Sun Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Sun Square Midheaven Transit

Sun square Midheaven maximum orb 5°30′.

Sun square Midheaven natal makes you highly ambitious, and you will work very hard to reach the top of your career and have influence. You strongly desire to do something significant with your life and will strive with great determination to stand out from the crowd.

Having a successful career and being respected as an authority in your field can be so powerful that you become domineering, ruthless, coercive, and aggressive. That may get you to the top in some areas but is more likely to hinder your success.

Gaining power and influence through achievement is essential for your self-esteem. Failure is damaging to your ego, and fear of failure can be a motivating force in your life.

Fear of failure may also be linked to a fear of losing your father or being scared of your father or mother. With natal Sun square Midheaven, your relationship with your dominant parent can strongly influence the outcomes in your life. If they were supportive and you respected their authority, your rise to the top would be more manageable.

If either of your parents damaged your self-confidence, you would likely have developed contempt and disrespect for authority. If so, you must work through your resentment, inferiority complex, or fear of competition. Success will be much easier once you are free of limiting and self-destructive attitudes and beliefs.

Arguments, disagreements, personal and professional feuds, disloyalty, bad publicity, and lawsuits are possible if you develop a lust for power and control. A quick rise to the top may be likely if your ambition is unencumbered by the excess weight of morality, ideology, philosophy, principles, or beliefs. If people fear you or see you as a threat, they are unlikely to help you. They will probably stand in your way, stab you in the back, or work behind the scenes to bring you down.

Look for positive role models and try not to get on the wrong side of parents, teachers, bosses, and other authority figures. You may still hold some resentment inside, but at least give the impression of showing respect. In this way, you can gain valuable assistance from mentors and people in power.

Sun Square Midheaven Transit

Sun square Midheaven transit makes you more determined to meet your goals and get your own way. In your profession, you will be working hard and achieving a lot as long as it relates to your personal goals. Others may see this as selfishness, so arguments are possible, and your goals are likely to conflict with those around you.

You will be motivated by your own needs, so you must try to avoid alienating people around you. Even though you may not feel like it, you must still fit in and be a team player. You can find a way not to work with others but don’t work against them. Try to see the other side if an argument arises. Don’t let your ego get in the way of progress.

This Sun square Midheaven transit interpretation can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Midheaven.

Sun Square Midheaven Celebrities

David Letterman 0°05′, Gianni Versace 0°06′, Leonard Cohen 0°13, Richard Walther Darré 0°14′, Pierre-Auguste Renoir 0°14′, Lou Doillon 0°24′, Selena Gomez 0′25, Jean-Claude VanDamme 0°26′, Marjoe Gortner 0°28′, Alan Leo 0°39′, Lord Louis Mountbatten 0°42′, MacKenzie Scott 0°43′, Jude Law 0°49′, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec 0°50′, Barbara Bush 0°51′, Maurizia Paradiso 0°57′, Milly D’Abbraccio 0°58′, Brad Pitt 1°07′, Donald Rumsfeld 1°10′, Bruce Willis 1°16′, Kate Bosworth 1°24′, James Joyce 1°26′, Heather Locklear 1°27′, Patty Hearst 1°27′, Richard Branson 1°51′, Sid Vicious 1°53′.

6 thoughts on “Sun Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Thank you, Jamie, for your perfect description of my personality. I struggled all my through my life to understand why I cause such a rejection in authorities. I also have Mars (Virgo 27 degree) conjunction my Sun and both square my Midheaven un Sag 27. Both Sun and Mars are in my 6 house, so you can imagine how important work and study have been for me. However, never ever in my whole life could I get any deserving position or a helping hand. On the contrary, tons of hidden enemies surrounded me. Now, i’ve Given up and feel life brings you what you deserve…

  2. All Virgo have great work standards, I’m a Virgo Asc myself. You also have Mars positioned on Fixed Star Alkaid, I have my Moon at 27 Virgo as well. I’ve looked into Alkaid and I’ve found it to be protective over it’s natives, you and I and others. You should have a look at Alkaid and see what it brings conjunct Mars. Take care and may the Stars always be in your favour. Praise the Heavens and he who fixed them in place.

    • Thank you Thomas. I’ll into that star and see what it brings. To make matters worse, I have my Asc in Piscis, oops my Sin in Virgo (27 degrees). It’s been tough sometimes 🤗

  3. This aspect is troublesome, or challenging, for me. And having a Seven year in numerology brings the stricture* to a whole new level.

    Sun 21Cap17
    MidHeaven 24Ar13

    Transits of Pluto, ,Jupiter and Saturn, plus Eris at 24Ari09, makes it more complex.

    *an abnormal narrowing of a passage

  4. I need help getting a little more info about my chart….
    Sun 12 Leo 2° decan (32°;21°); house 7 next to 8
    Rising 13 Capricorn ( 32°; 1°)
    Moon 20 Virgo (28°; 00°); house 8
    Mercury 29 Leo (53°;43°); house 8
    Venus 14 Virgo (20°; 1°) house 8
    Mars zero Virgo (53°; 21°); house 8
    Jupiter 1 cancer (00°; 21°); house 6
    Saturn 8 Capricorn (22°;27) retrograde; house 12
    Uranus 1 Capricorn (51°; 31°) retrograde; house 12
    Neptune 10 Capricorn (10°;4°) retrograde; house 12
    Pluto 12 Scorpio (24°;50°)
    Chiron 12 cancer (12°; 52°) house 6
    Lilith 19 Libra (44°;33°) house 9
    Part of Fortune 21 Aquarius (27°;39°); house one next to house 2
    Midheaven 9 Scorpio (4°35°)

    Mars is sextile with Jupiter and trine with Saturn
    Sun is square with midheaven and Pluto
    Sun is Quincunx with Saturn Neptune and rising
    Sun is sextile with Lilith
    Moon is conjunct with Venus, Quincunx with North node and part of Fortune
    Moon and Venus are trine with rising
    Mercury’s conjunct with Mars
    Mercury and Mars are sex tile to Jupiter
    Mercury and Mars are trine to Uranus
    Mercury and Mars are opposition to North node
    Venus is conjunct with Mars; trine with Saturn and Neptune
    Venus, Saturn and Neptune are all sex tile with Pluto
    Venus, saturn, neptune, pluto, and rising are all sex tile to midheaven
    Jupiter opposition to Uranus and trine to North node
    Saturn is conjunct with Neptune
    Saturn and Neptune are in opposition of Chiron
    Saturn and Neptune are in conjunction with rising
    Pluto is trine with Chiron, sextile with rising and conjunction with midheaven
    Chiron is opposition of rising and trine of midheaven
    Lilith is trine of part of Fortune and sex tile of vertex
    North node is conjunction of part of Fortune
    North node and part of Fortune are opposition of vertex

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