Mars Trine Saturn Natal and Transit

Mars Trine Saturn TransitMars trine Saturn natal gives the passion, dedication, and endurance to achieve great success. You are a sexy, charismatic, and smooth operator. Your physical body is well proportioned, strong, and very attractive.

Your well-toned and attractive appearance is matched by a raw, primal sex appeal. People are strongly attracted to you and will stay that way. You also have leadership qualities and a real talent for teaching and inspiring others by setting a good example.

Your courage is contagious. Your relentless hard work and self-discipline earn you respect and support. Your dedication and loyalty are returned in spades. You are an ambitious person and will work hard and follow through to reach your goals.

Your achievements often have a practical application or a solid structure like buildings or machinery. You manage risk well and are prompt, dependable, resourceful and reliable. You control situations or projects without being controlling.

Your leadership, organizational and attractive qualities would suit a career in management, planning, big business, politics, finance, construction or engineering. This aspect is connected to metals but especially iron and steel. You may have an appreciation for or skills with weapons including blades and firearms.

Mars Trine Saturn Transit

Mars trine Saturn transit gives you the strength, ambition, and perseverance to take on the hardest of tasks and complete them on time, on budget, and with perfection. You will find the most efficient way to get the job done. Your patience and self-discipline will keep you plodding along without being distracted or discouraged.

This is a good transit to follow through on something you are passionate about. Something you have desired for some time that is valuable, substantial and enduring. Increased sex drive and sex appeal are good omens for new and existing relationships.

Your love life will benefit from your loyalty and devotion. Your partner will find your dedication and dependability just as attractive as your lusty desires and stamina in the bedroom. This is a good time to legitimize, consecrate or formalize a partnership.

If dating you will be attracted by strong physical features, musculature, and bone structure. You will also want a committed, long-term relationship with the potential for marriage and perhaps children. Your new partner may be a generation younger or older and act as your student or teacher.

Lasting success and practical results can be found in business and finance deals, real estate and metals. This is a good time to start legal proceedings, a large business, the laying of foundations, or a siege. Expect good relations and support from authority figures like parents, teachers, police, and bosses.

Mars Trine Saturn Celebrities

Billy Graham 0°00′, David Letterman 0°04′, Sara Tommasi 0°12′, Harriette Wilson 0°14′, Rudolf Hess 0°19′, George H. W. Bush 0°23′, Allen Ginsberg 0°28′, Giorgio Armani 0°30′, Marilyn Monroe 0°42′, Frances Bean Cobain 0°45′, David Berkowitz 0°47′, Miriam Stoppard 0°49′, Denzel Washington 0°54′, Matt Damon 0°59′, Jimmy Hoffa 1°05′, Clark Gable 1°10′, Spiro Agnew 1°12′, Kenny Rogers 1°27′, David Beckham 1°30′, Leonardo da Vinci 1°33′, Jennifer Lawrence 1°42′, Michelangelo 1°47′, Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia 1°52′, Rodrigo Duterte 1°57′, Elizabeth Prentis 1°59′, Barack Obama 2°45′.

Mars Trine Saturn Dates

March 21, 2021
September 25, 2021
September 28, 2022
November 28, 2022
March 30, 2023
October 13, 2023
September 30, 2024
February 9, 2025
April 4, 2025
October 29, 2025
October 16, 2026
November 15, 2027
November 5, 2028
November 30, 2029
November 30, 2030

17 thoughts on “Mars Trine Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. I have a Grand Trine in Water mars in cancer, saturn in pisces and jupiter in scorpio what does Water do to the Trine

  2. 1 hour 10 minutes after exact Mars trine Saturn transit I got a phone call that my application to rent a house in a new town was accepted. I had been applying for a house for 2 months.

  3. Hi Thanks for this Jamie! but you have Mars “Sextile” Saturn instead of “trine” : )

  4. and saturn is conjunct my POF in 4th house, also just was accepted for new rental, having been preparing myself to being homeless for the second time in 10 years, thanks to rental property owner deciding he wanted to get in on the market. again, regardless of the fact good tenants couldnt find anywhere to live that they could afford thanks to that same market, except last time it was because of the flow on affect from the GFC,not the GHC. Experienced 6 years of homeless couch surfing and all that goes with that. Still apprehensive, because landlords and R/E control where I live and how long for, regardless of whether I have earned their trust and respect or not, but, this has been a huge weight of the world off my shoulders, and put pay to feeling haunted by the threat of history repeating on of my worst fears, what can I say, as a 0 Cancer sun, as well as Mercury in Cancer with mercury as part of a grand water trine with Neptune in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, my home and family mean the world to me, the wounding of being left out in the cold (metaphorically) was also devastating and heartbreaking to me, anyway we will be out with a day to spare and this time, with the support not abandonment of my family. Somehow it feels like at least one curse of a vicious cycle has been broken 🙂

  5. We had our community react with courage…to a full sppes head on car crash..pulling people from the burning vehicle…and I think that all people will survive that wreck…but It was contagious courage!!!
    My friend Wade pulling people out of that burning wreck like BOSS..and everybody in our village running to find a way to help…it was 15-20minutes before EMTs arrived..we are very rural…
    So we…made all the efforts and decisions to protect life…while their car went up in epic flame and black smoke…tures popping and the horn eerily going by itself for a while..

    I haven’t looked yet to see this in my chart personally…what a day to witness incredible contrasts of powerful energy..

  6. Taking artistic licence, and the Sept 25 Saturn trine Mars, where Saturn in dominion blunts Mars in determination, to see more clearly the (personal) link between

    Spica and stories underwater,
    Covid and Kovid,
    Christo’s wrapped Arc de Triomphe

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