Moon Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

Moon Opposite Saturn Transit

Moon opposite Saturn maximum orb 7°30′.

Moon opposite Saturn natal is one of the most challenging aspects because it can make you sad and lonely. Most importantly, you want the emotional nourishment of a supportive, intimate relationship. However, there are many obstacles to experiencing that feeling of being loved and valued.

As with all Moon aspects, your relationship with your mother is critical in determining the success of your adult relationship. She may have been too strict, emotionally cold, suffered an illness or not been there for you. The more emotional support you receive when growing up then, the easier time you will have in forming healthy emotional relationships as an adult.

You likely have difficulty sharing your emotions; others may think you are emotionally distant, dull, or don’t care. Lack of attention and love from others can make you feel isolated and lonely. This can lead to shyness, guilt, difficulty finding, letting go, and having fun. If bad moods turn into depression, then medical help should be sought.

Without other more outgoing or happy influences in your chart, you may have a grave nature and concern yourself only with practical matters. Much hard work is needed to be comfortable showing your emotions; conscious realization and admitting this problem is the first step.

You may need to overcome the fear of getting close to people, and it might be easier to make friends with much older or younger people. You have feelings like everyone else but must overcome barriers and restrictions to expose them. Hard work, practice, and patience will help you loosen up and experience more enduring close relationships as you age.

Moon Opposite Saturn Transit

Moon opposite Saturn transit can make you feel sad, bored or lonely. Difficulty in sharing your emotions can lead to distance in relationships. Conscious awareness of this depressing influence will help you avoid severe, longer-term consequences such as separation simply because of a bad mood.

This is not a good time for socializing as people may find you cold or distant. A morbid outlook on life is possible, and you will likely see the worst in other people and situations. While a Moon transit lasts only a few hours, moon phases pose a more severe problem, and you will need to work hard to avoid your negative feelings manifesting as depression, loss or disappointment.

Relationships, especially with women, are most often affected. You could feel burdened or guilty about responsibilities for someone much older or younger than you, like a child or grandchild, parent or grandparent.

You will probably feel sorry for yourself, but the worst thing to do right now is to bring others down by guilt-tripping or moping around them. You are not that fun to be around, so it may be better to stay in your room and accept that periodic melancholia is a natural part of life.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Saturn transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon opposite Saturn.

Moon Opposite Saturn Celebrities

Victor Bonney 0°04′, Nancy Mitford 0°07′, Willian Hague 0°09′, Gordon Ramsay 0°12′, Buddy Rose 0°15′, Mary Cassatt 0°15′, Derek Jacobi 0°16′, Heinrich Caro 0°22′, Angel Resendiz 0°27′, Bob Woodward 0°28′, Roger Moore 0°36′, Jack Nicholson 0°39′, Stanislas de Guata 0°41′, Philippe Petain 0°46′, Robert Wagner 0°53′, Barbara Walters 0°58′, Barry Manilow 1°13′, Matthew Perry 1°16′, Yehudi Menuhin 1°32′, Robert Redford 1°38′, Lauren Bacall 1°38′, Vespasian 1°41′.

55 thoughts on “Moon Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Great article! Thank you! I totally agree. Finding my voice and speaking to my emotions was challenging until I experienced my first Saturn return and being able to have enduring relationships has been very difficult my whole life.

    • Thanks so m uch for sharing your emotions Nicole. I was almost going to add something about maturing at your Saturn return but was not sure. It is great to get that confirmation.

      • Yes! There’s definitely a benefit/change that comes around with that Saturn return. After the return, I felt much more certain of what was concrete and what was just noise in my life. I’ve also learned how to bring a bit of magic and meditative peace into each day to manage the tension of the T-Square formed by my natal Saturn in the 8th (Virgo) square my natal Neptune (Sag) in the 12th and my natal Moon (Pisces) in the 2nd (see link). I think this helps me balance it all.

  2. Every newsletter that comes in from your site sounds depressing…. I now cringe when I see it but yet ,I still read it…. I guess I’ll just unsubscribe! Tc

  3. Jack Nicholson doesnt seem sad and lonely to me. The examples contradict the article. The article must be inaccurate. No aspect is ever isolated. Opposition = artist-aspect.

      • Referring to the celebrities with the moon opposite saturn… I am a major Cancer and I can sense that about them.
        I love astrology because it helps me to understand myself and others even more. I have even more compassion. I realize the importance of allowing people to be who they are. It even helps me not to take things as personally.

    • I have this aspect and Jamie’s description rings true. It’s an oppressive aspect. If you had it, you’d understand. Outwardly i appear breezy, perhaps my mars in Sag keeps me buoyant?!
      Jamie, keep saying it as it is! Sugar coating’s seldom helpful.

  4. How long does the transit last? Will things go back to normal in the relationships after the transit? Having a tough time with mother and in romantic relationship.

      • Oh great. Thanks. Question though – things were crazy on my romantic relationship front, became alright, and last week, splintered again. Will things be restored? This is a Sagittarius-Pisces combo.

  5. I have this aspect and what you wrote is quite true. I wonder if other hard aspects (conjunction, square) of Saturn to the Moon produce the same effects?

  6. feel lost n lonely atm. just completed masters degree and after more than 50 job apps still unemployed
    no light at the end of the tunnel


    • their own issues, or with moon aspects their own mother or female relative issues. I deal with this with other female relatives myself, where you can compare yourself to the warmth of the Sun but they’re very cold and judgmental towards it. very disheartening. maybe best to distance yourself for a while and disconnect.

    • Depends what decan Virgo you are. Saturn is square Virgo decan 2 and about to square Virgo decan 3. It will be mentioned in your monthly horoscope.

  8. Have been following you for about a year. Like your approach and all you put into it. However—and this has been my problem with astrological readings in the past–when you predicted big challenges, they hit like bombs, earlier in the year. (Car accident, death of friends, medical bills, expensive bank conflict, on and on). The 2nd half of the year looked VERY rosy. I have trained for a new career, which is just going nowhere fast, and the wildcat expenses keep on piling up. Cannot see the light of day. Somehow, the crisis and challenge predictions come true exactly, even down to the day, but the great ones just seem to melt away. Your suggestion of being patient is very good however…but do you have an explanation?

    • Doom is easier predict and understand and create than prosperity. Astrology is sacred. I.e. likely to be more damaging than bemeficial if used by anyone but a deeply noble qnd experienced soul basically. But who cares right, its free and makes a lot of $$$ and people think its spiritial to just read some aspects. Hardly anyone knows how to chart a soul but transit points will become what is easiest for them to become once theyv been identified.

      Far better to know nothing in advance than to be lured into doom by inadequate valuing of the art.

      Basically, never predict doom. It will always exacerbate whatever is coming.

    • I feel this is a bit unfair to Jamie. Astrology can only map the energies and influences at play and astrologers interpret the dynamics of it all. Astrology has no control over our free will nor does it determine when and how mankind defaults, thus makes decisions based upon, the vibration of fear, victimization and anger; the shadow that is in every planet, house, and aspect.

  9. Astrology is partaking in creation. You need to be generous and a creative genius, and a great psychologist to improve peoples lives with it. The astrologer co-creates the path, as he is not god and can not see beyond his own limits. He too is bound to his chart. Astrologers either pour all their heart in a chart or end up stealimg away pieces of life. Its unfortunate, there is no warning. I found out the hard way over 20 years.

    • Seriously, this is a post about one of the most challenging aspects in astrology. Read what the people who actually have this aspect have said. I would love to see a happy generous interpretation of Moon opposite Saturn.

  10. Jamie, because a moon represents a woman in a man’a chart, have you ever ever seen a man get into a relationship that is stable with a woman with Saturn transit opposing natal moon? I imagine that comes with increased responsibility ..

    • Not from Memory but of course it is possible. Yes, responsibility but also perhaps a marked age difference of daddy issues. You could act like a father figure or teacher. But there may also be some seriousness or heavy issues involved, or emotional sadness.

      • What is the IC (tr. Saturn) opposing natal moon on MC mean? It’s happening for 3rd Decan geminis this year (mine is the moon) but what is neat is that Uranus and Jupiter are making good aspects to my moon as well

  11. Exactly the same question! I have Moon 28 degrees Gemini. Who is the winner of this transit battle? Because Uranus and Jupiter will sextile/trine Gemini moons but Saturn is hammering us until the Christmas time in 2017.

    • I’ve been feeling it as two steps forward, one step back kind of experience. With everything being just “okay”. So when I get/feel something really great – I get something really bad that happens so I’m sitting at even. I think it’s a tie. Nobody is winning in this battle.

  12. I have a big problem with this interpretation of a mother being cold, restrictive or emotionally unavailable.
    One of my daughters has this aspect. I have found that she is the distant one as she matured. She has 3 slow moving retrogrades Neptune Uranus and Pluto born May 1973 that may be playing a role here.

    As a stay at home mother and an artist I was a devoted loving mother to 2 daughters who gave them loads of room for imagination through play, theatre, dress up and exposure to other cultures in our city. But I noticed she appeared introverted occasionally and didn’t enjoy my touch. Her school pictures were very telling. She appeared very unhappy in some. Although she was a gifted child and was always placed in an enrichment program.
    Her father was a workaholic architect and we were often left alone in our threesome. That may have been more of an influence. Growing up she never had strong female friendships, only a strong bond with a male friend.

      • That’s great Jamie…to hear from you. To further illustrate my feelings on the subject…I would like to add that I have moon in Sagittarius as does my daughter in question. And we both have moon conjunct the ascendant in Sagittarius.

        She is Sun Mercury conjunct Alcyone I discovered and after an art career like myself turned to gestalt therapy and is now an excellent Gestalt Therapist in Minfulness and a Buddhist. Never married and child free, but wished now, she had a child. I think she qualifies for a ‘late bloomer’ in many ways. I also think she may feel pain from a former life, although I myself do not believe in reincarnation. I remain open.

        Cheers, Jamie

  13. Hi Jamie, I do have this aspect natally although moon is at 2.32Aries and Saturn 27 Virgo .
    My concern is that the new moon on 17 March will be in exact opposition to natal Saturn so I was wonder how it could play, would this new moon be beneficial despite the activation of moon-Saturn opposition? Thanks!

    • Because of the orbs I would just focus on new moon opposite Saturn. The new moon is too far from your Moon to make much of an impact. Sure it activates your opposition but I would read up on Sun opposite Saturn transit to get an idea of what to expect and how to work with it.

      • Thank you Jamie! It’s good to know more about the Sun opposite Saturn.
        I know you do not work with houses, although I noticed this energy in terms of payments due for work done. Maybe because my Saturn is at the end of my 2nd house and the sun was on the 8th and it was due to a female client (moon?) .It was indeed placing limiting conditions on my life due to the actions of other people or circumstances that have put barriers on my progress. I handled it and I think I overcame the situation but it was hard. Would I feel this energy until the opposite full moon in Virgo? Thanks!

  14. Hey Jamie, what if a solar return of Sun conjunct Venus conjunct Mars all trine to Uranus. BUT you have natal moon opposite Saturn and in the same solar return as mentioned above. Will I be happy intimately?

  15. Both of my parents had this aspect,They stayed together 53 years all of them father was extremely emotionally abusive.and would always get his way in everything through threatening suicide or by injuring himself My mother died hating my guts because tried to get her to escape my father when I became a teenager.She trained as a social worker,although she moved into administration quickly. I’m pretty sure my mother’s social work background was why Iwasn’t put into foster care. the professionals who found out about my situation gave my mother the benefit of the doubt that shed try to protect father suffered from violent psychotic episodes where I was in a lot of danger.I had both high functioning autism and selective mutism.Iwas all intents and purposes non verbal till the age of 8 until I finally gained the confidence to communicate through help of a supportive teacher and speech therapist. who discovered I had a genius IQ and savant syndrome in visual art

  16. yes I do have a problem to get into any love relation all my life — I can say that i never loved anybody — finally I found out why was that happening to me — I have hurtled myself and many people because of that — also I always feel Getty and blame my self for things that i have no control on it — I’m kind to late but at least i knew now my problems — thank you so much

  17. I have this aspect luckily that description above doesn’t suit my life.

  18. I agree with everything you said in your article… currently my progressed Moon is opposite my progressed Saturn but with a natal Mars/Saturn conjunct, square my natal Moon configured into a Thor’s Hammer with Uranus at the midheaven, I am actually feeling the effects more pure by this transit than by my natal. Uranus only added chaos to the configuration. I just finished my second Saturn Return and everything that occurred at my adult’s beginning, with the first Saturn Return is finding its completion right now and the doorways closing to all that karma I have had to purify. All challenging family issues of course are through moon saturn, but one that I can truly say I have found acceptance, worked through and healed all these years to prepare for now. Moon and Saturn are the two heavies in astrological energies and makes me glad I am Aquarian Sun and Pisces Moon this lifetime.

  19. My Saturn is conjunct to the moon of a man I’m seeing with this opposition. I wonder if I have a positive or negative impact on how he expresses this aspect?

  20. My 10 year old daughter has this opposition in her chart. I have suffered from both physical and mental illness throughout her childhood. Any advice of how to help her work through this? I love her with all my heart.

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