Mercury Opposite Mars Natal and Transit

Mercury Opposite Mars Transit

Mercury opposite Mars maximum orb 6°30′.

Mercury opposite Mars natal gives a sharp mind and tongue. You are a warrior on the mental plane and can be an aggressive debater. A strong tendency to challenge the words and ideas of others can lead to problems, mainly because of the speed at which you react.

The number one skill to learn with this aspect is patience. A well-placed Saturn in your chart will help immensely, but most of you will have to learn patience through competition, and some embarrassing losses will be part of your learning experience.

One-to-one relationships will be the main arena of competition. Listening carefully is the first step; listening before talking must be consciously learned. You may also tend to react with hostility to the words of others, even when they are not threatening at all. Others may find your comments and hand gestures threatening even when they are not.

Until you consciously pace yourself while interacting with others, arguments and conflict will hamper your progress in many areas of life, especially in relationships. Public speaking and debating are good ways to hone your critical mental skills. With practice, communication will become a strong point.

Temper tantrums are a great way to release built-up anger but, of course, are self-defeating. Mercury opposite Mars does create a lot of nervous tension, which can turn to anger or resentment at anything you believe is the source of the stress. Burning up your incredible mental energy through reading or puzzles will help, but also through creative or artistic work that requires the skill of your hands and fingers.

Relaxation methods like meditation or yoga help channel your raw, aggressive Mars energy. It is vital to either release your anger safely or channel it into productive outlets. Otherwise, there will be an increased risk of disagreements and conflict. Excessive risk-taking and impulsive actions could lead or injury, especially to your limbs, such as cuts and burns.

As Mercury rules transport, you should also avoid impatience when driving or operating dangerous machinery. These things will become less of a problem as you develop your skills and learn patience.

Mercury Opposite Mars Transit

Mercury opposite Mars transit is a sign of impending arguments and conflict as internalized anger and resentment escape through your words and thoughts. The obvious manifestation is being overly direct in speech, thus provoking hostile reactions.

Less obvious is thought projection. Thoughts are things like words that have energy and cause things to happen. This subconscious level of communication will result in provocative and aggressive words from others. You may think you are innocent, but they may have picked up your angry thoughts about them or something they believe in.

Patience and relaxation are crucial to dealing with this transit. Try not to be so defensive and spontaneous in your reactions. Think twice before making bold statements, and do your best to avoid arguments.

Nervous tension may rise as this transit approaches, so remaining calm is essential. Yoga, exercise, or meditation reduce the risk of temper tantrums. Your aggressive energy can also be released safely by applying your mind to puzzles or hobbies requiring mental skill and dexterity with hands and fingers.

If you rush into this transit without consciously remembering patience, arguments may turn to fights and increase the risk of accidents or injury. Patience is especially needed when driving or using dangerous machines like chainsaws. This planetary combination has the potential to cause cuts and burns, especially to your hands, arms and legs.

Mercury Opposite Mars Celebrities

Alice Cooper 0°21′, Kamisese Mara 0°33′, Nina Simone 0°39′, Roberta Taylor 0°39′, Bernadette Peters 1°08′, Barbara Hershey 1°34′, Steffi Graf 1°40′, Richard Gasquet 1°58′, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec 1°58′.

Mercury Opposite Mars Dates

November 29, 2022
January 23, 2025
February 7, 2027
February 16, 2027
March 11, 2027
March 25, 2029
May 19, 2031
June 8, 2033
August 24, 2035

23 thoughts on “Mercury Opposite Mars Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie
    U have exactly pin pointed the flaws of this configuration. Hyperactive throught processes and reactions with sharp tounge.
    I have Saturn conjuct mars in Virgo opposite sun conjuct mercury in Pisces.
    But I have channeled this sharp communication in compairing and anchoring public events where I also use the gestures of the hand to connect to my audience.
    Thanks for this wonderful interpretation of this configuration. I am April 2, 1982 at 12.50 pm IST.
    Keep up this wonderful forum Jamie… All the best.

    • You have really developed the potential in your chart very well Tina. Looks like Moon rising has helped you express your personality in public. I expect it would have been a challenge to overcome stage fright at the beginning?

      • Yup right Jamie,

        I was too shy and feared public gatherings and suddenly at the age of 19 found someone who recognied the potential and that was it. Of course my full time job is in government service which is too depressing at times because of the rigid system but it has also allowed me to develop the trait of public speaking.
        Thanks for the follow up Jamie.

  2. Hey My name is Mayank Ashok Gupta. Dob-22/May/1990. Place- Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India. Time- 5.25 am
    My G.F Name is Medhavi RajendraKumar Gupta Dob-30/May/1992. Place- Kota, Madhya Pradesh, India. Tiime-12.43 am
    WIll i ever marry her. Facing a lot of troubles. Please help Jamie. What should i do to get things better

  3. Hi Jamie! I’m chiming in after a long time…. Enjoyed this analysis. However, I see you haven’t mentioned that this particular Mercury-Mars Opposition (9Jun.’16) falls on Algol – that horrible, horrible fixed star. How do you think this will affect the matter?

    Also, I’d like to point out something a bit more personal. Mercury sextiles Chiron before opposing Mars. My partner has their natal Chiron on Algol (Yes, very abusive childhood). So, I believe this Mercury-sextile-Chiron-opposite-Mars thingie will affect them at a personal level, as it connects to a sensitive point on their chart. Don’t you agree?

    In other words, will they start talking to me once again? ;-P

    • Ha ha, like long time listener, first time caller? I don’t look at all of the charts for these current aspects but this is important with Algol plus Mars being retrograde. I expect that the verbal abuse well be more disgusting and vile. It will be interesting to see if Donald Trump makes a speech around this time because he has Algol on his Midheaven.

      Depends how close an orb between Mars and Chiron but for sure any transit will manifest something when hitting a natl planet, especially a transit from two planets in opposition.

  4. OMG this is so amazing!!!

    I stumbled upon your website to see if i could get an answer as to why I’m being so hostile and rude these days (which isn’t my normal self at all and I’m confused), especially today!! 0.0

    I will stay tuned!

  5. Hello Jamie,

    I am a saggitarius decan 1 born on 23/11/1975 in belgaum,India at 04:20 a.m and I am feeling these retrogrades very hard can you please let me know something about how will be my career and relationships for coming days

  6. I have marcury 29d/aries opposite mars retro 29d/Libra.. My mars is VERY bad aspected.. (Opposite mercury+jupiter+saturn, square neptune+MC) i have anger and communication problems. I can never express my anger in front of the person i’m angry with. -most times i never show my anger at all- i do have a sharp tongue but only with my parents and especially my dad. We can keep arguing or fighting for hours and never get tired. My social life is total shit 😀 i’m known for not replying to messages. Lol i wrote a paragraph, thanks for the explanation tho 😀

  7. Interesting aspect! Would it play in the same way in a synastry where the Mercury person has Mars as ruling planet of the sun sign and tthe Mars person has Mercury as the ruling planet of its sun sign?

      • Thank you Jamie for clarifying this for me. It’s the case!
        So One person Mercury is opposite the other person Mars with the addition that the person Mercury has Mars as ruling planet of its sun sign and the Mars person has Mercury as ruling planet of its sun sign.

  8. Thanks for giving information about Mercury opposite Mars Transit, it is very helpful to me to change different aspects in my life. Really good to read this article.

  9. Mercury opposite Mars.

    Ever hear the joke about the Cabana boy? He is from Canada, working the pool in the Caribbean somewhere, on a sabbatical from making the Banana. So he clips two of the bunch, hands one each to Pamela Anderson and Emmanuel Perrotin, and says, “sorry no tape around, you’re in your own”.

  10. Little edginess in my joke? I thought so, after the fact.

    Chart of the moment someone brought to my attention Venus(art) in Leo entering the critical degree area

    The generational yod; Neptune sextile Pluto/Jupiter, apex Venus at Algenubi 20°Leo. And comet Neowise was there at Perigee. Anyone born in 1947/1948 would get a touch of this energy now.

    Very interesting dynamic with Fall ingress and SCOTUS especially framed in the context of the Trinity artwork.

  11. i used this rough soapstone thing on my legs until they bled. omg
    i noticed i felt an accident about to happen yesterday. Today i have two blocks to the dentist. Although i m no stranger to inner anger i also had now a tender healing phone conversation involving his dog too which had no harsh angers although usually there is angers and resentments.

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