Moon Quincunx Uranus Natal and Transit

Moon quincunx Uranus

Moon quincunx Uranus maximum orb 3°30′.

Moon quincunx Uranus natal makes you an impulsive, independent and charismatic person. Some instability in your early home life taught you to be adaptable but may have caused some nervous or behavioral problems.

Your mother, in particular, was probably the most influential person and perhaps your main inspiration. She may have been artistic, eccentric or stood out in some way. If your mother was supportive, you likely developed a healthy self-image and learned to channel your nervous energy constructively.

However, if your mother was not supportive, died young, or was emotionally distant, it is likely your nervous energy manifested as shyness, insecurity, rebellion, eating or sleep disorders, or problems with addiction.

Your excitable and experimental nature can lead to emotional outbursts and sudden mood changes. But the buildup of tension can also lead to epiphanies and mystical experiences. You are innovative and humanitarian and may become involved in social or political activism.

When you feel stressed, and the nervous tension begins to build, try to find a way to channel this electric energy constructively. It could be something physical or creative. Give yourself extra time to adjust, especially when starting new projects or entering a new environment with new people.

Moon Quincunx Uranus Transit

Moon quincunx Uranus creates gives an urge for liberating change and excitement but creates tension, anxiety, instability and uncertainty. Your sleeping or eating patterns may be disrupted. Odd behavior from a loved one could make you feel insecure. Rapid mood swings, emotional outbursts or accidents are possible.

You could meet someone new who is usual, eccentric or exciting. Instant attraction is possible, but a new relationship could disrupt your everyday routine or upset an existing relationship. Tension may also arise in a close relationship with your mother, daughter, sister, another family member, or a particular woman in your life. An adjustment in a tense relationship may be needed to correct a karmic imbalance.

If you remain open-minded and flexible, sudden changes and unexpected events may present exciting opportunities. But give yourself time to adjust and avoid impulsive actions. Try to channel this electric, unstable energy into creativity, invention, innovation, and social or political activism. Occult work or meditation could lead to epiphanies and mystical experiences.

This interpretation for Moon quincunx Uranus transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon quincunx Uranus.

Moon Quincunx Uranus Celebrities

Uri Geller 0°00′, Clark Gable 0°03′, Louise Michel 0°03′, Christian Brando 0°15′, George Harrison 0°17′, MacKenzie Scott 0°19′, George Blake 0°21′, Cherríe Moraga 0°26′, Sandra Bernhard 0°29′, David Duke 0°34′, Pierre Seel 0°35′, Holly Marie Combs 0°36′, Naruhito 0°36′, Al Pacino 0°40′, Joe Dallesandro 0°43′, Peter Ustinov 0°44′, John Galsworthy 0°44′, Gérard Depardieu 0°46′, Erwin Villain 0°48′, Crystal Gayle 0°49′, Tom Chambers 0°51′, Jessica Adams 0°54′, Rutger Hauer 0°58′, Linda Goodman 1°00′, Pricilla Presley 1°01′, Charlotte Casiraghi 1°04′, Michael Jackson 1°24′, Tom Brady 1°26′, Robert Wadlow 1°29′, Elizabeth Taylor 1°36′, Jimmy Conners 1°36′, Arsenio Hall 1°43′, Tony Curtis 1°44′, Carson Daly 1°47′, Teri Hatcher 1°48′, Cher 1°52′, Donna Summer 1°53′.

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  1. “You could meet someone new who is usual”

    It’s not unusual, Tom Jones
    11 November 1964
    22 January 1965

  2. Thanks for this Jamie, it really does help in understanding the possible cause/affect of these transits, but also that others have to live with some of the more difficult, or even quite potentially disturbing, in referencing others, although I do have to wonder, if in revealing them publicly, makes them more vulnerable to those who know how to turn those aspects against them, but I do appreciate the peace of mind it gives me, to know they lived and survive long enough to enjoy some success, even when it seemed like the odds were against them from day 0. Anyway, I have what I feel is quite a significant process of cycles continuing to link, interact and relate with currently, like a chain reaction of sorts, after quite a few years of hardship, then slight recovery then essentially back to basics again thanks to threats and ultimatums carried out, by trying to make me do, what I actually do know better about, in this instance, thanks to the University of Life, rather than formal conditioned University teachings. Uranus is in radius of natal Venus in 7th Taurus, which is inconjunct natal moon in 12th House Libra, Pluto is currently squatting on natal Saturn, which square my ascendant and inconjunct north node in Leo. It has been interesting that no matter what they have thrown at me, I really am not competitive nor aggressive, it is not victory that I want, it is peace and I have found and worked hard to maintain the peace within, for a long time now. so no you dont suck eggs, you blow them.

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