Moon Trine Mercury Natal and Transit

Moon trine Mercury Transit

Moon trine Mercury maximum orb 7°00′.

Moon trine Mercury natal gives excellent communication and social skills. Your common touch makes other people feel very comfortable around you. Even strangers will be left feeling they know you because of the emotional connections you make.

You are a people person and can read people easily. You are very perceptive and sensitive and may even have psychic powers. You do this with little effort due to a perfect balance of intellect and feeling or rationalization and intuition. This intuitive understanding of people’s inner nature makes you a natural psychologist. Your thoughts and emotions interact with arriving at the most accurate assessment of a situation, whether your views, the nature of a person, or an external event.

You are also very comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings, which is another reason people feel so at ease around you. Making intimate connections in one-to-one situations is easy, and you should be at ease in large groups. Social and public popularity may lead to a wide circle of friends and renown.

Your personal touch could bring many invitations and offers. Your writing and public speaking talent can lead to many careers, such as public service, politics, journalism or entertainment. You may even find fulfillment working at the checkout, anywhere that requires human interaction.

Your calming voice and touch would woo any potential partner. This aspect suggests a nurturing home environment and a special connection to your mother or a sibling. Family is important, and sharing memories with loved ones would nourish you. You have good parenting skills and would love to share family traditions with your children.

Moon Trine Mercury Transit

Moon trine Mercury transit lets you see things more clearly. Your feeling, intuitive side balances your rational thought processes to give acute perceptive skills. You can read others easily and quickly assess any situation. You are in touch with your feelings to provide sound judgment and decision-making skills.

Socializing with friends and family is more critical than usual. You can connect more intimately, which bodes well for making friends and taking new relationships to the next level. This is a good time for public speaking and writing, sharing your thoughts and feelings, and all types of communication. More personal discussions, such as relationship issues or seeing a counselor, are favored.

Dreams and memories should be vivid and informative. You may learn something about your childhood or family history. Any intuitive or psychic powers are enhanced. In general, meetings with family members or women will be harmonious and emotionally nourishing.

This interpretation for Moon trine Mercury transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full Moon trine Mercury.

Moon Trine Mercury Celebrities

Alan Wicker 0°07′, Sally Field 0°08′, Barbara Walters 0°09′, Buddy Holly 0°13′, William Lilly 0°16′, David Copperfield 0°28′, Chaka Khan 0°35′, LeBron James 0°40′, Mel Gibson 0°43′, Marty Robbins 0°44′, Kenneth Williams 0°44′, Freddie Prinze 0°48′, Henry Mancini 0°49′, Nancy Pelosi 0°54′, Jordan Peterson 0°54′, O. J. Simpson 0°56′, Justin Bieber 1°06′, Charles de Gaulle 1°34′, Mariah Carey 1°44′, Martin Luther 1°53′.

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