Moon Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Moon Opposite Ascendant Transit

Moon opposite Ascendant maximum orb 9°00′.

Moon opposite Ascendant natal is also called Moon conjunct Descendant and Moon Setting. This aspect makes you a sensitive and caring person. You are open about sharing your feelings, especially with your close friends and partners.

However, you may become overly dependent on others for emotional support. This depends on your early relationship with your mother or the person who most cared for you when you were young. This maternal relationship greatly influences the kinds of people you form intimate relationships with, like your spouse.

If your mother made you feel safe, secure and loved, you will probably be caring and supportive of your partner, like mothering them. You may seek a younger or submissive partner if this is the case. If your mother was distant or unsupportive, you might seek an older partner to mother you.

Problems with this emotional interdependence in close relationships emerge in both cases. Even friends may find you too emotionally demanding or interfering in their private affairs. A lack of boundary setting can also make you feel overwhelmed by others. You could also attract moody and overly emotional close friends and partners.

Moon Opposite Ascendant Transit

Moon Opposite Ascendant transit makes you more sensitive and emotional than usual. Sharing your feelings with others will be more accessible, and you can connect more deeply emotionally. This is an excellent time to show your caring and nurturing side. People may come to you for a shoulder to cry on. Perhaps you will babysit or care for sick or injured animals.

You may have more contact with your mother, other family members, and women. A new woman could enter your life, or a significant new intimate relationship may begin. An eclipse on your Descendant can signify marriage, and partners will generally be more influential and essential in your life.

However, your partner, close friends, or mother may become moody or emotionally demanding. Also, this is not a good time for objective thinking. How you feel about a person or decision will strongly influence your thinking. You will be more interested in how something affects you, making it more difficult to make rational decisions.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Ascendant transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full Moon opposite Ascendant.

Moon Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

William Henry Drummond 0°21′, Jeffrey Dahmer 0°28′, David Bowie 0°32′, Bill Medley 0°39′, Lady Bird Johnson 0°39′, Gwen Stefani 0°50′, Rudolf Hess 0°57′, King George V of the UK 0°59′, Kathy Bates 1°06′, Goldie Hawn 1°30′, Jose Maria Carreras 1°36′, Edward Gein 1°57′, Cybill Shepherd 2°40′.

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  1. There seems to be a real consensus about these “sensitive and caring persons” with their natal Moon and Ascendant opposition, but my sister has this aspect in her natal chart, and she has always been a real bully with many people, family included… clearly her Pluto – Uranus conjunction with her Ascendant (opposite Moon) is much more powerful in its negative effects !

  2. You’re telling me I would have been a top if my mother gave a singe fying fuck about what I felt?

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