Mercury Trine Mars Natal and Transit

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Mercury Trine Mars TransitMercury trine Mars in the natal chart gives a sharp mind, honesty, and a straight-forward communication style. Confident self-expression and ease in speaking comes naturally with this aspect. You should be just as comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, as speaking on a one to one basis. This is because of the seamless connection between thoughts and words, and the confidence that comes from being decisive, and usually right.

Your style of communication can be direct and even forceful, but should not anger others because it also has a persuasive and charming quality to it. Clever negotiation skills means that other people will tend to make compromises, so you should have good leadership qualities and debating skills, with good career prospects in business, politics or law. There is a lot of mental energy that comes with this aspect, meaning you need to keep busy through reading, writing, and sharing your thoughts.

Mercury Trine Mars Transit

Transiting Mercury trine Mars gives increased mental energy and concentration. So this is an ideal time to get ahead on homework, studies or clear the in-tray. Quick thinking and decisiveness means that making plans is favored, where being more adventurous and taking risks should lead to positive results. You can back yourself now because of increased confidence that your thoughts and plans and spot-on.

A persuasive communication style makes this an ideal time for debating, asking for favors and public speaking, where you can expect favorable reactions. Ideal for sharing thoughts you might otherwise keep to yourself. The forceful and exact nature of your thinking and communication, means this is the perfect time to defend yourself, loved ones, or an issue you care about. You can also go on the attack if needed, with confidence you will win.

Mercury Trine Mars Celebrities

Jeb Stuart 0°05′, Carl Calleman 0°07′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 0°11′, Prince William of Cambridge 0°14′, Julie Walters 0°21′, Jennifer Lopez 0°25′, Melville Davisson Post 0°33′, Edith Piaf 0°50′, Peter Phillips 1°20′, Cheiro 1°23′, Jennifer Lawrence 1°54′, Henry Winkler 2°12′, Kirsten Dunst 2°29′, Megan Fox 2°58′.

Mercury Trine Mars

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