Uranus Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

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Uranus Conjunct Midheaven TransitUranus conjunct Midheaven natal, also called Uranus culminating, makes you a strongly independent and interesting person. It is unlikely you are a member of the establishment and if forced to conform to standards or rules you will rebel. If not you could suffer from anxiety, depression, neurotic disorders or addictive tendencies. Your creativity and brilliance need the freedom to explore all possibilities for you to reach your full potential and find some sort of contentment.

Rapid change can make you feel excited and bursting with enthusiasm. However, unpleasant changes, shocks, and losses may lead to erratic and risky behavior, emotional fragility and unreliability. Pointing out different options to others and supporting unpopular causes will annoy many people, especially authority figures such as parents, teacher, bosses, and police. You should avoid the temptation to take this behavior one step further by teasing people for being normal, mainstream or boring. Otherwise, Uranus conjunct Midheaven will limit your options and curtail your freedom.

Your creativity and genius shine most brightly through your career. If you stay true to your yourself and are confident in your uniqueness, you will enjoy acceptance, success, recognition, popularity or even cult status. A good career for you would involve creativity, invention, science, technology, aviation, computers and the internet, politics or astrology but the possibilities are endless. Flying solo is another good option such as self-employment, consulting or contract work. You may change your career often, change roles within your career, or have to travel or relocate.

Finding a balance between career and family is often a challenge with natal Uranus conjunct Midheaven. Frequent moves, long-distance relationships, separation, and broken families are possible. You are adaptable and can quickly recover from change, However, this is not always the case for your loved ones. This dilemma is difficult to resolve so you need to compromise and sacrifice some of your freedoms to have the best of both worlds.

Thank you to Anne for her comment: Uranus conjunct Midheaven means psychic ability too. Often in the form of precognition.

Uranus Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Uranus conjunct Midheaven transit means changes to your career and public profile. Your home and family may have to adapt to these changes. How you and your loved ones react to changes in your outer world will depend on how good or bad the change is.

If you have a rewarding career and your public profile reflects your individuality, sudden change is usually positive and exciting. You could receive a promotion, a more interesting role or more independence such as working from home, a work car or more flexible working hours. Changing to a totally new career may still be positive but also more disruptive and challenging.

A new career is also possible if you are now unemployed or on the wrong path. Unwanted and stressful change is unlikely if you are on the right path and can express your individuality without restraint. Unpleasant, unwanted or shocking change is most likely if you are on the wrong path. Resisting change will only cause more distress.

In the long run, Uranus conjunct Midheaven transit brings needed change but in the short-term, it can cause nervous anxiety, depression or addictive tendencies. You could cling to a restricting career because of misguided loyalties, unrequited love or fear about loss of security. Financial hardship, lack of stability and pressure from scared family members can all make you feel burdened with extra responsibility. Uranus lifts these weights from your shoulders by changing your life.

Uranus Conjunct Midheaven Celebrities

Hiroshima Bombing 0°00′, Earl Warren 0°05′, Charles-Marie Widor 0°05′, 0°09′, Judy Garland 0°22′, Alan Turing 0°27′, John Ramsay 0°44′, Gloria Star 0°49′, Dolly Parton 0°51′, Steve McQueen 0°59′, Joseph von Fraunhofer 1°26′, Agatha Christie 1°26′, Ivan Lendl 1°27′, Khloé Kardashian 1°47′, Kathy Bates 1°53′, Alan Shearer 1°57′, Dakota Fanning 2°09′, Samuel Steward 2°20′, Pauline Hanson 2°42′, Anita Bryant 2°26′, Jerry Lewis 2°31′, Jim Carrey 2°42′, Elizabeth Prentiss 2°43′, Arnold Bax 2°44′, Geena Davis 2°44′, Paul Simon 2°49′, Heinrich Himmler 2°50′, Vivien Leigh 2°57′.

32 thoughts on “Uranus Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Uranus is at 2 degrees past midheaven, so it’s now its 3rd hit in terms of conjunction with MC. When I would see the change? Life has been up and down for me (career, finance, love, home and family).
    I guess Saturn played a lot squaring all my planets in Virgo and Pluto is adding its share by opposing my natal Venus but when I will start to see some positive stability and progression in my life? I feel stuck no matter how many efforts I make.
    Would really appreciate your view on this Uranus transit through my midheaven / 10 house.


  2. Jamie, could you give us the gravy on Uranus transit the AgeOfAquarius chart, Taurus, IC. Is it got anything to do with affecting the Personal security of the House Mortgage Gobblers? Im sensing a lot of angst lately among the tribe of goddess warriors. Even hearing pandering for the return of OldFashioned virtues.. whats our world coming to?

  3. Hi Jamie, I’m wondering if you could shed a bit of light for me on this upcoming transit: Uranus will conjunct my MC and also my husband’s IC at 3 degrees Taurus in a couple weeks. We have been wanting to relocate our family and settle down for a long time but circumstances haven’t been favorable. Do you think this transit could potentially be our big break..or perhaps the opposite?

    My natal Uranus is in the 4th and husband’s is in the 10th. Lastly, when Uranus conjuncts my MC it will make an exact square to my natal Sun in the 10th.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. My MC is 4 deg Taurus. Transiting Uraunus will be conjunct at 4 Deg Taurus on May 21-June 7……and will continue through my 10th house I am retired from Sales and Marketing, and then Merchandising. I am burnt out on both. I will be 65 in Nov and cant wait to see what awaits me the next 30 years. I have studied astrology and dabbled with readings, parties corporate gigs over the years and am thinking of teaching Astrology .. Especially with a foundation of old school astrology.. ( no computers when I started out in the 70s. However, by its nature, I always heard that with Uranus,, expect the unexpected so I’m hoping opportunities will present themselves without me having to figure it all out.

  5. My birth chart has Uranus conjunction the MC and l can relate completely to your explanation above . I also have Aquarius rising so I guess that’s would make the Uranus energy even more impactful ?

  6. Could you please add to the Celebrities list Alan Turing? His natal chart shows a conjunction of roughly 27 minutes. Alan Turing is the Godfather of Computer Science, and if it weren’t for him and his work, we wouldn’t have many of the technologies we have massively available today.

    • Thank you I have added Alan Turing plus a few other I have added to my files since I first wrote this article.

  7. Hi. I am curious the difference between a biquintile and a conjunction here with the Uranus and MC. I have the biquintile in my natal chart and my daughter has the conjunction. Thank you

    • Very interesting Amber. An astrologer needs to look at you and your daughters chart to see if the biquintile is triggered on May 1, 2020 when Mercury conjoins Uranus in Taurus, or when Mercury makes its Superior conjuction to the Sun on May 4/5, 2020. If this trigger is positive, a talent you have manifests.

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