Mars Conjunct Jupiter August 14, 2024

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Mars conjunct Jupiter maximum orb 6°30′.

Mars conjunct Jupiter natal makes you strong, confident and sexy. This is one of the most favorable aspects, especially for taking action and physical activities. This aspect has always been known for successful efforts and success in war. The only potential problems you may experience are going over the top regarding risk-taking or overindulging in dangerous desires such as gambling or drinking.

Even with risk-taking, you should be generally lucky because Jupiter does bring good fortune. Your confidence and initiative make you a desirable asset in your career, where you have the potential to take on a leadership role. People, in general, will be drawn to you as you are so optimistic and fun to be around and attractive.

Any relationship problems would be due to other aspects in your chart. You will need a certain amount of freedom as you enjoy various activities and love to socialize. You prefer to be around other positive people and should find a partner with a high sex drive.

You can be assertive and direct about achieving your goals and desires. Others will admire you for this upfront and honest approach. You have a fighting spirit and will generally succeed in any advances you make. You can also quickly enlist the support of others. Your specialty is physical or courage, so you should do well in sports, the military, or other competitive careers such as business or the law. Your creative talents would help you in more artistic fields.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Mars conjunct Jupiter transit is ideal for starting anything that requires energy, initiative, and courage. Physical strength is heightened, as is your instinct for how and when to create something. You have the self-confidence to achieve significant success at this time. It can be in any area of life, from career to relationships, but especially anything of a physical nature.

Like the natal aspect, the only catch is knowing when you have gone too far. Overconfidence or over-exuberance has the potential to get you in trouble with gambling or partying. The good fortune of this transit will only go so far, and you must know when to pull out.

New relationships are possible now because of your extra charisma and supercharged sexual attractiveness. Your passionate desires will not get much more potent than this, and you must do something physical. Your directness and courage will win you favors in your love life or at work. You can impress the boss by showing initiative and getting challenging tasks completed. All sporting and adventure-type activities are favored. If you must act aggressively, this is a good time for fighting. You can beat the competition in business, win a legal case or go on a physical attack with complete confidence.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Celebrities

Dean Martin 0°00′, Percy Bysshe Shelley 0°01′, Stuart Wilde 0°05′, Amelia Earhart 0°07′, Ronald Lee Warmouth 0°09′, Chelsea Clinton 0°14′, Adelle Davis 0°14′, Michael Owen 0°17′, Kitty Kelley 0°32′, Tracey Ullman 0°37′, Maurice Chevalier 0°43′, Parker Posey 0°45′, Elpidio Quirino 0°49′, Georges Clemenceau 0°53′, Lady Rose Gilman 0°52′, Willem Dafoe 0°55′, Lloyd Bridges 0°58′, Renée of France 0°59′, Algernon Swinburne 1°09′, Andrea Dworkin 1°10′, Joan Rivers 1°18′, Jackie Stallone 1°24′, Colby O’Donis 1°27′, Kian Egan 1°27′, Elizabeth II 1°38′, William Cowper 1°38′, Richard Nixon 1°55′.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Dates

August 14, 2024
November 16, 2026
July 19, 2029
September 28, 2031
December 1, 2033
February 17, 2036
May 22, 2038

35 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Jupiter August 14, 2024

  1. I’m curious to understand more about how transiting aspects affect those with the natal conjunction. Does it have extra booster power … or does the aspect between the transit and the natal position have an impact as well … or not at all????? Would appreciate your thoughts? MTIA

    • Hi Colibrie, Mars and Jupiter are next to each other in the solar system so they move relatively closely together. It should be felt for 5 days before the conjunction and about 4 days afterwards. But stronger leading up to (applying) rather than separating.

  2. Would the following aspects make a person optimistic and are they strong?

    Venus Sextile Jupiter (Orb 3°39′)
    Venus Sextile Mars (Orb 0°09′)
    Mars Conjunct Jupiter (Orb 3°48′)
    Mars Conjunction AS (Orb 10°29)

      • I have all of the mentioned aspects above except the last one; Mars is exactly conjunct with Jupiter in 8th house Libra and Venus in 7th looking at them. So my question is; because these aspects lies in 8th house, would this make them into unfavorable aspects? I mean, many astro-pages suggests that Mars in 8th indicate great losses and a lot of pain and even early/painful death – and then Jupiter on top of it?? Does it expand all of these negative things then or how would you approach this? I should also add that from my experiences, I can totally agree with the pain and losses.

        Thank you for a great blog,

        • I guarantee you there will be another reason in your chart for any pain and loss. Houses means nothing and are one of the biggest obstacles to understanding astrology. I totally ignore them. I do use the cardinal points like AC and MC though.

          • Hi Jamie can you please explain why you don’t consider houses when so many astrologers do? Do you think they have no influence on the chart at all and if not why are they used by others. I’ve learnt a lot from reading your posts and am very interested to know your answer thanks

            • Good question Jade. No astrologer ever used Signs or Houses before Hellenistic astrology was invented just over 2000 years ago. No indigenous sky-lore uses Signs or Houses. It was always the position of the planets in relation to the backdrop of the stars. Signs and Houses are purely symbolic and all good astrologers will admit to that. I have a background in science but also am a spiritual person. See Precession Astrology for more information.

          • Hi Jamie, I’m currently fascinated with Horary. It seems very precise though, and applying houses and signs give a person an idea about a specific aspect of their lives. Since you don’t use these ‘aids’, does it mean your predictions will be more generalized?

            Thanks a lot

          • When a person really delves into Synastry, then it becomes very apparent that Houses have some meaning.

            I actually place much less emphasis on Signs and Houses than on Planetary strengths and aspects in a natal chart, but to totally discount the former doesn’t make any sense to me either. Planets are definitely stronger and more concentrated energies. I liken it to the difference between Signs and Planets like the following: Signs are like weak light bulbs that give off a soft, diffuse glow of a certain color.

            Planets on the other hand, are like a spotlight of a certain color, the light is much more intense, concentrated, deep. Very strong Planetary energy can overwhelm, over shadow Sign energy. A good example is my spouse, who has a very powerful Aquarius pattern in her chart, but she also has Venus conjunct her Ascendant. While she does have definite Aquarius tendencies, by far she is best and most consistently described by Venus. She is quintessentially a “Venusian” at her core.

            Anyways, one of the interesting Synastric patterns that I have noted time and time again is one person’s personal or particularly sensitive points falls within another person’s 8th House. Especially when there are mutual 8th House placements or the ruler of same becomes very highlighted in the other person’s chart, there is often a deeply intense, magnetic attraction, often with sexual undertones, and connection from one person to the other or mutually depending. Very deep and/or dark issues tend to come up with them, and often the thrust of the relationship is towards the trans formative, especially in relation to their unconscious shadow aspects (which get powerfully triggered by strong 8th House placements).

            The 8th House naturally corresponds with the order of Scorpio, the 8th Sign. If you know anything about the Sign, then these patterns arising are not surprising, as they are very Scorpionic in theme. Scorpio is the Sign that can want to merge with a close, loved one, especially in a sexual and emotional way. Sometimes too much to the point of wanting to absorb them.

            • Very helpful. Synastry 8th house, for instance. I see it between my Shadow and I.

              Shadow: Scorpio Rising, Jan 12, 1948
              Me: Leo Rising, Jan 11, 1962

  3. Can you please do Pluto square Ascendant, I am not able to find too much on information on it so far. And also how would mars in sagittarius conjunct Jupiter sagittarius be affected by mars square Saturn. I have both Jupiter and Saturn aspecting Mars very closing. Thank you.

    • I will eventually write about all aspects and transits including AC and MC. Planning to give myself two years to finish them. Saturn would moderate the exuberance of the Mars Jupiter conjunction at best, but at worst inhibit enthusiasm.

  4. It is funny and somehow sad: I have got Mars conjuncts Jupiter in cancer, 7th house and I’m anything but sexy, (at least only once had a lady who find me sexy – a scorpio venus, which had a trine with my cancer mars-jupiter). I was always very bad in sports, or medium if i put lot of efforts in. I’m tall and very skinny, tried to build up nice muscles, but always failed in different ways. I avoided military service, although it was mandatory in my country. I was bullied few times, and I was always defensive, and failed. Or I didn’t want to fight back, because I felt I could kill those people on the spot, so I left myself bullied. My life have been always hard, I was bullied hard my father, my mother didn’t protect me, my wife cheated on me, and left me after 13 years, although I supposed to be successful in 7th house. Ohh, I forgot, I was a member of a christian cult for 20 years, and finally I realised I had been bullied there as well mentally, that’s why I left. All I can say is, the best I achieved, I survived and still I’m living on this f…ing Earth. 😀
    So where is my success in the 7th house? Where is my physical activity success? Where is my success at all?

  5. I suspect this Mars-Jupiter conjunction portentous because of Mars’s close pass, 0.25 degree of arc, to the south of Jupiter and the conjunction’s occurring near the star Zubenelgenubi in the constellation Libra. (Constellations are offset roughly 30 degrees from sun signs due to precession of Earth’s equinoxes.) It’s as if things are hanging in the balance right now. Then the Mars-solar opposition late this July will by the closest since 2003, with our globe just 35.8 million miles from the red planet. Given the world’s ongoing wars, especially in Syria but also in Burundi and other theaters, I see little good, astrologically, in next week’s dance of Mars and Jupiter.

  6. Hi Jamie, Iv e beenreading and folooiwng you and Marinas progress for many years now but thought this was an occasion I could ask a question about this transit which is inmy 8th house and trines my 12th pisces sun and mars saturn cancer 4th house .After many years of blancinghouse repairsandattemptung to teach fromhomeImjust wondering if it will allcome together this year ? imnot sure how muchlongerI have so every day is precious being born in 1946 andnot wanting to give up just yet without a fight which seems to have been goin on for so long 🙂

  7. I have Mars Conjunct Jupiter +10°27 – does this not count because the orb (whatever that means) is to far out?

    • Yeah Bob the orb of aspect is how far from exact the aspect is in degrees. Most astrologers will go to 8° for a conjunction or 10° if it involves the Sun or Moon.

  8. If you’re interested in adding more celebrities, Jahseh Onfroy AKA XXXTENTACION, has this conjunction. As for the interpretation, I find it really accurate. Taking action and having luck and confidence in that rings true.

  9. I have this aspect, Mars in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 3° orb. I have traveled quite extensively given my age and tend to attract other well traveled people. I think the explorer/traveler archetype fits this aspect for me, more than the gambler/risk taker. The high sex drive and ease of ambition have definitely made me more confident and enterprising than I would be without it, especially given the roles women are typically expected to stay in. This is a great aspect to have as an entrepreneur, very grateful for it.

  10. What’s different about Mars is that it’s under a Mercury calibration, similar to the Venus calibration in 2016.

    Venus got punked on Mothers Day, that year. Mars turn was Remembrance day 2019.

    Both are derivative, that is to say the Mercury occultation during the transits in Taurus and Scorpio respectively, acts like a calibrator on the sex planets dignified in these signs.

    So with Venus disturbing our passions, and Mars disturbing our drive, factor 5 months after these Carlton Card dates to see where the derangement occurs. In Libra(2016), and in Aries(2020)

    In other words covid phuchery is about to go into a new dimension soon, less than 24 hours, the Spring Ingress.

    Will it be: The Isolation-Hoarding Olympics? How shall it be? To be or Not to be?…At least we knew the culmination Venus release being the 2016 Election. It stands to reason, around the 2nd week in May, we’ll get our Mars sorrow.

    3:05am PST
    March 19

    • Sleeping on this a few hours, focusing on the Libra(2016)-Aries(2020) axis, how the election stuck the debilitated (Scorpio election) passionate with a partner they didn’t want, it stands to reason, using an elegant symmetry, that the debilitated (Taurus values)) drive will stick you with a Self you don’t want. The meme: To be or Not to be.

      Can one embrace, thrive, in a world where values have been turned upside down?

      In its essential element Mars is Energy. Here, under calibration, it affects responsibility.

  11. Mars transit natal Jupiter 12Aqr57 this week.

    what song is this aspect?

    “Like with the natal aspect, the only catch is to know when you have gone too far. Overconfidence or over-exuberance has the potential to get you in trouble with gambling or partying. The good fortune of this transit will only go so far, and you must know when to pull out.”

  12. Hi I have a jupiter and mars in my 9th house. Mars is in the 9th house natal and transiting and jupiter is in my 3rd house natal chart. I am leo ascendant with sun aries. There is a lot going on at work I feel I have been back stabbed by a collegue who try to be my best friend. She grabbed the promotion and I felt like even though I had the more experience and knowledge I have been not given the chance to be in a higher positions. I have not been to go back home for 4yrs now and experiencing money issues . Will this jupiter and mars in 9th house help in any way with the situation? thanks Jammie I have been one ur readers for years now hope you are keepijg well.many thanks

    • Progressed natal with 3 Juno, 30 Urania, 300 Geraldina, 3000 Leonardo.

      as in the mundane Leonardo is sextile Venus

      Jupiter/Mars conjunct and transit progressed Venus: The hidden performers Juno and Urania, with Geraldina wearing his wig, smears (Mars) the stars (Jupiter) over the art (Venus).

  13. Portrait Smear, May 29, 2022

    Activate Asteroid 30000 Camenzind, with June 4 transits

    By now maybe a couple million may very well believe Celebrity smear and Portrait smear are connected, like two sides of the same coin? Or like comedy and tragedy, Jekyll and Hyde, etc.. The Power of 3 exponent, the fly in the ointment, which fetters out the possible arrangement of symbolic characters behind the scene. Note Camenzind at Portrait smear, and transit June 4. That works very well with Venus occult Moon, May 27, and previously celebrated Moon-Venus 0 Taurus point. Also note Moon transit Part of Fortune, if there was any hesitancy in posting this idea.

  14. “Think of the Earth, people are destroying the Earth,” as he was led away from the Paris gallery by security. “Think about it. Artists tell you: think of the Earth. That’s why I did this.”

    ‘Think’, Sun in Gemini, and the Moon transit Virgo ‘Analyse ‘


    The Mona Lisa smearer is trying to tell us the Planet (our valuable planet, but some wonder why), is going to get creamed. Which if you are generally abreast of space rocks, youngsters, they could surprise us. And we have a few records going back eons that the Taurids, ie. comet Encke debris, could be the culprit. Beta Daytime Taurid Tunguska, the most notorious.

  15. “Fibonacci numbers appear unexpectedly often in mathematics, so much so that there is an entire journal dedicated to their study, the Fibonacci Quarterly” wiki

    Activate asteroids, Ceres,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34

    recall ‘Wigman’ also threw a flower (Flora 8) at the Portrait, in Louvre Paris (Lutetia 21), and that pilgrimages are made to the Holy Art (Egeria 13), with snapshots sent back home to a circle ( Circe 34) of friends, or maybe you were lucky to see the Cirque du Soleil scamper up the Eiffel tower? Perhaps you are in a time machine and the Da Vinci Code is really the astrologyking artwork..

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