Mars Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit

Mars Opposite Neptune TransitMars opposite Neptune natal creates an internal struggle against insecurities and other worries. You may initially make up for low self-confidence by showing a brave and assertive exterior, but this bravado doesn’t always seem natural and does not sit well with other people.

You may have to deal with more than your share of negative influences in the form of deceptive people. Psychic vampires will see through to your insecure inner self and attempt to drain your energy by taking advantage of you. Psychic warfare is not your scene and you will be weakened spiritually and even physically by such interactions.

In your battle to attain real self-confidence, you may experiment with drugs or different ways of expressing your sexuality. It would be better for you to maintain high ethical and moral standards in order to avoid scandal and slander, as this would further eat away at your confidence.

You can find the appropriate inner strength and courage through more subtle or creative ways. Music, dance, even poetry will meet your need for creative self-expression. It is also in your best interests to be comfortable with, and know your own limits. This applies to your level of competitiveness and passionate desires.

You are a more sensitive and caring person than most. It is important, not to feel you have to live up to the stereotypical image of a strong man or sexy woman. You are attractive in more subtle and mysterious ways, but just as attractive as anyone else.

Mars Opposite Neptune Transit

Mars opposite Neptune transit can bring discouragement, weakness, and feelings of inadequacy. This is a low point in your energy regarding sexuality and competitiveness. This is not the time to be striving hard for success, as you would come up against strong opposition and your chance of winning is not good. The extra stress of performing would only leave you more susceptible to embarrassment, illness or disappointment.

Self-deception and being deceived by others are more likely now. This is not the time to be taking risks or chasing rainbows. Your desire for all things fanciful does not match up with reality at this time. Disappointment and loss are likely if you become assertive or try to achieve your strongest desires. Your expectations in your career and sex life are also out of touch with reality.

There is a greater potential now of falling victim to anything that triggers your adrenaline, whether it be a direct marketing scheme, drugs, online dating or conspiracy theories. The best option now is to conserve your energy or express it through a creative or spiritual outlet. And this is best done by yourself and quietly. You will find fulfillment in this way but still should avoid expressing it publicly. Although you may get a rush out of such things, others may find it too weird or confusing.

Mars Opposite Neptune Celebrities

Ally Sheedy 0°20′, John Milton 0°21′, Jeff Fenech 0°29′, Lee Miller 0°30′, Cila Black 0°33′, Iggy Pop 0°44′, Frida Kahlo 0°59′, Steve Jobs 1°02′, Phil Spector 1°02′, Elizabeth II 1°10′, Maya Angelou 1°14′, Algernon Swinburne 1°22′, Barry Humphries 1°24′, Maurice Chevalier 1°28′, Charles Fourier 1°29′, Matthew Newton 1°33′.

Mars Opposite Neptune Dates

6 October 2015
24 September 2017
14 September 2019
2 September 2021
22 August 2023
9 August 2025
26 July 2027
6 January 2029
16 March 2029
3 July 2029

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    • October 6. I’m researching and posting aspects for the month ahead so I can add them to the monthly horoscopes. Also have started adding the dates of the aspects as suggested.

  1. Wow- Thanks for this. Have Mars in Taurus/11th house opposite Neptune/moon in Scorpio in 5th. This is very validating information, Have had “friends” (11th house) turn on me out of nowhere, unprovoked. Psychic vampires were an issue when I was younger but I avoid them now. Now if I could just deal that struggle with insecurities part better,…

  2. How long shell we fell the effect of this aspect? A day? A week?
    And thanks, as usual, for your very deep research & insight!

  3. I have the natal square and with this transit I have to be very alert for people secretly working against me even if they are friends. I’m too trusting but try to be very above board with all my feelings in a fair way. Unprovoked acts even shock others around me. On the good side it does help the imagination form new creations and act on them.

  4. Ditto – Mars in Taurus/11th (conjunct MC/Jupiter/Mercury) opposite Neptune in Scorpio/5th. Ive only just realised the implication around friends by recalculating my chart from a whole sign perspective, and reading this article (and your comment enneagram) is a wake up call. Uranus transiting over this point in the last 6 months has seen 3 of my closest female friendships (of 30 year duration) end abruptly, and an awareness that I was naive and/or had deceived myself, thinking these relationships were solid, when in fact there was no depth – and at least one had narcissistic traits that I had not perceived…. interestingly, I feel less insecure

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