Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Neptune conjunct Midheaven maximum orb 6°00′.

Neptune conjunct Midheaven natal makes you highly sensitive to all forms of energy from other people and the environment. You receive a lot of vibrational energy from your five senses, intuition, fantasies, and dreams.

You have a developed psychic ability, yet filtering many impressions is complex and confusing. It is also confusing to understand what is accurate and correct and what is an illusion and false. You see the world in a much different way than most other people. You see, hear, and sense in other ways a whole range of spiritual energy, entities, and worlds that only a few people like yourself ever know about.

You were most likely very disoriented as a child and felt you did not fit in. As well as being confused, you may have become scared and weak, appearing vague and suspicious to people around you. As a result, you may have felt lost, isolated, and lonely. One particular parent may have influenced you through the fog of confusion. Usually your father, but sometimes your mother or a single parent.

More unnerving is the chance that you have great difficulty defining a self-identity. Without that sense of who you are, it is hard to know where you are going or what you should be doing with your life. Depression is common in this aspect while young. Thankfully as you grow and explore the world, you meet others like yourself, which gives you self-confidence and a sense of belonging. The Internet gives you endless opportunities to connect to other sensitive people to bring out the positives of this aspect.

You may also seek to belong through communal living or non-traditional religions and spiritual groups. You are an idealist and would benefit from joining groups with shared ideals, such as charities, humane societies, animal welfare, and environmental groups. You are spiritually inclined and do not need drugs to enter altered states of consciousness, and you should avoid drugs and alcohol.

You show a lot of empathy and care for most things, but germs and poisons are not your friends. It would be best to take more care than most to avoid infection, contamination, and overdose. Until you develop a strong sense of self and direction in life, you must also beware of being victimized or taken advantage of. Deception and scandal involving your superiors and career, in general, are possible. This could range from being underpaid to involvement in celebrity sex scandals. To gain more confidence in public, you should use mirrors, cameras, and video to practice being on show.

You may find a career using your psychic talent or other spiritual gifts. As a spiritual warrior, you would do well in the politics of socialism, welfare or communism. Perhaps you would like to work in welfare or charity. Saving whales with Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd fits a career fitting for the God of the Sea. Your hypnotic beauty and sensual charm will open many opportunities in glamorous careers such as entertainment, acting on the stage or screen, music, dance, fashion, modeling or photography.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Neptune conjunct Midheaven transit brings confusion about who you are and where you are going. You can feel lost, scared, isolated, weak or useless. Your career may become unsatisfying as you start thinking less about the money and more about your role’s ethical or spiritual meaning. You may dream of leaving your job to follow a higher calling.

You will likely feel more sensitive to the needs of less fortunate people and even guilty about your material security net. You could find satisfaction and community through charity or welfare work. However, this transit only lasts about one year, and your typical motivations will return. Moving to a nursing or animal welfare job because you feel inadequate or sympathetic is not a wise choice at the moment.

Interest in spiritual, occult and healing is typical during this transit, and you should follow your intuition. You will gain much self-understanding through serving others or meditation, but most people will not become preachers or mystics. This transit may change your direction in life and lead to a true calling in such fields. For most people, however, this spiritual and idealistic phase will pass.

You can ease your sense of emptiness and confusion through spiritual practice and alternative healing methods. Becoming less selfish and more caring will help you grow and be better. Even if you lose interest in what you discover this year, the knowledge and self-understanding will stay with you. You do not have to sacrifice your material possession to become more spiritual. You would become more grateful and appreciative if you were materialistic before this transit.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Celebrities

Michael Erlewine 0°03′, Dakota Fanning 0°05′, Hayley Mills 0°09′, Debbie Boone 0°13′, Matt Damon 0°22′, Sara Aldrete 0°29′, Abraham Lincoln 0°45′, Paul Claudel 1°01′, Niccolo Machiavelli 1°02′, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 1°14′, Dennis Rodman 1°15′, Stephanie Cole 1°16′, Julian Assange 1°17′, Frank Sinatra 1°17′, Angela Merkel 1°44′, Stacey Keach 1°45′, Rihanna 2°03′.

30 thoughts on “Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. I have Neptune in Scorpio Conjunct to the Ascendant. Is that about the same effect as above?

  2. What about if Neptune is conjunct my IC? Same affect as described above?

  3. That was very interesting, thank you. There are weaknesses and blessings to this aspect. Mine isn’t conjunct my mid heaven but the moon cnj Neptune are in Scorpio in the Libran 10th house about 25 degrees away.

  4. I don’t know why I don’t really relate to a lot of this. Mine is also retrograde and also conjunct Saturn retrograde. Maybe that changes it a bit. Interesting as always though!

  5. Over the years, I have read many, many such articles as this one, but never have I read any that could match the sensitive and eloquence of your article. Thank you for presenting it. I am not sure I was born with Neptune on my midheaven, because I am not sure of the hour of my birth. I am an artist was born with Neptune in Libra, so there is a strong similarity with Neptune on my sun sign. I can relate to what you have written, which is not exactly the point of my comment. Neptune has been pretty good to me in terms of my art, but alcohol sensitivity is a real concern. I try not to drink alcohol even in social settings. I do not know where your sensibility, and kindness is discussing this highly sensitive aspect, as you have written, not sure where it comes from. But, I am very grateful to you, for the kind way you discussed this gift that many of us have, and how to cope with it. Whichever aspect was affecting your sun sign, I am quite sure it was one that granted you the wonderful gift of compassion and sensitivity too. Thank you again for sharing this!

  6. I have the planet Neptune exactly conjunct on my mid heaven in Scorpio. I can totally relate to almost everything you have written about it. I think the most frustrating thing about this aspect(for me) is that at 55 years old, I still cannot figure out what I’m supposed to do career wise. I have worked in mainly humanitarian job fields(7 years at an animal shelter) and have had long periods of not working at all. I just found out at my older age that I love to swim(never learned how till now) at my community pool. I’m now thinking about teaching swim lessons to children(or life guarding) and maybe later being a high school swim team coach. Who knows? With the planet Neptune you never can tell……….

  7. I have experienced this transit and currently Neptune is sailing through the final quadrant of my 10th house. I have had a very bewildering time trying to find my ‘job/career’ path & have been in and out of all sorts of different Jobs – confused, disillusioned, the works. Unbelievable, despite the epic search I have been on for years, I’m still groping around in the dark but now a light , and I seem to have a firmer footing now finally. Can totally relate to this article!!

  8. love your site Jamie! My natal neptune is 8 degrees sagg and my midheaven is 12 degrees. Funny that this post of yours just appeared in my inbox as I have been immersed today in making my new business website more reflective of my spiritual journey, and trying to grasp how one ‘sells’ oneness and Truth as it’s so Neptunian lol. Blessings to you!

  9. Hello Jamie! This is me by birth: Neptune conjunct MC + North Node in Sagittarius, with Jupiter square all of it on my Pisces AC. I’ve been a rescuer of animals my whole life, & have modeled, acted, & danced as a ballerina; worked in mental health & law; and studied Tarot & other esoteric disciplines. I am a visual artist & lover of music (and music videos), and have enjoyed periods of creative writing (incl. poetry). I often felt depressed & lonely as a kid, but as I aged I learned to appreciate my “uniqueness” lol. During my teens & 20s I struggled with binge drinking off & on, but by my 30s I had that all worked out; these days (in my 40s) I am satisfied with a few drinks a year. Had many passionate yet tumultuous relationships throughout my teens & 20s, but I find myself much more settled now in this regard, too. I experience premonitory dreams, the Pauli Effect, esp & clairvoyance, but they come & go; I’m still learning how to separate the signal from the noise. Introverted. Idealistic. You are spot on, Jamie 🙂 Thank you for this space!

  10. My husband has Neptune natally conjunct his MC. His is a electric designer. His Pisces Moon is in Second house along with his Jupiter in Aquarius. He is not great with paying

  11. My daughter has Neptune at her Midheaven: A very sensitive woman but one who is a humanitarian. I saw her one morning as a child staring out the window almost entranced: She told me she saw a group of Angels looking at her. She described them to me and years later I found a lovely statue of an Angel in white in blue, just as she described. She has witnessed other dimensional beings or sights including a UFO. But she is well grounded, been to college and very reliable at her work.


  13. Jamie -nice article, thanks.
    I have the moon @0.34 mercury @12.54 (9th) and MC (15 degrees) in Pisces, although I am used to living with Piscean energy, since Neptune’s ingress into Pisces, I am even more sensitive. if at all possible. I keep myself balanced with monthly acupuncture treatments and I preside over 2 X burials a week. I guess my “Neptunian” reward is that I will be receiving my Doctor of Divinity this year after 25 years as a female clergy in a predominately patriarchal profession. Thanks agin

  14. Wow this answered my whole life question cause when I was a child, I was born deaf due to infection from the birth so at age of 6 I was at my very first funeral w no sense of feeling cause I was a child so when I arrive I didn’t care. But after funeral party; it’s the feeling that hit me the most and put me overwhelmed cause I felt grieving (I didn’t even know this person) but I looked around and realIze that it’s their feeling effected me cause I read body language and understanding what the feels is about by body language and facial expression and lip reading and beyond. So I was freaking out and hid under the table (mind you I’m deaf so I didn’t know sign language either til 8 so I don’t learn much from school but speech therapy ) and I was freaking out cause I felt death is the feelings that effect me I didn’t even know how I know that feeling is caused by death and I didn’t like the feels and wonder deeply that is the death the end of all of us and never see each other’s again and what’s the point to feel this suffering feeling and I don’t want anyone to die so I don’t suffer this. And then this guidance sent me the vision of the beautiful universe w galaxy and stars and sent me the message like telepathic way and I was relieved and this person taught me to shield my feeling va their feeling as shield my self cause I’m very senstive person and I had another last question and I said “why pick me being deaf why me? There’s many people to choose to pick unlucky one but why am I unlucky one? And this answered calmed me down is “you are here for a reason and we needs you to build the bridge of difference of the worlds it’s not just your own kind need help, it’s the other people. (Opposite of me) I felt better and accepted my deaf right there and sure enough I became psychic cause I let my angel pull my magnetic heart and be curious why I’m there for? And then open the dresser and saw my gift (camera) and I even broke the rule of my moms (she’s single) for using her camera even I know how to change the film by heart. But she grounded me, I didn’t care I kept going and I’m a professional photographer now. reason why I love it because it taught me the beauty, vs ugliness. I noticed the pattern of me is I’m always in the middle of many world. I’m grey believer than black and white. I’m hard of hearing than deaf and hearing. I’m tomboy than boy and girl. I’m yin yang by the heart. And I’m photographer and computer lover (genius) I am engineer than just creative or genius world. And to show to show that sign language is universal language because I even communicate with a blind man with no problem because it’s on feeling sense. I even predict the future of my cousin had a baby and told her a day before she find out. Our babies born same day. My aunt came to me in my dream saying goodbye and woke up confused then found out she passed away. I see dove at someone’s house that has cancer that is my aunt everyday til I saw the dove is gone when I left the house it was on her 60th anniversary and she was happy on her last day like she have no cancer so we all came over party w her and I knew it’s too good to be true so I gave her my hug. And went home, bad feeling told me to wait at the telephone area (normally i always pick it up for my mom) but I wait wait wait wondering why I’m here. It rang 1 min after and my moms face changed into sobbing, my mom was shocked cause she knows I knew because she knew I always pick it up for her before it stops but she gave me a look like “what’s with u Brittany?” Then she answeweres and looked at me shocked in mixed emotions knowing that I have a special gift. And then at the funeral they released 50 doves. I started to notice patterns very well ever since. I’m also Leo/Virgo cusp and midheaven is Neptune.

  15. Interesting explanation, but the ” a spiritual warrior you would do well in the politics of socialism, welfare or communism.” Is beyond bad advise. These areas are soul destroyers to the individual and to humanity. More people have been murdered in the name of these “humanitarian” causes than any other movements in history.

  16. Neptune can .’ muddy’ things for sure.if you have a deceptive leader. ,( a Jimmy Jones for example ) , a herd ‘ mentality could take a whole group down a dangerous spiritual path.If you link Neptune with money it could all disappear.If someone had this tendency in their chart I would recommend that they have an accountant oversee their money , and give them an allowance.
    I have found the best things to believe in are facts.
    Its better to negate ‘ blind faith’ with sound reasoning. 👍

  17. Love and cherish my placement. Would change a thing. Thank you.

  18. Neptune is mystical and I’ve discovered my Neptune is conjunct MC. What career or course should I study? please it is so confusing I keep changing my mind?! Alek$

  19. Bless you! Sitting here thinking about my living situation. Just about cried when I remembered all that I’ve put up with and handled stoicly the past 2 years. Wondering if it’s time to move, intuiting it’s time to find space countryside and yet returning to the idea of how “comfortable” I am here.
    Then I look at your second email here. That’s me! I am grateful for the prod of remembered self knowledge. Gulp!

  20. I experienced this transit years ago and it wiped my career path from the face of the Earth! It was a blessing in disguise; after the transit was over, I had to label my old career choice, “what was I thinking..??!!” I didn’t need that! Something pulled me out and saved me, but it wasn’t painless – growth never is…

  21. 59 and still waiting to figure it out. I have often described my life path as drifting this way and that without a paddle!

  22. Hi ! I have natal Neptune on my MC in the 10th. My life direction has been confusing for a long time and it’s only when I started to do deep work on my value system that I got a better sense of what I wanted to achieve in this world. I am a coach and mentor in self-development but honestly with Neptune, it could have been anything that nourishes something that makes humanity better and makes sense ! I just chose a job I liked. I used to work as a psychic and have a very strong and rich spiritual life, my sun squaring neptune and my moon being in the ninth. I strive to love and empathize with everybody I meet even if I allow myself to make exceptions haha. I am a taurus rising and libra sun so that Venusian inclusion is very central in my chart and with Neptune on my MC touching my Sun and Venus, it’s important that I experience a sense of collective love that ties everybody together. I also have a very strong saturnian influence in my chart which helps creating strong and healthy boundaries and… more love actually. Alicia Keys is a Pisces rising with Neptune on her MC as well, interesting chart and inspiring woman turned towards uniting the collective through her art. I always go to your site to read about aspects delineations, your work definitely stands out.

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