 1944…An actual time of 00:00 hrs would be consistent with the time for the transfer of mandate powers in other states”.
Assad Regime: “The regime was brought to power in a coup…at dawn on 13 November 1970”.

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  1. Hi, Jamie …. Do not forget that he is a virgo 11 september 1965 and transit of Mars in Virgo 11-11-2011 04:16 am, March and Aggression Mars, the God of war Will enter the sign of Virgo, Retrograde
    Mars In Mars astrology stands for energy and action. He symbolizes the urge to put something new in motion and to pioneer. March Will slow and retrograde on January 24 th, 2012 at 23 degrees of Virgo and move backwards for 82 days Until it slowly turns direct on April 14th at 3 degrees . He is T. N.N SEQ PL. T. N.N SEQ URN. T. N.N SEQ SAT. T. N.N OPP N.N ……HE IS IN NATAL CHART WITH FIXED STAR
    Mars conjunct Alphecca
    Mars conjunct Zuben Elegenubi
    Mars conjunct Mimosa
    Mars conjunct copula
    North Node conjunct Ain
    North Node conjunct Prima Hyadum .

  2. YES ,

    Thanks Jamie, very difficult to find out what time he was born, I’ll try to contact those who may know …. I also check Transits planets to his fixed star so interesting and difficult time for him is chaos, he was born also 11-9 and number 11!

    • 11-9 … very interesting, and if you add up 1 and 1 and 9 we get 11 and adding up 1 and 1 we get 2 and it just so happens that there are 2 digits in the number 11…

      Come on… you are twisting the numbers to suit what you want to see and this is very unprofessional.

  3. NICE DETAILS, MORE INFORMATION FOR THE POOR LOCATION, The Bashar Assad Presidency chart, 17 July 2000, looks very indeed blocked in 2012 with Solar Arc Pluto opposition Which Certainly hock over tones of war as well as extreme hardship for the regime.Yes, they have written many things, I think a little stronger aspect with a fixed star. And the North Node, Saif Gaddafi – Born 25 June 1972 he does Have That trickster lucky-card Jupiter opposition his Cancer Sun and square his Pluto ….

  4. Assad: “We are in a state of real war”

    The Syria Horoscope has Mars conjunct Uranus on the fixed star Prima Hyadum “With Mars: Abrupt, brave, aggressive, courageous”

    July 11 and 12, transiting Jupiter will pass over the Syrian Mars Uranus conjunction which should increase hostilities, likely increasing for the week leading up to the conjunction.

  5. Any news about Syria? We are moving towards the end of 2012 and there is no sign of regime changing. How the next months will be for Syria and Syrian people?

  6. Hi Jamie – I found your chart online looking for Syria’s chart. I feel Syria is more worrisome as an ignition point than North Korea. Your chart shows Syria’s Sun 09 Cap. (Uranus currently squaring & Pluto going back to 09 Cap. in July) – and thus could prove more vulnerable to the Uranus/Pluto machinations. And with the Rising Sign at 13 Libra, possible more to come in 2014: April 14 – Pluto goes Retrograde 13 Cap. 34, square Uranus in 13 Aries, the close square continues thru May 2014. And 2015: January 23, Uranus 13 Aries 1, square Pluto 13 Cap. 56 thru April 2015
    Here’s a relevant story today April 21, 2013.

    *US to give $123 million military aid package to Syrian rebels
    [excerpt]: “Britain and France are pushing for the European Union arms embargo on Syria to be modified when it expires at the end of May. But Germany and the Netherlands are against the change, because they fear it would lead to further bloodshed. US officials have said they support testing the lifting of the arms embargo. … the violence in Syria has now killed more than 70,000 people…”

      • Thanks, Jamie. Interesting. Would you care to venture a possible on-the-ground effect of this lunar eclipse/Uranus?
        It appears that Russia, China, and Iran are taking Assad’s side, while the west, including the Saudis are funding his demise.
        * “The last thing Iran wants is a Sunni-dominated Syria that abandons the “axis” — especially as the rebels’ main supporters are Iran’s Persian Gulf rivals: Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

        An interesting 17 April, 2013 article suggests that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is the wrong man for the job, an educated man infatuated with the western style of life, a bit of a “mamma’s boy” [oh my, have a look at his Moon aspects!] and perhaps not suited to wielding power. One of history’s victims?
        * How Bashar al-Assad Became So Hated
        The Western-educated ophthalmologist was never intended to be the Assad brother in charge. Did his inept policies contribute to the civil war?
        “Unlike his dynamic brother, the people of Syria viewed Bashar as a nerd, not someone with the instincts or the drive to lead a country.”

  7. Oops, forgot the link for above quote! Sorry.

    Huff Post carried a similar story. Excerpt: “We appreciate the limited support given by the international community, but it is not sufficient,” it said in a statement released at the end of the conference. “We call on the international community to be more forthcoming and unreserved to fulfill its responsibilities in extending support that is needed by the Syrian people.”


    What I see here is a man who will give in kind, striking back, often from the grass, (wood snake)(2013, water snake.) he is a alawite, mysticism and trans Jupiter passing over his natal Gemini into cancer the picture changing. His Jupiter is trine Venus/Libra……lots of protection to his wealth and power especially the scorpio/mars in loose grand trine to virgo stellium, (uranius/pluto/sun) now that we are in Virgo challenges to his sun mount.
    People that know this man will have a deep fondness, he is however more than a little obtuse to the suffering of Syrian’s 2 year drought as a pisces moon has a problem confronting difficulties’ . Instead he spent the countries wealth in up arming, (mars/scorpio). I also find virgo very militant. especially in reception to scorpio/mars.
    This is not good. personally my anxiety is huge. Obama’s mars/virgo on Assad’s SUN conjunctions, (uranius/pluto). GL we are in for it. Images of a metal face that eats people, drips blood, military lust for war is NEVER satisfied.

  9. Hi

    Well everyone has the potential for good aswell as bad. It is a choice. Lets pray that there will be a peaceful outcome. There are 2 sides to every disagreement and 2 wrongs do not make a right. Assad is Virgo with pisces moon so that would make him a powerful intuitive manipulater? He probably has Aries on the ascendant( his career to do with eyes points to this as well as his war mongering).. But then why did the price of oil rise drastically over the last couple of days as we approach military action? Could that be an indication of the US interest in this part of the world? When today US announced it would proceed whatever the outcome of inspectors findings is it a pure coincidence that Obama aligned himself with Martin Luther King who championed the underdog?Who supplied the chemical weapons? I am told that attacks usually happen on a Sunday so lets see if that happens this time- I would have guessed at if happening around the new moon tho which is Thursday I think. The people I know in that region are waiting for something to happen I am praying that peace happens.intuitively I sense bad things but I will pray for peace and understanding. I would look to astrology for a clearer picture of what is going on but I sense that the real players are hiding and the motives and atrocities are not necessarily what they appear to be. There is definitely a shift going on particularly in the Far East – I would think that it is an organic process that should be managed in that region – surely the global balance will be rocked if US do something and that will trigger a karmic response be it military or natural disaster.. Just some thoughts . Please would someone look at this whole region from an astrological point of view, thanks x

  10. Hello

    There would be another card in circulation of April 17, 1946 Proclamation of independence of the Syria

    Text written by the team of Perspective World

    Shukri al-Quwwatli
    Five years after obtaining its independence from the free French Forces, in 1941, the Syria withdraws from French tutelage. Its leaders declare independence on April 17, 1946 as the last French troops leave the country.

    After having been part of the Ottoman empire, the Syria became a territory under French mandate in 1920. During the second world war, British and French troops free (Gaullists) combine to fight the French military under the orders of Vichy, which are present in Syria and the Lebanon. At the head of the winners of this fratricidal struggle, the Commander of the free French Forces, general Georges Catroux, said then the independence of the Lebanon and the Syria, but without anything change to the administration agent. In 1943, elections bring to power president Shukri al-Quwwatli, the national bloc, and Prime Minister Saadallah al-Jabiri, of the independence party. Disturbances erupted quickly between Syrian nationalists and foreign military forces engaged in a crackdown. Once their country has been released, the French decided to ‘remove the last vestiges of the administration agent’ and leave the Syria. In April 1945, the Syrian Republican Government secures the evacuation of the French forces. Then he declares the independence of the country on April 17, 1946, day of departure of the last French soldier. The creation of Israel in May 1948, will however be at the origin of a period of instability in the region which will be shaken by several conflicts.
    English translation of an article in French
    Source :

    Good discovery 🙂

  11. Please would someone look at the horoscope for Syria and the rest of the Middle East , thanks x

  12. Hi Jamie,
    Great article. Sirius is opposite Syria’s ascendant. IMO Sirius is a game changer on levels we can’t fathom. Its one of the great esoteric stars – ” “Sirius… was the star of Mercury, or Buddha, called the `Great Instructor of mankind.'” (Secret Doctrine Blavatsky. II. 391.)

    From Alice Bailey Treatise on Cosmic Fire –
    “Our solar system is negatively polarised as regards the sun Sirius, which influences our entire system psychically, via the three synthesising schemes: Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.” (p.378)
    “The Lords of Karma on our system are under the rule of a greater Lord of Karma on Sirius. We are governed by the Sirian Lord of Karma.” (p.570.)

    I don’t know how Syria came to be named – etymology of asura? Asuras are sky gods. But when the Saturn Neptune square end of Nov kicks in, there is a cardinal square including Mars to Sirius ( I know not exactly exact but in mundane affairs allowing a wider orb). But assuming strings are pulled at a much higher level than Earth, this looks like a huge game changer.

    • Thanks for bringing this one up again Geraldine. I just realized that transiting Pluto is about to hit the Syria IC.

  13. It might be that Syria is just going to dissolve? Tr Chiron is almost on its south node and the tr S node is almost conj its IC – which opposes Neptune on the MC. As Saturn makes a stealthy transit through the 12th house, there will be some restructuring behind the scenes meanwhile the country as it was and its populace are haemorraging. Another two years at least?

  14. liquid explosiv and fire are of course bilogical wepons, and chlor bombs…who burn the skin and lungs

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