Mars Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

Mars Conjunct Neptune TransitMars conjunct Neptune natal makes you passionate, romantic and mesmerizing. You have a special kind of aura that can fill a room and attract attention. Your very strong magnetic appeal can draw people in at the physical, sexual and mental levels. Above all though, it is your strong spiritual energy that can either attract or scare other people.

You are driven by a strong faith that gives your life purpose. You can visualize your desires and work hard to make your dreams come true. It is possible you feel like you have a special purpose in life or a spiritual calling. You may have strange experiences in the spirit world and can be a spiritual warrior.

Following your own ideals or morals and chasing your strong desires can get you involved in controversies or scandals. It is so important to keep all your affairs in order and stay within the law to avoid slander or dishonor. You are a visionary and dreamer but must remember to keep yourself grounded in reality now and again. Otherwise, you are subject to dissolution, disappointment or addiction if your perception of people and circumstances remain clouded by illusion.

Planetary conjunctions vary in their influence depending on aspects to other planets or points in your chart as well as fixed star conjunctions. As an example with Mars conjunct Neptune, take Joan Collins and Richard Branson, both with similar orbs at just under two degrees.

Both celebrities show the general glamorous qualities of the conjunction with success in chasing their dreams. Joan is well-known for her many relationship disappointments being married five times. It makes sense then to find out her conjunction makes the testing square aspect to Venus, ruler of her love life. Richard is still powering ahead amassing a global empire and reaching for the very stars themselves. His dreamy conjunction is aided by the energetic sextile aspect to Pluto, ruler of big business and wealth.

Mars Conjunct Neptune Transit

Mars conjunct Neptune transit can make you feel romantic and sensual or paranoid and delusional. How you handle this strange energy depends on how Neptune is aspected in your chart and any fixed star conjunctions. Also, look to other current transit for clues but also consider your own level of spiritual development.

If you are very sensitive and scare easily then you need to take precautions. If you are self-confident or consider yourself self-aware and evolved then you should enjoy this spiritual trip.

Positives to look forward to including more energy and enthusiasm to chase your dreams and spiritual goals. Love relationships will benefit from your magic touch, while dating will benefit from your sexual magnetism and charismatic appeal. You can confidently pour your energy into things you care about like charities or human rights work. You can heal the sick with your positive energy.

Negatives to watch out for include a tendency to over idealize partners and leave yourself open to deception and scandal. Keep yourself grounded in the real world as much as possible. Your desire to help others can easily be taken advantage of. People will see your generosity as a weakness and you may subconsciously attract spiritual vampires.

Being extra sensitive you should avoid negative environments where violence, crime, and drugs are prevalent. Your body is more susceptible to poisons, drugs, alcohol, medication, and infection. Use protection if sexually active.

Mars Conjunct Neptune Celebrities

F. Scott Fitzgerald 0°20′, Adair Lara 0°24′, Bill Clinton 0°29′, Brutus de Villeroi 0°30′, Bill Wyman 0°33′, Charles Manson 0°35′, Carl Sagan 1°02′, Dane Rudhyar 1°05′, Pierre Laval 1°09′, Alan Whicker 1°23′, Fela Kuti 1°40′, Erik Satie 1°42′, Joan Collins 1°55′, Richard Branson 1°57′, Louise of Savoy 2°04′, Michael Caine 2°21′, Percy Bysshe Shelley 2°29′, Quincy Jones 2°34′, Danielle Egnew 2°53′, Rollie Fingers 2°57′, Jacques Chirac 2°58′.

Mars Conjunct Neptune Dates

1 January 2017
7 December 2018
13 June 2020
18 May 2022
29 April 2024
13 April 2026
27 March 2028
12 March 2030
25 February 2032

14 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Somewhere I read the Mars-Neptune sextile is the more powerful combination, not the conjunction. Depending on the rest of the chart, of course. What are your thoughts on that?

  2. How about the the more mundane weather.? This conjunction linked to September eclipse, So, earthquake in the sign of water in its own sign, Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus., this is not a good aspect especially linked to the horrible events of 26th Dec 2004. Any thoughts.???

  3. I am naturally I highly sensitive individual, it doesnt have me scare more easily, it has me aware & prepare more easily, not a weakness, a strength. But then, it is also not my obligation to make sense to others, I can only offer. I find it more strange that those who do not understand this, think their opinions should matter more, especially to me. As I said, strength not weakness, I can only offer.

  4. Pluto transits continue to make their impression. First, Pluto is conjunct natal Sun. Second, Neptune/Mars is in opposition to natal Pluto. Over the last few days I’ve had on two occasions people tell me of the vast quantities of Uranium (Pluto) in the area I live. Thirdly, Progressed Moon is transiting the 8th house. You could say I “enjoy this spiritual trip”, but it is a bit frightful considering the Plutonic themes

  5. Hi Jamie,
    I have Mars/Neptune conjunct in Scorpio (2º43′), and Pluto in Virgo within 4º10′ from my Mars. Would you consider this orb of 4º a sextil between Mars and Pluto? Thank you!

  6. Had an astrocartography relocation reading once. The astrologer suggested I go live on a mars/neptune line!!.. was he mad? !! Suffice to say, I did not.

  7. I found Mars in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune in Scorpio within a few degrees. This character annoys this person who prefers to live in fantasy instead of using Mars to get to work and provide for his family, Neptune interferes with Mars who should be trying to get a job instead of using friends and wife. This person reminds me of a loser who plays and dreams of living in the mountains instead of applying work. Mars conjunct Neptune square Moon and Mercury leaves work begging while this 50 year old grown man prefers to play with toys like his bike. Always be aware of Neptune and Mars who may try to hide true self instead of being honest.

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