Venus Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Venus Square Midheaven Transit

Venus square Midheaven maximum orb 5°00′.

Venus square Midheaven natal can cause discontent in your love life, home life and career. But its effects vary depending on the degree to which you love yourself. Even though you are loving and affectionate, your intimate relationships can suffer because of insecurities and misplaced loyalties or priorities.

If you do not receive enough love and reassurance as a child, this aspect could cause problems with self-esteem. Perhaps poor self-esteem, your looks, disability, or illness is a cause of insecurity and introversion. If so, you may feel you must give more than you receive to be accepted. But submissiveness could further harm your self-esteem or lead to abuse. While false modesty or flattery could make others think you are not genuine.

On the other hand, it is also possible that you can become overly dependent on others. You could attract people who want to take care of you. If this were the case, you could become lazy, selfish, and self-indulgent, always expecting help from others. This would be especially true if the person is in love with you.

It is essential to live by your own set of values and set your own goals. Try not to lower your standards and try to please others to feel needed. Disloyalty,  immorality, and living beyond your means could end in a lack of self-respect, unpopularity, controversy, addiction or poverty.

It is also possible that, at times, your love life and career become incompatible. Work may suffer because of the family’s needs, or your public image could suffer because of private indiscretions. On the other hand, working long hours for achievement and success in your career could lead to an unfulfilled partner or distant children.

Venus Square Midheaven Transit

Venus square Midheaven transit is not usually a harsh influence and should help you to share your affections. You should feel a stronger than usual need for companionship and share your love physically. However, discontent is possible in a partnership because of differing personal goals or disagreement about the nature of the relationship’s future.

Problems are more likely to arise if you are lazy, selfish, immoral, dishonest or disloyal. Apart from jeopardizing a special relationship, such behavior could cause problems in your career, public profile, and home life. Your parents or children might feel hurt or embarrassed by your behavior. Damage to your reputation is also possible, and your career prospects may suffer.

Venus Square Midheaven Celebrities

Dirk Bogarde 0°00′, George VI of the UK 0°05′, Paul Verlaine 0°07′, Paul Claudel 0°08′, James Callaghan 0°11′, Meryl Streep 0°15′, Ronald Isley 0°23′, Gene Kelly 0°25′, Elizabeth Barrett Browning 0°32′, Betty Ford 0°36′, Stacey Keech 0°43′, Charles Dickens 0°43′, Mariah Carey 0°55′, Olivia Rodrigo 1°01′, Oliver Stone 1°04′, George Michael 1°19′, Rihanna 1°22′, John Coltrane 1°26′, E. H. Southern 1°34′, Benny Hill 1°35′, Percival Lowell 1°37′, Bella Hadid 1°40′, Margaret Thatcher 1°47′, Bruce McLaren 1°52′, Peter Gabriel 1°52′, Queen Camilla 1°57′.

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  1. This aspect is a few months of moving out of 10 deg orb in my Progressed Chart. Thanks for the insight Jamie, astrologyking! All those things have occurred in one form or another, and I’m still truckin’.

    Perhaps a new day dawns when Progressed Venus reaches the Aries Point.

    Prog Venus 29Pisces59
    Prog MC 20Gemini13

  2. So then moving onto an Astroline with the Venus Square Midheaven would be favorable or no?

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