Mercury Sextile Midheaven Natal and Transit

Mercury Sextile Midheaven Transit

Mercury sextile Midheaven natal generally gives a happy and harmonious early home life. Your parents would have been supportive, especially of your education, but you may have moved around because of their careers. You may end up traveling for your career, living in many places or changing jobs often before you settle on a career.

As a child, you were probably intelligent, curious and articulate but also shy, timid, naïve, and nervous. Your willing nature, adaptability and desire for perfection made you a confident and skilled communicator. With good concentration and attention to detail, you eagerly learn through watching, listening and reading but mostly through interacting with others.

Through the positive influence of your male relatives, you developed a solid rational understanding of reality and history, while your female relatives instilled an intuitive and magical understanding of reality. This allows you to visualize things as a whole and find synthesis in all things. However, this can cause contractions and controversy.

Mercury sextile Midheaven often gives strong opinions, an eagerness to get involved in social or political issues, and a little inhibition in criticizing what you believe to be unjust or unfair. Skilled at getting your message across, you can disseminate your views to ordinary people in an accessible manner. You would make an excellent propagandist. No matter how fantastic or improbable, you deliver your messages as if they were the irrefutable truth.

You can develop the ability to bring people together and organize groups. Your desire for harmony and ability to compromise make you a skilled negotiator and facilitator. You should have many friendships and mutually beneficial professional relationships.

This aspect is positive but can cause an exaggerated need for harmony. You may become overly critical or sensitive to criticism and have trouble coping with stress and conflict, especially at work. Others may find you eccentric, flirty, self-serving or duplicitous. You may get bored easily and have to deal with interfering parents and superiors or legal issues.

With your motivation, business sense and tolerance for solitude, you can work independently. However, you also have the people skills to work in a larger organization. Communication is your strength, and it can be applied in speaking, writing, editing, poetry, publishing, journalism, sales, marketing, advertising, law, teaching, child care and diplomacy. You could also excel as a musician, comic, visual artist, dancer, receptionist, secretary, personal assistant, courier, actor, cultural influencer or internet celebrity.

Mercury Sextile Midheaven Transit

Mercury sextile Midheaven transit brings more interactions at work and home. Enhanced communication skills, a desire for harmony and the ability to compromise make these interactions friendly and productive. You can form friendships and mutually beneficial professional relationships more easily, unite people, organize groups and create networks.

You can effectively share messages and ideas, negotiate, speak in public, chair meetings, convince others, sell products, ask for favors and seek advice. Good concentration and an eye for detail help you organize your paperwork, budget, taxes, and business or financial plans.

You will be more curious, adaptable, eager to improve your prospects and realistic yet intuitive about your goals. So, this is the perfect time to make plans, write a resume, apply for work, ask for a promotion or pay raise, or start an education or training course.

This transit is favorable for enhancing your public image or social media profile. It can also give strong opinions, an eagerness to get involved in social or political issues, and less inhibition in criticizing what you believe to be unjust or unfair.

Mercury Sextile Midheaven Celebrities

Richard B. Spencer 0°00′, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester 0°01′, Gabriel García Márquez 0°03′, Sunjo of Joseon 0°03′, George Blake 0°03′, Piero Di Cosimo 0°04′, Charlene Gallego 0°05′, Kriyananda 0°13′, May Pang 0°15′, Gertrude Stein 0°16′, Lisa Andersen 0°18′, Alicia Silverstone 0°19′, Erica Dahm 0°22′, Anita Bryant 0°22′, Gene Simmons 0°25′, Joan Jett 0°26′, George Metzger 0°26′, Jeffree Star 0°26′, Hans Conried 0°27′, Ken Myer 0°30′, Samuel Johnson 0°31′, Scott Capurro 0°41′, Spiro Agnew 0°41′, Pier Paolo Pasolini 0°43′, Hilaire Belloc 0°45′, Fuad II of Egypt 0°45′, Margot Robbie 0°48′, James Goldsmith 0°48′, Jürgen Bartsch 0°55′, Bianca Beauchamp 0°56′, Wernher von Braun 0°57′, Goldie Hawn 1°01′, Linda Tripp 1°02′, Louis XI 1°06′, Timothy McVeigh 1°11′, Natalie Wynn 1°12′, John Lennon 1°25′, Mariah Carey 1°26′.

7 thoughts on “Mercury Sextile Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Samuel Johnson, 27Vir22 sextile Asc 27Sco55. Exalted Mercury. Literary genius.

    Eye-pattern focus Merc conj Sun

    Age of Aquarius has this aspect too, MercuryRx, but 3° orb. If you progress the AofA, Mercury shows direct 24Cap sextile Ascendant 24Pis

    This aspect a little more topical to recent signals, as it features the word ‘wit’. “You are intellectual, creative, and enthusiastic, with acute senses and a sharp wit.”

    • The life of Samuel Johnson, by James Boswell

      15-20 years ago I was reading books like this one. Johnson was a singular force for his time, a one man internet. A few things stand out in my recollections, his horseback jaunt with Boswell to Scotland, and in later life, relying on the patronage of people (fans of his fame) instead of work revenue, which was sparse. But this was life for the elderly.

      Johnson, Mercury sextile mid heaven. Although I’m a Mercury opposite Ascendant natal, and a Mercury sextile Ascendant artwork, for the time remaining it seems, neither a boss nor well; lots of ghosts and surveillance, AI looters… yeah, the gangs all here. Hope you enjoy the Mercury Mid heaven/Ascendant Inversion, I heard the American Supreme court is looking at the 1st Amendment again, because, indeed, our world has a technical issue with the Art. It’s not easy by any measure keeping it stable, but we must.

      • Samuel Johnson chart yod, Mercury sextile mid heaven in clearer definition, Neptune apex, Mars/Jupiter fulcrum.

        A member of the Uranus conj Pluto generation? Johnson has it too. Something to think about if medical arts is an interest.

  2. At the 14 June superior conjunction Mercury/Sun, Mercury 24Gem06 sextile natal midheaven 24Apr13

    Activate asteroid 883 Matterania.
    August Matter was a maker of photographic plates that allowed astrologers to make numerous discoveries.

    Natal eye pattern, Matterania semi sextile focal point Part of Fortune, sextile midheaven.
    Matterania transit 6th house, local time Mercury conj Sun.

    How many threads could this chart appear?
    Eye Pattern
    Mercury conj Sun
    Mercury sextile mid heaven transit

    Astrological Matterania suggests recognition of an invention related to Seeing something better.

    • Kate and William ghosting the Artwork last few days it seems. Virgo Moon strong since the New Year, its reoccuring opposition with Neptune proves a rich fishing ground.

      When astrologers write about 2024: a Moon year by Pi and Moon Virgo year by 2024 ingress; it would be helpful to include a chapter on the illusionary quality, Moon opposite Neptune shadow.

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