Mars Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit

Mars Opposite Jupiter TransitMars opposite Jupiter in the natal chart gives an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and courage. This is one of the most fortunate of all opposition aspects and can indicate success in sports, war and politics. The main challenge is also one of your strong points. Your competitive nature makes you a winner but can also lead to a number of problems.

You have a great deal of charm and charisma and are very physically attractive. However, your direct and sometimes coarse nature can cause relationships difficulties. You can be too overpowering in getting your own way, ignoring the needs of loved ones and coming across as selfish or a bully.

You may also overestimate your abilities and bit off more than you can chew, having to back down later which would cause an embarrassing loss of face. You want to advance and attack all the time but you need to learn when to make tactical retreats so that you win the war and not just the battle.

Learning some self-control, humility and patience will reduce the risk of relationships problems, accidents or exhaustion. Balancing your competitive spirit with a more cooperative approach will ensure success.

You have all the talent, enterprise and self-confidence needed to reach to top in many careers. Any competitive arena suits your style such as business, politics, the military and sports. You should have no trouble attracting friends and lovers because of your outgoing nature and sexual magnetism.

Mars Opposite Jupiter Transit

Transiting Mars opposite Jupiter increases your self-confidence and desire to win. You want more out of life and are willing to take risks to get there. With a “who dares wins” attitude you can certainly have your desires fulfilled now and enjoy success.

This is one of the luckiest opposition transits of all but it can also bring your undoing if you get selfish, overconfident or you over stretch your resources. Will will feel adventurous, strong and competitive and you should back yourself. However, it is most important to also remember self-control, humility and patience.

Your natural tendency will be to act on the spur of the moment and risk it all. You will feel sure of yourself because of increased strength, courage and popularity. This is a sexy energy and you will attract a lot of attention if dating or socializing in general.

Be considerate of the needs of others and try to blend some cooperation in with your increased competitiveness. In this way you will be sure to succeed and have your strongest desires fulfilled. So long as you don’t over-estimate your abilities and resources you can achieve success in business, romance, politics and sports.

Mars Opposite Jupiter Celebrities

Jack Marshall 0°08′, Poppy King 0°10′, Ian Richardson 0°28′, Cheiro 0°32′, Esther Ralston 0°35′, Willy Brandt 0°48′, Debby Boone 0°50′, Lorenzo Carcaterra 1°27′, Mohandas Gandhi 1°46′, Bob Downe 1°59′, David Copperfield 2°01′, Malcolm Turnbull 2°40′, Bruce Lee 2°59′, Dennis Rodman 3°11′, Sigmund Freud 3°53′, Bob Hawke 3°58′

Mars Opposite Jupiter Dates

27 Fenruary 2017
5 May 2019
29 July 2021
28 October 2023
10 January 2026
10 March 2028
9 May 2030
22 July 2032
20 October 2034

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