Mercury Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

Mercury Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Mercury conjunct Midheaven maximum orb 7°00′.

Mercury conjunct Midheaven natal gives a piercing intellect and communication skills well above average. You see everything and see it very clearly. You are generally unbiased and like sharing your perception of the world. Making sense of complex ideas and communicating them in an educational or entertaining style is a significant part of your role in life. You should also like socializing; the more interaction you have with others, the better.

You can become restless or anxious with nothing to do, so you always seek mental stimulation and exciting experiences. A tendency to become easily distracted could mean difficulty focusing on one subject at a time. However, the Internet suits your style of learning and research, and you can quickly find the information you need. Perhaps you should bookmark pages where you start so you can remember and come back to your original line of questioning.

When communicating with others, using your heart and your head is essential. You have the potential to become overly intellectual and less intimate unless you have a well-placed Moon or Venus.

Your superior communication skills and quick wit will help you advance your career. You would excel in the media and entertainment industries as anything from a newsreader to a journalist or comedian. Other roles specific to Mercury include business, commerce, economics, primary and secondary education, transport, administration, secretary or clerical work, analytics, cashier, taxation, negotiator, promotions, telephone sales, and sales work in general.

Mercury Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Mercury conjunct Midheaven transit focuses your attention on your career, social life, and public profile. You may receive important news about these areas of your life or have something important to announce or discuss. Group discussions or public comments may affect your reputation. Your name could appear in the media, including print, TV, radio, or social media on the Internet.

Expect to be kept busy with extra correspondence, meetings, and short trips around town. You can count on good communication skills and quick reflexes to keep you from becoming overwhelmed or stressed by all the mental activity. You should have acute perception and clear thinking, which is ideal for processing large amounts of information and making sense of everything. So this should be an excellent time to think about your future, make plans, discuss, adjust, and share them.

Mercury culminating is favorable for starting negotiations, giving presentations at work or in public, announcing your intentions to many people or a superior or parent, writing, emailing, calling, advertising, applying for jobs, and seeking promotion.

Mercury Conjunct Midheaven Celebrities

Robin William 0°08′, Nathalie Van Parys 0°24′, David Duke 0°30′, Edmond Haley 0°31′, Garry Shandling 0°33′, Christian Doppler 0°46′, Meg Ryan 0°47′, Henry Winkler 0°47′, Melissa Auf der Maur 0°49′, Harold Wilson 0°51′, Yannick Noah 0°59′, Nick Lachey 1°01′, Agnetha Fältskog 1°10′, Xiao Qian (1910) 1°16′, Courtney Love 1°24′, Miranda Kerr 1°27′, MacGregor Mathers 1°41′, Nancy Reagan 1°43′, Franz Schubert 1°51′.

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  1. Jamie…please. When I receive your newsletters with links to these transits, I never know what dates they are happening. May be obvious for you but not for us. Can you please add dates to your email and/or titles up here? Would be much appreciated!! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  2. I have this aspect in my chart at 2 degrees. My job is to bring together disparate pieces of information (about the economy, different industries, legislation etc) to forecast risks and trends, and write about these complex concepts in layman’s terms for the board and various committees of a large bank. That entire first paragraph in your description feels like it could have been written just for me. Spooky!

  3. What does it me for us when we have these transits in our chart, and the transit actually occurs? Thank you so much!

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