Sun Square Moon Natal and Transit

Sun Square Moon TransitSun square Moon in the natal chart is the toughest of the natal Sun Moon aspects. The need to shine as an individual is always in conflict with the need for emotional security.

There are often many dramas in life especially with parents and partners, but the tension does seem to push these people to achieve something important despite the setbacks. The “comeback” kings and queens.

Sun Square Moon Transit

Transiting Sun square Moon adds stress and irritation in Moon related areas like the home, with family and other close relationships especially with women. What you want to do is challenged by emotional pressures, the heart and the head are not working together as well as they usually are.

The Moon is also the subconscious and how we instinctively react, so any negative emotions can rise up, and then get expressed through the ego, and this is the cause of any relationship problems at the moment.

Other people will pick up on the inner tension and vulnerability, and may see some more negative traits and habits than they are used to. The aim here is not to react too emotionally, not to take things too personally under this influence. The Sun is shining a light on negative emotions, habits, and outdated automatic reactions that you are usually not conscious of, and the square aspect gives the push needed to face these problems and deal with them successfully.

This interpretation for Sun square Moon transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Moon.

Sun Square Moon Celebrities

Olivia Newton-John (03′) is still shining after many ups and downs. Early fame film and music and her Koala Blue clothing stores. The business went bankrupt after 3 years. Her first husband built a house next door to get away, and her second husband mysteriously disappeared off a boat.

Jeffrey Archer (1°35′) is still successful in many fields after a long string of high-profile setbacks including sex scandals, business fraud, political resignations and prison. His wife said “Life with Jeffrey is never dull”.

King Edward VI (1°16′) is an example of how Sun square the Moon can represent the father and mother. His mother died from childbirth complications and his father, Henry VIII certainly lived out the conflict with women.

Ariana Grande (1°24′), Warren Buffett 1°26′, River Phoenix, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michael Douglas and Stacy Keach.

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    • I also have Pisces Sun and Sag Moon (im male). In my case, the square seems to be related with a conflict between an orphan father whose (practically lost) family was of Danish/Irish roots (and very much linked to higher-education, which is a Sag moon theme…), and a mother of rather middle-class (Italian) roots (im from a Southamerican country): this split within my (cultural)heritage have all sorts of ramifications; for example, i almost feel like not belonging at all to any sort of social subset, and so on…Im actually being split into a part of myself totally willing to develope my musical talents (say, a subconscious one…related to the moon), on one hand, and my conscious-self telling me to invest as least as i can (just because, seemingly, this way i would fit to my father´s heritage of lack and loss, pending somehow as the orphanage´s projection…)…i would be indeed capable of composing many things (either songs, guitar pieces, and so on…), but for reasons i hardly grasp, im not doing it…

  1. I have 0 degrees Pisces sun in the 11th house, square 29 scorpio moon in the 8th house.
    I want to be involved with new age groups and be all light and moon beams then the scorpio moon square uranus jolts me right out into no man’s land?
    Thankfully the older i get, i recognise the script and the signs and do not act out, have learnt not to jump too quickly into things, i now do alot of gardening and try to incorporate into my life the new age things i need to learn without committing to much, knowing that i might tip the apple cart.

  2. When you have your natal Sun square your natal Moon, it means that your core self is basically at odds with your emotional self. So security, safety and emotion based needs are at odds with your need to express your life force energy.

    • Kendra, I have the same. You likely read the article which gives the description and is later repeated in the comments above.

      I can sympathise with you repeating the question though. If you look online and read people complaining about the transit you might get a sense of being disturbed by it like me.

      I have come to the conclusion that it is unlikely I will ever understand what the description really means in terms of life any other way because it takes an outside perspective to get a real understanding of what an inner reality could actually be like.

      If you were born around 72 you are likely to enjoy the curse/blessing of having your Moon conjunct Pluto in synastry with a great percentage of people you relate with.

      The intensity of that intraspect and the direct experience of, is one reason I have come to really believe in astrology. I always look for that contact first when looking at a synasty with someone.

      You are likely going through Puto conjunct Sun right now and if so, I hope you have fared better than I have. I have truly lost everything. Wife, family, friends, home, job, cars, money and most disturbing of all, my identity.

      Combine that Uranus is conjunct Ceres on my Midhaven and Jupiter on my Nadir, I have no idea who I might be nor where I’ll be a year from now.

      All of these powerful transits have effected me in the most extreme ways and I have worked so hard to maintain even the smallest shred of connections to my former life as I’ve understood it.

      Jamie’s outlook for Capricorn 2nd decan has brought me to tears hoping that better days are ahead. The mention of a greater sense of being connected to community and better relationships with women are most sincerely desireable. Most sincerely.

      Astrology is very real. It seems ths all started really pounding me when my (now ex) wife started having affairs with my closest ‘friends.’

      Unsurprisingly, Jamie posted a possibility for her (dob 12-18-70) to engage in an extramarital affair associated with a fixed star right around the time she claimed it began. Her Pluto sextile Sun also reaped all the usual suspects of ditching one and starting up with a new relationship with an old friend that would be irresistible. Her obsession being a different friend ths time, my best friend of 12 years.

      Their ruthless and even evil actions toward me have help me get in touch with the dark side of my soul that Pluto conjunct Sun can tend to do.
      To say I’ve discovered parts of myself that I was previously unaware of is an understatement.

      I used to think of myself as a good person and I certainly didn’t walk this road because I wanted to. I can only say Ive done the best I can. My resistance was utterly futile. Utterly.

      I can’t say I’ve appreciated how her life has only seemed to get better and better even though she has publicly fallen from grace quite profoundly and the children are truly scarred by all this as well as by some of my behavior I’m shamed to admit.

      Jamie pointed out she was due a wonderful sudden event around December 24th which might be me moving 8 hours away to my brothers home as the last place on earth left to me besides a homeless shelter.

      I only feel a slight tinge of satisfaction that her new man (dob 9-21-67) has na ugly 17′ up and coming. I worry about the possible fallout of their relationship in the future effecting my boys.

      I mention all this because it really happened and the story was told in the stars. Minute details too. It’s so unbelieveably real and now I can’t stop researching this ancient science.

      Also, I know my testimony will be appreciated by serious researchers.

      Mankind and civilization can and should profit from learning about our greater body, our spiritual and physical DNA available for all to see who dare look up and desire to understand our greater connectedness to the whole of creation.

      My dob: 1-7-72 Dallas, TX 6:38pm

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