Mercury Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Transit

Mercury conjunct Pluto maximum orb 6°00′.

Mercury conjunct Pluto natal gives a powerful intellect and deep curiosity. You can be very intense, and this will especially show in your communication style. You can strongly influence those around you and be very persuasive with a penetrating stare. Your powerful words can affect many people.

You are so persuasive because you know the facts on a particular matter, and your probing mind can uncover all the details and those things that are hidden. You also can understand occult meanings or mysteries that only a very few people can reach and understand. You would make an excellent detective or researcher.

But your ability to relate your knowledge to others makes you an excellent communicator. People will be impressed by your depth of understanding and therefore come around to your way of thinking. Mercury conjunct Pluto is neutral for good and evil. You also can convince others of lies. You would be good at keeping secrets and spreading propaganda. A career in communications would suit, but so would the secret service or even in underworld organizations.

You can be pretty forceful when communicating, which may pose a problem with close relationships. Your friends may find you interfering at times or too intense. Relaxing is crucial because you can quickly become highly strung and suffer from nervous conditions.

You will likely become involved in some dark and severe issues, possibly relating to addiction or abuse. But you have the intellect and psychological understanding to see the bigger picture, the interrelatedness of everything in the universe. This spiritual view helps you continually evolve your thinking to transcend the limitations of life in a finite human body.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Transit

Mercury conjunct Pluto transit adds depth and intensity to your thinking and communications. This is an excellent time to get to the bottom of troubling issues. You can uncover secrets through study and research or through probing and questioning others, and you can more easily gain a thorough understanding of mysteries and occult subjects like astrology.

Psychological self-analysis is favored. This would be an excellent time to visit a counselor or to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of the relationships you are involved in. On the other hand, you can also use your mental powers to deceive others. You have great power of persuasion and can influence other people, and you can share spiritual truths just as easily as spreading propaganda.

You will likely be more interested in serious subjects and may become involved in the darker side of life through criminality or addiction. Power struggles are possible intellectually, including thought projection and other non-verbal ways of psyching people out.

Nervous conditions are possible due to the intensity of your mind and the severe nature of the topics you may unearth. It is also possible that other people will find you too overbearing or interfering as if you are staring into their soul. Your power to influence can make others feel threatened. Relaxing will be vital if you do find the intensity too much.

It is possible to make profound discoveries during this transit. You may discover something very revealing about yourself from deep within your soul. This may include spiritual links with ancestors and could lead to a spiritual transformation or sensation of transcending the physical limitations of your body.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Jay Mohr 0°02′, River Phoenix 0°04′, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben 0°11′, Sylvester Stallone 0°18′, Jamie Farr 0°19′, James Stirling 0°19′, Leon Gambetta 0°19′, Sydney Pollack 0°24′, Claudia Schiffer 0°40′, Louis Ducruet 0°42′, George W. Bush 0°44′, Steve Carell 0°45′, Jimmy Connors 0°45′, Whitney Houston 0°45′, Terry Fox 0°48′, Harry S. Truman 0°52′, Claude of France 1°06′, Sarah Schulman 1°13′, Paul Bernado 1°19′, Dianne Feinstein 1°21′, Charles Baudelaire 1°21′, Della Reese 1°21′, Franklin Graham 1°22′, Philippe Pétain 1°29′, Franz Schubert 1°38′, Bon Scott 1°58′.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Dates

February 10, 2023
February 5, 2024
January 29, 2025
January 22, 2026
January 15, 2027
January 10, 2028
February 7, 2028
February 22, 2028
February 20, 2029

32 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. I have a tight stellium of mercury, Pluto and Jupiter which I believe holds the keys for me to truly understand my life and it’s path. Any comments you could share on this? I find it to be a very complex aspect to understand at times.

    • Hello Kodiaq, it may help once I have written about the other conjunctions. I would think you have an amazing intellect that is curious to know everything. A wide and comprehensive knowledge but you would also research very deeply on whatever you are obsessed with at any one time. Others may find you full on at times with relationships. You may need to learn to ease off if you sense them backing off. They may feel they have to prectect their privacy or that you are too probing.

  2. Just a quick feedback: On the 19th I felt that someone was too overbearing or interfering in his communications.. like saying up to you but do it on my way .. that’s quite plutonian, isn’t it?

  3. Hi Jamie–enjoy reading your insights immensely– I have the Pluto/Merc conjunction along with Uranus and the Sun within 14 degrees of each other centered around my 18 degree Virgo Asc (I know, right? Yeash). Lots of horsepower but no where to go. Very scattered in multiple directions–and if I don’t exercise and eat right my Sat/Moon partile conjuction in the 6th gets the best of me! I love Astrology with a Mundane focus (not a people person as you can imagine-the idea of talking to someone about their inner life makes me want to puke) and as a vocation I am a master heavy truck mechanic with 35 years in. Anyway I’ll end it with Tr Pluto trining my natal Pluto (THAT doesn’t happen to most generations–Pluto has been hauling the last couple decades!) Lots of change in how I view learning and deciding whats important and what isn’t. God Bless and thank you for all the information on your site!

    • Hi Kevin, the current eclipse cycle is incredibly important for you. The September 2015 solar eclipse at 20°10′ Virgo was very close to your Ascendant. You should be able to use your mind power to gain better focus I would think. That powerful mind of your is even more powerful with the fixed star Asterion rising. You may have been struggling this last few weeks though, a turning point with the December new moon square your AC. All the best, I have Jupiter at 19 Virgo.

      • Hi Jamie,
        I was born on 25/09/1968, 4 days after you. I too have the same yod as you with Saturn at the apex inconjuct Pluto sextile Neptune opposed by mercury & Venus. My Jupiter is at 19Virgo53 conjunct Pluto at 23Vir01. Jupiter is at present conjunct this conjunction. But I’ve not had any luck in finding a job for the past 1 month or so. Why is that and what are my chances of finding one soon. Also Uranus is approaching to conjunct our focal point Saturn in 3-4 months. So what will it’s effect be. My Saturn is in the 4th house.
        Sriram. P.

        • Hi astro brother. I am really unsure about Uranus on Saturn expect that we are in for some relative massive changes in your responsibilities and duties. Perhaps more freedom from such responsibilities but I do feel a little scared by it all. Also Saturn in 4th. I’m sure better luck will come once Jupiter has turned direct again. See my Jupiter retrograde post. Be sure to stay in touch over coming years so we can compare notes.

    • Kevin, my chart sounds very similar to yours. I, too, have Pluto/Merc conjunction, along with Uranus and the Sun (a few degrees apart – all in the 12th house Virgo – Virgo ascendant also) opposite a Moon-Saturn conjunction (1 degree apart) in the 6th (Pisces). I wasn’t aware that Pluto had been twining my natal Pluto back in 2016 (2016-2017 were some of the most difficult years of my life).

  4. If George w bush has this conjunction, there must be something huge happening elsewhere in his chart that makes him appear so dumb. With Mercury Pluto I’d expect him to be more intense not more dense.

  5. This is today and already found myself deeply and profoundly moved by the news of Sir John Hurts passing, akin to the loss of a very dear close friend whom I hadnt met and now wont, yet I hadnt realised I even needed to or felt that way, as much as I have found great depth in his many brilliant perfomances over his 60 years devoted to his art, quite strange, even for me lol!

  6. Hi! If natal venus is in opposition to this conjunction, what’s the influence? Could it add intensity on emotional or money matters? Thanks!

  7. This one occurs when world leaders are at Davos. Security shutdown? Someone attacked my computer this morning, operating on Safe mode, but it’s creepy.. big bro watching us. Jamie, Capricorn in 12th house ‘Aquarius Age’

  8. The practical mind in contact with the mysterious superconscious.A very resourceful mind to say the least.John Nash had this conjunction in Pisces in the 12th.

      • Knowing that he.had this conjunction in the 12th . ( as well as a couple of other planets I believe. )
        I would recommend watching the movie ‘ a beautiful mind ‘again if you’ve seen it already.I think it would be interesting for people to see it from an astrological perspective after plugging this info in and observing how his mind works.

  9. Here’s an interesting one : Alex Honnold ; mercury retrograde conjunct mars in leo.He has Jupiter in opposition in Aquarius.Uranus it’s ruling planet in Saggitarius opposite Chiron in gemini. Hmmm.?
    The retro doubt contributes to his unique rock climbing abilities.the oppositions look challenging birthdate : August 17th 1985.

  10. 3rd conjunct in 43days.

    3rd time lucky?

    Will there be reaching some resolution within?
    Or setting sail?

    Wind in the willows:
    Mole makes friends easily; he is a seeker, and he reminds us that too much seclusion, too much time in our “cellerages,” will dull our hearing and more.

    Right,gave up drinking,now out of the “cellerage”.

    Problem now,Moles left brain won’t shut down completely.

    Like half the moon is illuminated.

    3 strikes,your out!

    Mole likes to psychoanalyze and sees through false fronts.

    Badgers don’t like that.

    Some of the above reminds me of an Seinfeld episode.


    i just want some peace,

    wake me up when it’s all over.

  11. I have tmconjunction between my moon 17°, mercury 9° and Pluto 12°in Sagittarius approx.

  12. Jamie – but what if i have Pluto(25°) – Jupiter (26°) and Mercury (27°) in Libra …
    Now what ?

  13. Do parallels of declination count? I have Mercury exact parallel Pluto

  14. My grand daughter was born during the great synod.
    Jupiter. Pluto , Saturn and her Venus , mercury cap.
    Sextile Neptune.
    Her ascendent is 22 cap. All those planets.
    She very serious.
    Studies most things and people at one.
    Though she has a Leo moon in seventh.
    Quite a contrast. Mars sag
    Sun there too. Cap.

    I can see the Pluto mercury already.

    Only air is the moon in seventh.

    She enjoys playing alone.
    Reading books or looking at them.

    I got sad, moon sq Uranus . Should I.

  15. I wonder how this plays out for a person who, in Placidus has Pluto in Virgo (ruled by Mercury), but in Siderreal, Pluto in Leo? I have this, conjunct moon and IC, and never know which is correct, but seem to constantly attract abuse.

  16. Alternatively, in Synthesis to the prevailing dialectic (and the above exchange), there is a market for Sidereal-Tropical Zero Point astrology, with its genesis at astrologyking artwork – Ram Mandir,

    Three cheers and a learning triangle for Artificial Intelligence and the Gummy award.

  17. Mercury conjunct Pluto,

    The synthesis of Mercury at Pluto, Sun, Saturn. Where Pluto by transit, Sun by Ram Mandir (22 Jan), and Saturn by personal natal. No labels, but if you are inclined, call it trickster, or joker trike ultralight; there are several learning triangles to consider.

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