Mercury Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

Mercury Opposite Midheaven Transit

Mercury opposite Midheaven maximum orb 7°00′.

Mercury opposite Midheaven natal makes you curious, exciting and active. You probably read a lot and asked many questions as a child. One parent, in particular, may have encouraged you to do well at school. They may also have influenced your early opinions, but you learned a lot by watching and listening to other family members.

You probably enjoyed playing practical jokes, mimicking others, drawing, writing, and giving speeches. Importantly, you not only question others but yourself. This helps you develop your intellect past early prejudices or narrow-mindedness. You may tend to overthink things or dwell on the past. Yet you are in touch with your feelings and can put them into words easier than others. People like talking with you because you can help them share their thoughts and feelings.

Your own home is likely an active and exciting place. Your busy mind needs constant stimulation, but fewer intellectual pastimes and hobbies will keep you from becoming anxious or highly strung. You have the focus and skill for detailed and intricate work. But natal Mercury opposite Midheaven also gives the numeric and communication skills to do well in business, politics, teaching writing, journalism, web design or research. Self-employment and working from home may also suit you.

Mercury Opposite Midheaven Transit

Mercury opposite Midheaven transit is good for planning your personal life and thinking about your goals. Not so much your career goals but your desires. The demands of the outer world have kept you so busy that you may have lost track of what you want.

This is an excellent time to organize and clean your home to make it neat and more efficient. Friends or family may visit on short notice, and more interaction with family members could make you feel nostalgic or homesick. Ensure your household matters are up to date, like insurance, mortgages or rent, and utility bills.

Mercury Opposite Midheaven Celebrities

Ian Richardson 0°04′, Richard Carpenter 0°09′, Jerry Springer 0°10′, Liberace 0°11′, William Butler Yeats 0°17′, Joe Rogan 0°18′, Brian Edwards 0°18′, George Bowering 0°19′, Mary Pierce 0°22′, Salman Rushdie 0°55′, Denzel Washington 1°16′, Drake 1°34′, Allison DuBois 1°39′, Patsy Cline 1°45′, Charles Ponzi 1°53′, Geraldo Rivera 1°56′.

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