Venus Trine Ascendant Natal and Transit

Venus Trine Ascendant Transit

Venus trine Ascendant maximum orb 7°00′.

Venus trine Ascendant natal makes you a beautiful, loving, passionate and kind person. Your elegant looks and sultry sex appeal make you magnetically attractive and very popular. But people find your lovely spirit and down-to-earth personality most appealing. You are admired for your humility and spirit of sacrifice.

You can be so popular that you dislike the attention you attract. Although you may appear confident, you probably have similar insecurities to most people. Your popularity can even make you a target for critics. Unfair and inexplicable vilification would be exceedingly hurtful to you because you are genuinely a loving and caring person.

You understand that if you’re kind to others, good things will happen to you. And that loving yourself is the key to being able to love and be loved by others. Self-love also leads to empowerment, independence, and the ability to move on from the past.

Unpleasant or ugly environments, confrontation, hostility, meanness, and violence are particularly upsetting for you. You much prefer peace, harmony, beauty, comfort, and luxury. So it would be best if you surrounded yourself with pleasant people.

Venus trine Ascendant makes you easy to get along with, and you have considerable social and diplomatic skills. Your friendly, fun, and encouraging nature is never forced. Love, sex, and relationships play an essential part in your life. Making friends and falling in love should come very quickly for you. But not everyone is as loving and caring as you. So you are not immune from relationship breakups and may have more than one marriage.

You take care with your appearance and like your home to reflect your appreciation of beauty and considerable creative talent. Always fashionable, you are likelier to set trends than follow them, which applies as much to your creativity as your clothing and accessories.

This is an excellent aspect for musicians, singers, poets, actors, artists, and designers. But also for politicians, counselors, and those involved in promotions, publicity, and business. You like having money and should feel no guilt about wanting to be successful and wealthy.

Venus Trine Ascendant Transit

Venus trine Ascendant transit is a social and friendly influence that will make you feel more relaxed than backbreaking hard work. You will likely feel loving, affectionate and generous, and your love life and partying will feel more important than your obligations and duties. Spending time with friends, lovers, family, and children will give you the pleasure you seek.

This is a perfect time for socializing and loving relationships. Others will find you highly attractive, and you are more likely to meet your ideal match now than at other times. You can also rely on good diplomatic and bargaining skills. Your creative talents will be stimulated and can be profitable. You would enjoy home decorating and entertaining.

Your finances should be in good enough shape to allow some spending on beauty, fashion, and luxury. An eye for a bargain and a good fashion sense make this the ideal time to beautify yourself with cosmetics, a new hairstyle, or a tattoo. You may even have some good fortune with money. The key to getting the most enjoyment and profit from this loving aspect is sharing your love and knowing when to draw the line with self-indulgent behavior, especially with food and alcohol.

Venus Trine Ascendant Celebrities

Bernadette Soubirous 0°00′, Phil Collins 0°02′, John F. Kennedy Jr. 0°04′, James Stirling 0°′07, Michelangelo 0°12′, Amy Shapiro 0°16′, Elliott Gould 0°22′, Peter Finch 0°25′, Ariana Grande 0°27′, Rudy Giuliani 0°28′, Philippe Pétain 0°30′, Jennifer Lawrence 0°33′, Charles Ponzi 0°34′, George Martin 0°34′, Chris Farley 0°36′, David Byrne 0°37′, Robert Altman 0°43′, Mae West 0°44′, Victor Hugo 0°45′, Dana Plato 0°55′, Kate Hudson 0°56′, Louise of Savoy 0°57′, Robert Downey Jr. 1°00′, Benito Mussolini 1°01′, Jay Rockefeller 1°04′, Gwen Stefani 1°05′, Steve Jobs 1°06′, LeBron James 1°20′, Joseph Haydn 1°37′, Demi Moore 1°51′, Melanie Griffith 1°54′, Mata Hari 1°56′.

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