Mars Square Uranus Natal and Transit

Mars Square Uranus TransitMars square Uranus in the natal chart gives an abundance of creative and inventive energy which can lead to brilliant achievements. However, such dynamic energy can also be dangerous. Some tests and trials may be needed before your raw explosive energy can be safely harnessed.

You are not shy about getting what you want out of life. With little regard for rules or tradition, you can easily come across as a rebel or trouble maker. A strong urge to live out your unique desires can upset your family and friends as well as society in general. Anything from you profession to your sexuality can cause controversy and upset the status quo.

There is an impersonal quality to the way you act and react so quickly, as if without thinking of the human consequences. Rash behavior or acting out of anger does increase the chance of accidents and conflict. You will have to get used to being ostracized and teased but you are tough character. You and can use that impersonal quality to protect your ego and self-confidence. You can also reduce the level of upset and other consequences by learning some moderation.

You cannot, however, constrain your electric energy. The best way to channel it is through creative and inventive work like acting, dance, singing, science and even writing. So long as you can express yourself in a strong and bold manner then you can be happy and useful.

You are entertaining to be around and should enjoy popularity alongside controversy. Your need for change and excitement may lead to more than one marriage or none at all. You are best suited to communities or societies that are open-minded and progressive, where your original style has room to flourish. The more you are forced to conform then the more rebellious and non-productive you become.

Mars Square Uranus Transit

Transiting Mars square Uranus gives a strong urge to break free from restriction and rebel against authority. A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences can lead to great disruption and even violence in your life. Awareness of this dynamic energy can instead lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs and a reinvigorated personal life.

You must find an area of life in which you can tear up the rules and have some fun. You cannot restrain this erratic energy so must express your crazy, creative or inventive side in a safe environment. If you have a structured, hierarchical workplace then you should find a creative outlet socially, sexually or through a hobby.

Your need to be different and make your own mistakes needs to be nurtured now. Better to do this in private with an open-minded partner than in public through a rash action and the resulting ridicule and ostracism.

Your goal is to get your kinky or dangerous desires out of your system in a safe way without upsetting others. An original outlook may lead to works of creative brilliance or scientific breakthroughs but you should avoid impulsive actions and taking dangerous risks. Lack of attention and concentration can lead to accidents, especially as when driving or working with electricity or technology. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Mars Square Uranus Celebrities

Patsy Cline 0°07′, Jack Kerouac 0°18′, Wolfgang Borchert 0°22′, Richard Simmons 0°22′, Robert Hooke 0°23′, Johannes Kepler 0°26′, Eric Burdon 0°36′, Adelle Davis 0°40′, Julie Gayet 0°41′, Colette 0°53′, Saba Douglas-Hamilton 1°06′, Giacomo Puccini 1°12′, Dean Martin 1°34′, Elton John 1°39′, Madonna 1°42′, Alexander Graham Bell 2°18′, Niall Horan 2°29′.

Mars Square Uranus Dates

29 October 2016
17 July 2017
16 May 2018
1 August 2018
18 September 2018
11 July 2019
7 April 2020
3 July 2021
22 March 2022
26 June 2023
9 March 2024
15 June 2025
27 February 2026
4 December 2026
17 February 2027
28 May 2027

14 thoughts on “Mars Square Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. DeaR Jamie Thank you for this great post. My Uranus 3 Scorpio squares Mars and DSC 5 Leo and this is the hottest, most turbulent part of my chart.😀

      • 😀 I have already survived and become successful after Uranus and Neptune crossed my ascendant at 5 Aquarius creating painful T – square with Uranus/Mars+Saturn+DC.
        I am not sure how I am going to survive when Pluto wil reach 5 Aquarius and later when pluto in Aqua will square my Taurus moon, SN, Jupiter, Pallas Mercury,Venus,Vesta and IC and Sun in the end.
        Maybe you could write an article “how to stay alive when Pluto squares your everything” Hahaha.

        • Oh, I ask me the same. I don’t have Mars/Pluto. But I have the AC/DC axis to yours opposite, very active, too, with Mars and AC in the very first degrees of Leo opposite Sun/Venus last degree of Cap on the Aquarius DC. They are part of a Yod and square Chiron on 1°Taurus. Pluto will activate this….

          • DeaR ADriana,
            Let s prepare for the rough ride. I have a difficult yod too. Jupiter, SN and the moon are the apex of Yod made of Pluto in Libra and Neptune + MC in Saggiatrius. North Node is the boomerang” point.
            Pluto will first hit my Chiron 29 Aries ( omg) and Saturn 29 Cancer.

  2. hi sir recently you told me i have uranus square sun and neptune square sun in my chart juz wanna ask u will i get true love after this transist actually in march he broke up with me n got new girl but sill i love him n m wishing he would come back will he come back ? n will he commit me ? dob mine 13.07..1994 and his 11.10.1994
    Waiting for reply
    thanks for advice Ur predictions are accurate.. Hats off…Sir..

  3. Hi Jamie ,
    Been so tough the past few weeks until now, wondering untill when this difficult time like no brighter future ahead feeling like giving up now, can you tell me please thanks.Gid bless you always.(dob 8,15,85)

  4. Hi Jamie

    I am feeling huge rage and feelings of being eternally trapped and powerless flare up again since yesterday. Also panic and fear. Is this transit hitting my natal Sun square Uranus and natal Mars Pluto Saturn conjunction? What can I do to survive this? Feeling so defeated as I have put in immense hard work this year to evolve spiritually but now I feel I will never be free of my problems, so each time something comes up now I really want to exit this life. I don’t want to give up but it feels hopeless, I thought oct 30 would be good for me but it looks so bad now 🙁 living with my family is becoming unbearable and I’m so tired. With my health I have no hppe of being independant or happy again. Please help Jamie. Thanks

    DOB : New Delhi 8:40 am 23 feb 1982.

    • Hi Jamie

      I am finally coming out of the breakdown. I am still confused as to which transit affected me so strongly before and around the Oct 30 new moon, I’d really like to know so that I can be better prepared for it next time around. Would appreciate your help on this, I can just about read my chart now but am confused trying to figure out which transits affects me and which don’t (besides the obvious natal ones).
      Thanks for your help.

  5. I’m currently undergoing my Uranus half-return, and the Mars transit squares it. A lot of things are starting to blow at work. I’ve tried to get these issues addressed in the past, but they finally blew up and have left me extremely anxious. I also tried alternatives which also did not work at all. However, I was presented with a very unusual opportunity and I don’t know what to make if it (I was completely surprised and don’t know what to make of it, since the person who presented it is very Uranian). I guess the name of this game is to let go and let the universe!!

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