Mars Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

Mars Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Mars conjunct Midheaven maximum orb 6°30′.

Mars conjunct Midheaven natal makes you determined to do everything your way. You are very ambitious, competitive, and excellent at taking the initiative. Also called Mars culminating, this aspect means you make split-minute decisions and take action very quickly, knowing just what to do. You would get angry if someone tried to stop you, outraged sometimes. You may find it a challenge, but listening to the ideas of others will help avoid arguments, even if you only pretend you are interested.

You identify with your goals, career, calling, or whatever you intend to do. If anyone questions your intentions, you feel like they are personally attacking you. Awareness of this tendency will help you separate yourself from your actions.

Your career should allow for independence and let you burn off a lot of physical energy. However, this does not mean you must be a soldier, steelworker, or professional athlete. Your brain burns a lot of energy during challenging mental work, and anything competitive such as sales and business, would suit Mars conjunct Midheaven. Working with fewer and not many people would probably serve you better. You bring your competitive side to work, physical attractiveness and strong sex appeal.

Mars Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Mars conjunct Midheaven transit gives strength, energy, ambition, initiative, and aggression. This is an excellent time to compete to win in physical activities but also anything competitive. You will also work hard on anything you are passionate about because you will view your achievements as a manifestation of you and your goals.

This is not a good time for teamwork and sharing unless you are in charge. Arguments and conflict are likely if you have to take orders or share the spoils of victory. You would feel threatened by strong people, and they would think you are being selfish or bossy.

While your positive energy and enthusiasm make this a good time for starting projects and taking the lead, you do need to take some precautions. A tendency to act impulsively increases the danger when taking risks. This especially applies to work with machinery, cutting instruments or weapons. Try not to let your ego rule your actions.

The use of strategy and forethought will significantly increase your chance of success. This means you can take the offensive and attack if needed. This transit is good for sportspeople, leaders, soldiers, and police. Your sexual and creative urges will be strong, so making babies and sculpting nudes in metal would be very satisfying.

Mars Conjunct Midheaven Celebrities

Morris Lurie 0°08′, Gamal Abdel Nasser 0°09′, Jessica Savitch 0°14′, Anthony Lawrence 0°18′, Mia Farrow 0°27′, Erik Satie 0°30′, Coretta Scott King 0°36′, Claudia Schiffer 0°40′, Tim Robbins 0°40′, Kristen Stewart 0°′42, Kitty Kelley 0°42′, Proclus 1º17′, Gloria Estefan 1°39′, Marc Robertson 1°42′, George III of the UK 1°46′, Elena Ford 1°49′, LeBron James 2°18′.

4 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Hi…this is interesting and thank you, however it would probably help us if you wrote the dates of these transits in the title.

    • Hello. The dates vary by person, since each of us have midheaven in a different place.

      So you notice the sign and degree where your MC is placed, and then do an ephemerides to find out when mars will transit that same sign and degree.

  2. Hi Jamie, transiting Mars is just one degree from Midheaven (22.12 Aries) but it also makes an opposition with natal Pluto at 19.56 Libra and squares natal Venus at 19.12 Cancer which is receiving an opposition from transiting Jupiter, and transiting Pluto is squaring trasiting Mars so my chart looks awful (Trasiting Mars is also making a trine with North Node in Leo (20 degrees) and Neptune in Sagittarius (19.54). So my big concern is that natal Mars sits within 7 degrees from IC. Would Pluto opposition transiting Mars create trouble? For how long I can feel this? Or could it be that I will take action against Pluto (a bully)
    Would love to hear your thoughts. I have gone through a very thought time lately.

  3. “Your sexual and creative urges will be strong, so making babies and sculpting nudes in metal would be very satisfying. ”

    The Mars transit over and retrograde the MC has never happened to me before: 1988 was close but no cigar.

    Here’s the chart for 3 October 2020 I call : Geraldina, Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    MC placed in meridian view
    Eris,Mars,Moon transits MC, like 1,2,3
    Venus transits Uranus

    Activate Asteroid 300 Geraldina
    Note the natal 9Vir44, and transit 3Sco00

    This is my Alternative Girlfriend proof of the trinity.

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