Moon Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit

Moon Sextile Pluto Transit

Moon sextile Pluto maximum orb 3°30′.

Moon sextile Pluto natal gives an intense emotional nature. You will feel things more deeply than most as a highly sensitive person. You are most exposed to the feelings of close relationships with family and partners and share deep spiritual bonds with them.

If a loved one is in a bad mood, it also makes you feel down. If you feel love and joy, the people around you will feel those same emotions. This is the incredible power of your subconscious, and your feelings are so intense that they can profoundly influence people and events around you.

This same power applies to other subconscious traits like intuition, instincts, habits, and family bonds. Although sometimes obsessive and compulsive, this is a very positive aspect. Focusing on one topic and deeply probing for answers is a great asset.

You love involving yourself in dramas of any kind, especially emotional dramas. Therefore, your relationships are never superficial. Like a clinical psychologist, you get to the cause of any relationship difficulty and then expose it to be healed. This is an excellent aspect for a psychologist; you have great self-improvement powers.

You naturally use your powers for good, but depending on other aspects and fixed stars, you could easily manipulate others and get them to do what you want. You would make a good propagandist or secret service agent.

Your curiosity and talent for solving mysteries could lead to investigative work, research, or work as a psychic or astrologer. If you cross over to use your power to manipulate, it must be morally justifiable to your subconscious. This aspect also gives extrasensory abilities, precognition, mystical experiences, dream recall, and an interest or belief in reincarnation.

Moon Sextile Pluto Transit

Moon sextile Pluto transit brings deep feelings and personal interactions that show precisely how you feel about someone and how they feel about you. Whether these feelings are good or bad, you will be richer for the experience. The relationship will evolve deeper, or you will be free to move on.

Through dreaming, meditation or contemplation, you can access deeply buried feelings, trauma and fears. Processing and understanding these subconscious influences leads to self-improvement and psychological healing. You can have a powerful and positive impact on other people or meet someone who has a profound influence on your life.

Greater control over your subconscious allows you to transform your reality. You can eliminate bad habits, beliefs and addictions. This same renewal process can occur in your home, especially with plumbing and drains and cleaning grime from gutters, bathrooms, sinks, and toilets.

Your instincts and intuition are very powerful now. Mystical experiences, psychic awareness and precognitive dreams are possible. Your deep curiosity and ability for research allow you to probe under the surface to solve mysteries, expose lies and secrets, and thoroughly understand complex and occult subjects.

This interpretation of Moon sextile Pluto transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon sextile Pluto.

Moon Sextile Pluto Celebrities

Jane Roberts 0°01′, Pauline Collins 0°03′, Euel Box 0°04′, Klaus Barbie 0°05′, Reginald Shepherd 0°07′, John Legend 0°07′, Yukio Mishima 0°07′, Shivabalayogi 0°08′, Virginia Giuffre 0°09′, Sean Penn 0°12′, Joan Baez 0°14′, Tony Hawk 0°14′, Jared Lee Loughner 0°15′, Mike Pompeo 0°17′, Leonardo Conti 0°18′, Martha Graham 0°19′, Sanger D. Shafer 0°20′, Glen Campbell 0°21′, Justin Timberlake 0°21′, Zac Efron 0°23′, Gretel Adorno 0°23′, Grace Slick 0°24′, Evan James Springsteen 0°24′, Howard Cassady 0°289′, Harry Dean Stanton 0°31′, Mariah Carey 0°32′, Doc Antle 0°34′, Bono 0°38′, George Seferis 0°39′, Hans Christian Andersen 0°42′, Lorenzo Carcaterra 0°48′, Joseph Gurney Cannon 0°48′, Michael Nesmith 0°52′, Tiffany Trump 0°53′, Juliette Drouet 0°53′, Gerardus Mercator 0°57′, Volodymyr Zelenskyy 1°02′, Sting 1°08′, Jeane Dixon 1°15, Olivia Rodrigo 1°16′, Mary Shelley 1°19, Gordon Jackson 1°19, Marie Curie 1°21′, Roy Rogers 1°27′, Carlos the Jackal 1°27′.

7 thoughts on “Moon Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Pluto 5Virgo novile (40′) 12th house Moon 15Libra…I “feel” everything known and unknown, seen and unseen, yet of course my emotional magnet (like attracts like) has had me due to emotional abuse since childhood, “feeling bad” at my depth of the etheric waters (12th house) and the depth of my emotional underworld (pluto) thus predominantly feeling emotionally tortured, in pain both emotionally thus physically felt also, likewise always feeling the tortured souls, emotional and physical disease & pain of others, wearing it “inside and out” requiring many years of hard work and sacrifice on my behalf, to be able to discern the etheric and emotional boundaries, where I and others overlap, thus what is their responsibility to heal and what is theirs, and keep the compassion to see it through to aid others, by example, yet often unseen/unheard, as an occult servant in service to the occult under divine lore, as I move along offering what is good to of my way of healing, as when and where possible to do so….(Pluto opposite Chiron in Pisces 4th/ Neptune in Scorpio 1st in Grand trine with Mercury in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces, sextile Pluto in Virgo) All I will offer is as a novile is considered a gift yet due to responsibility is often experienced as a curse until learned, that the “empath” in us all as humans is present as is part of our humble make up, however the interaction of Pluto, Moon, Neptune and the signs they govern, influences the depth and degree one experiences that communion, if highly empathic, it is ones role to not only feel for others who are troubled, mercifully, to actually “feel” as much emotional dis-ease for them, be a channel of flowing it through including physical expression of the emotional release without hurting another and ENSURE one has formed a healing way oneself to ones depth, to be relieving oneself of its weight/affect, that it unnafects the emotional and physi ak health of the healing empathic channel themself, which is not easy nor pleasant, yet is a privilege to be trusted to serve such a vulnerable part of the human make up? I hope this may help others who do have stronger empathic aspects natally, with the Moon Pluto sextile, because the sextile is also subtle even compared to the trine, thus “wearing” the troubles of others will often have the channel blamed for being “the problem” . This is also what occurs with females at “that time of the month” we call PMS yet the “ill moods” displayed are more often than not, the accumulation of all of everyones “troubles” for her to heal and release for herself and others affecting her? The stronger the empathy, the more it matters the empath not be forced or have to be, amongst many, other than chosen to be as guided intuitively as good to be, because in risking making them be amongst too many troubled souls in any given moment, may have strong affect on them thus karmicly also, yet in the modern world, this is often dictated, no choice, & very harsh, indeed cruel.

    • The hard work unseen, over many years relates to cleaning up my emotional heart/mind to remove the addiction to “feeling bad” which I have, my current challenge is in dispelling the unconscious deep rooted “habit” or “ghosts” (negative thought forms that haunt from the back of ones mind), that react unconsciously, no matter how consciously positive one thinks one is being thus try to feed the “ghost” thought with negativity due to the also cyclic habit of the seeming “threat” of here we go again, as well as I may, which is very trying at times, like trying to be respectful, caring, kind yet firm with a child having a tantrum, for its own good and safety, that is determined to believe in ghosts and monsters…I dont believe in ghosts, they only exist if you do, but sometimes you have to keep laying that unfinished business to rest over and over, until there be no more trace of negativity that is ones own responsibility, exhausting yet doable, besides whether it be a child or ones inner one, its worth it, right?

  2. Oh and yes, I concur with the above, a person gifted occultly including empathy, is forbidden to use that powerful gift for personal gain, including money, status, power over others, because of its power and the fate incurred in dishonouring ones oath or promise, afore-given. Many who disregard this, do pooh pooh or ridicule those who do uphold this, often calling it stupid nonsense or professing to do what ever they want, it is not stupid, only fear stupifies not love and the unseen or occult world is the world of non-sense, not nonsense, good luck with that, however, choice is freely made, that is simply not mine.

  3. Of course I cant prove any of this, it is the unknown , you cant prove what is unknown by its very nature, once you do, it is known thus can be seen, you cant see or prove nothing exists, because it doesnt, nothingness is what is before it is anything, something, everything including all energy forming substance, we all have a spirit though so we are all able to experience its tranquillity and upliftment ourself and that is our quest or philosophical journey to make, all ways lead to Amor…;)

  4. This offering by our exceptionally talented Mr Partridge, has me thinking about those that have their Moon, and progressed Moon, in Scorpio and Pisces, 16° to 19°.

  5. Debbie, thank you for your thoughts. I have a 16 year old daughter with her Moon in the 12th. It hasnt been easy for her neither. Your Moon in Libra, 12th, speaks to me of safety thru Secret Relating, and could explain a comfort with being a Medium.

    • Thank you for your comment Rob much appreciated and I hope it helps, it is a highly vulnerable placement, only deep relationshhps work for her, superficial ones will just sail on by, yet its very hard to work with initially, especially if she has others judging her for being over emotioand or too sensitive, because its natural for her, yet equally powerful once she manages to “free herself from any percieved purgatory for crimes she didnt commit, regularly?” Genuine forgiveness & understanding is important with her moons placement, she is only young in age thus not so much to heal foundationally if any harm already occuring, yet she will be a very wise old soul at heart, just needing to learn to understand equally deeply what she already knows? Most with this occult placement will learn most of what they need to from the spirit world directly and “left field” lessons, which she may find hard to put into words that make sense to others, its good she has support from someone who has an understanding of mediumship, good to hear. Blessings to you both.

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