UFO in Jerusalem

UFO in Jerusalem

UFO in Jerusalem

Credible evidence of a UFO over the Rock of the Dome in Jerusalem has emerged from last Friday, 28 January 2011. The UFO was captured on video by at least four independent people who have posted this evidence on Youtube. Marina seems to be hitting the mark with her Moon phase reports. The full Moon the week before this UFO encounter was titled Star Wars and mentioned relating with our star buddies. The horoscope below for this UFO sighting here shows the Part of Fortune opposite the 29 Cancer Full Moon degree.

That Full Moon was on a star called alpha Monoceros, the brightest star in the Unicorn constellation. Back in July 2009, there was a massive solar eclipse on this star. It was the longest total solar eclipse since 363 AD, which also was on the same star, alpha Monoceros. When researching this star I found it had an association with Israel, in and in particular the Temple in Jerusalem.

After the July 2009 solar eclipse there were news reports that Israeli PM Netanyahu would try to rebuild the Jewish Temple. Just before the 363 AD solar eclipse on alpha Monoceros, Roman emperor Julian commissioned the rebuilding of the Temple. After the eclipse an earthquake permanently halted the rebuilding, “The pagan historian Ammianus Marcellinus, a contemporary witness, reported that balls of fire erupted from the foundations, burning the workmen” The Solar Eclipse and 363 AD.

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  1. fake religious phoney’s blow ur twat illuminai shilluminai if u didnt believe in a made up story the world would go much better, instead u have 9/11. The top one is a dead giveaway of fake, the bottom one is religious fraud fakeing it.

      • ya but from the same advantage point, they were there together looking to hoax

        • Vantage point…
          NOT advantage point…

          …And they are from sillier VANTAGE points. In the bottom video, the blurry video on the right side of the screen is taken from just to the left of where the original vies was taken.

  2. see thats where u guys screwed up in makeing this video the roof of the temple should’ve lit up.

    • I didn’t make the videos Douche. I’m on the east coast of Australia. Here we have similar occurances called Min Min lights. I saw one and it did not cast a beam of light.

  3. Aaah I missed that because I got the full Moon was on the star Aludra 29 deg 42′ cancer in the tail of Canis major for that full moon. Stretching the orbs abit arent we?
    And when I said Star Buddies I certainly didn’t mean little green men! I meant our soul mates.

    But it was interesting they were on the same degree. Heres the bi wheel

    Star Wars V Unicorns

    • constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/Monoceros.htm” is now at 29°13′ Cancer. Aludra is now 29°41′ Cancer. The full Moon was between these two star at 29°27′ Cancer.

      I never said anything about little green men either. Having seen a light like this before I think they are energy forms more than space-ships.

      • I think I just posted earlier on V838 Monocerotis, in Monoceros – for a short time in 2002 it was the brightest thing in our galaxy brightening to about a million times Solar luminosity. Also – Monoceros contains two super-Earth exoplanets in one planetary system: COROT-7b was detected by the COROT satellite and COROT-7c was detected by HARPS from ground-based telescopes. COROT-7b has the smallest known radius of any known exoplanet, 1.7 Earth radii. Both planets in this system were discovered in 2009.
        it seems very unlikely we are alone! And those little blobs of energy look like party animals!

      • Ah yes I did wake up like a bear with a sore head this morning didnt I?. Solar Fire does not have that star in its files so that’s why I missed it. I though you were having one of your ‘out there’ moments again…

        As I wrote on the Star wars blog. 1st of all Mercury came out of its shadow period the day before this Full Moon on the 18th when we found out some thieving trickery.

        Mercury quincunx eclipse Mercury Both at 8 degs. A message, or a trickster.
        Lilith sextile eclipse Lilith. Both at 22 degs
        Juno is almost opposite eclipse Juno. Spouses in opposition.
        Ceres is trine eclipse Mars. Both at 6 degs. Now we have Ceres coming up to conjunct Mars.

        I still don’t know what this all means with the balls of fire. Maybe Mars/Ceres is energy balls. Goodness me!

  4. Wow, thanks for posting this! Amazing footage. I agree that it looks like energy but perhaps our alien friends have the ability to control energy in a way we can’t understand. I’m sharing this 🙂

  5. do you think eguptian pyramids make the middle east an energy center, cradle of civilzation and all? The might have a stone sky light that a star can look through….

    • Hi Lucy, there are shafts in the pyramids at Giza which were oriented to important fixed stars. Usually two shafts to carry the soul of the Pharaoh up to heaven, back to the stars. There are also shafts at the Temples of Hathor at Denderah and the great Karnak temples of Rameses and Khons at Thebes.

      • thank-you Jamie, now I know why. as the sun has 12 energy zones the ancients mapped out w/ constellations, might there be structures on earth that attract energy? Lights such as that are seen in the US rocky Mts.

  6. I read somewhere that its possible that these celestial beings were recharging the Rock of the Dome. & if thats the case, I think thats pretty cool!

    • I like the phrase “celestial beings” Blair, sounds better than UFO. And that would be cool!

  7. One summer I made a 1/5 acre crop circle w/ a lawnmower in tall meadow grass…west facing and ready for adventure. That night my bedroom was jam-packed w/ spirits checking me out. I have no idea what I wrote as it was just a circle inside a triangle inside a square w/ energy lines at each corner.

  8. Thank you, Jamie and Marina for your insightful astrological perspectives.
    I saw a similar UFO in Colorado 2 months ago. Unfortunately I didn’t have a video camera to capture the sighting. Thanks for posting these videos.
    Check out this site for Day Before Disclosure and other altnerative documentaries: newparadigm.no/web/guest

  9. The Dome of the Rock is also where the Ark of the Covenant was kept and was previously King Solomon’s Temple – from which the KNights Templar got their name. It was also the site where the Prophet Mohamed was supposed to have ascended.

    All very exciting and highly relevant stuff!

  10. Thanks Inger!

    uberqueenofwands, I think the site is probably the most spiritually important in the world. This story is getting a lot of interest even though CNN or BBC hasn’t carried it.

  11. Re: Star Wars / twin flames.
    There is a site called “alien love bites” alienlovebites.com people are reporting that “aliens” are interferring in their love life, causing great emotional stress….some of the UFO/Alien sites are already putting 2 & 2 together and asking if this is connected to “twin flames reuniting” as there is a lot of that going on since last year.
    Egyptian Pryamids: there are a lot of carvings of spaceships from around that time and ofcourse its long been rumoured that “aliens” gave the knowledge on how to build the pyramids.
    There is alot of stuff going on at the moment that is really wierd.

    • I had a quick look at the alienlovebites. Freaky! I hope the aliens had nothing to do with getting Jamie and I together, because when I think of it… we got together in a really weird way! Lets hope they were celestial beings and not evil demons hey?

      • When did you first get an attraction for Jamie? Wasn’t last March/April was it ?

        Just saw on internet that bushfires raging in Perth…been wondering what will happen next here in Australia…bushfires??


  12. I reckon the ‘oh we see these all the time in Mississippi’ is fake, but the other two hmmm.

  13. Could you please review: (further ufo footage)





    • “The transmission was received in the form of 2 crop glyphs next ot the Chilbolton Radio Telescope run by the British Government in England. I’ll refer to the Alien “Glyph” as the Alien Template because of it’s proportional match to the original Arecibo Transmission and it’s “stamp” in the wheat feild indicating a bevel around the edges.”
      Wow. The crop images matching the transmissions is just far out!. How could anyone fake those designs from the ground in such detail and still match the transmissions!?
      I always thought crop circles were abit silly until one day i just started browsing on the web and I thought, blimey, there quite a lot of these damn things. EVEN if they are fakes they are really gorgeous works of art .

  14. UFO / The Jerusalem Angel ! – SPECIAL STEP BY STEP ANALYSIS


  15. Hi Jamie…it said on a website today that a Wayne Greensmith has shown a video of a spacecraft over the Japanese tusanmi on his Facebook page…I am not a member so can’t get in….Barb

    • Yep, he’s a fb friend. I think this is the video: youtube.com/watch?v=x6JExbnslco&feature=player_embedded

      • It’s a chopper. When the news broke out, one of BBC’s first footages actually caught this chopper on frontal cam. Therefore I reckon there were at least 3 choppers hovering above the coastline when the tsunami got inland. There could be more.

        • I commented on another thread about these vidoes too. Something fleeing in that direction would not be a space craft, they would go straight up.

  16. I think the videos are faked. There is a group saying it is the returned Christ. They are fake. they have their third exodus going on in Baja . I was there, and these people are criminals. They are a dangerous cult. Run by criminals.

  17. One of my teachers (Astrology) said they were earth energy. They are active on ley – lines. i know that the crop circles seemed to be formed by them,and having studied math and physics I know them to be valid formulas.

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