Pluto Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Pluto Square Midheaven TransitPluto square Midheaven natal can indicate some hardship early in life. You may have moved around because of your parents’ work and had to change schools. Or perhaps you suffered a childhood illness or were separated from a parent for some time. One parental relationship may have been destructive but the relationship with the other parent may have been quite close and supportive (usually the mother).

Unwanted change, poverty, abuse, pain, and humiliation are all possible in childhood. This makes you intensely ambitious to get ahead in life and feel important. It also gives a strong desire to understand why, to investigate, and to find a deeper meaning to your life. You don’t like the dull routine of existence and you need problems to analyze and solve.

You may reject your traditional religious upbringing and become agnostic. Or you may become fascinated by spirituality, astrology, or other paranormal or esoteric phenomena. Belief in reincarnation, or at least that the soul continues to exist after death is also common with Pluto square Midheaven.

You do wield a lot of power to do good or bad. Early hardship and change can lead to a lot of concealed hostility beneath the surface. Repressed anger or hatred can manifest as extreme methods to succeed and prove yourself through your career. This could include using people to get ahead, cheating, intimidation, and bullying. If you are a shy and submissive person, you may use more subversive tactics. There is also the potential for you to be the victim of such behavior.

Immoral and unethical behavior may bring you wealth and glory but it also leads to tumultuous relationships, revenge, criticism, controversy, and public falling outs. You do have a tremendous amount of power to achieve your goals. And you also have a talent for transcending the desire to interfere and manipulate to achieve results.

This power to transform and reform can be used to better your life without harming others. In fact, when you stop seeing other people as a threat, you can enjoy harmonious relationships that are mutually beneficial. Ultimately, you can use your power to improve the lives of others.

Change is a big part of your life but sometimes your best option will be to accept things as they are, rather than desperately and fruitlessly trying to change them. And sometimes you can improve yourself by listening to others, accepting advice, and allowing yourself to be changed by them.

Pluto Square Midheaven Transit

Pluto square Midheaven transit can make you more ambitious to get ahead and be noticed. But deeply repressed anger and hatred can come to the surface now. If you let this affect your motivation in the form of jealousy or greed, you will experience many challenges and extreme resistance.

An intense determination to succeed and have control of your destiny can result in extreme, immoral, and unethical behavior. However, the more you try to manipulate, cheat or intimidate, the further you will be from your goal. You could also make powerful enemies, or have problems with bosses, the law, immigration, or taxation.

Beware of a subconscious tendency to try and change other people, especially through subversive or underhand tactics. And if you are a shy and submissive person, beware of others trying to interfere in your life, dominate, use or abuse you.

Your career and your home life are likely to undergo significant changes whether you want it or not. Often it will be better to accept these changes and evolve with them, rather than desperately and fruitlessly trying to keep things the same.

This is a time of transformation and sometimes that can involve destruction followed by rebuilding. But the loss of employment can lead to a new and more satisfying career. Your home may need fixing or you may need to relocate. A significant relationship may need to transform or end.

Such difficult changes can lead to introspection and a search for deeper meaning. This could lead you to question traditional religious beliefs and investigate spirituality, astrology, reincarnation, or other paranormal or esoteric subjects.

Pluto Square Midheaven Celebrities

Alan Alda 0°06′, Arthur Conan Doyle 0°10′, Ian McShane 0°10′, Cindy Williams 0°14′, Louis XIV 0°17′, Chuck Schumer 0°39′, James Croll 0°44′, Elsbeth Ebertin 0°45′, Marcel Duchamp 0°45′, Willem Dafoe 0°49′, John F. Kennedy Jr. 1°13′, Buddy Holly 1°14′, Tony Curtis 1°15′, Gavin Newsom 1°16′, Mark Spitz 1°23′, Rudolf Diels 1°26′, James Thomas Flexner 1°29′, Warren Buffett 1°30′, Charles Dickens 1°30′, Josef Schovanec 1°31′, Lauren Becall 1°32′, Burl Ives 1°40′, Bertrand Russell 1°44′, Pope Francis I 1°46′, Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll 1°47′, Ron Jeremy 1°54′, Kurt Cobain 1°59′, Tim Robins 1°59′.

3 thoughts on “Pluto Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Yeah, Pluto conjunct Galactic centre 1858. Look it up. Even got it’s own book.

  2. The above needs an edit

    In my natal progression, 2003-2013, age 41-51, Pluto was square to Mid Heaven.

    In 2006 and 2007 Pluto was conjunct Galactic Centre.

    We are nearing the end of a Solar System transit of the Celestial Dark Rift / Black Road. 1988-2024.

    1858 s/b 1758
    The British in Canada were said to have had great luck in 1758, the second last time Pluto conj GC

  3. Anyone who is feeling like there consciousness is being ‘invaded’ or ‘distracted’ etc etc,

    chant a small favorite prayer over and over again in your mind with your inner voice.

    You will eventually come back to center.

    Don’t listen to the negative story lines that come up,

    just keep chanting your favorite prayer,until it fades.

    Feelings may come up and you may feel sh1t?

    Sit with it.

    You may have bubbling feelings in your stomach.

    Feelings like something is stuck,

    ie:the throat.

    Also,bubbling feelings in the heart and chest,

    racing heart at times(meditate)

    as well as a lot of crown activity.

    May also find pin prick sensations through out the body.

    Sit with it and ride it out.

    Don’t look for distractions,just be with it.

    A slow process,

    which will come and go.

    Align with your taste buds and get those juices flowing again.

    Any resistance,

    is telling you to stop and do nothing.

    Just be and experience.

    Signed Jing-Qi-Shen.

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