Uranus Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

Uranus Opposite Midheaven Transit

Uranus opposite Midheaven maximum orb 6°00′.

Uranus opposite Midheaven natal was a disruptive influence in your early years but becomes less of a problem later in life. One of your parents may have been absent, emotionally distant, or suffered from mental illness. Perhaps you moved town a lot, or a significant unexpected event in your childhood disrupted your early education. One of your parents may have had an unusual profession or been eccentric.

Whatever your particular story, you likely learned to become independent early. You learned how to look after yourself and may have left home before. Perhaps you felt less emotionally tied to your family than most friends.

You may have developed a strong need for independence. However, not everyone with this aspect has trouble putting down roots and forming close emotional attachments to family. Despite or because of your unsettled early years, you may find great contentment and satisfaction growing a stable family and home life.

Uranus Opposite Midheaven Transit

Uranus opposite Midheaven transit brings inner change reflected in your home and your relationships with parents, children, or close loved ones. Disruptions or change in this area of life needs your attention.

Your home may need repairs, or you may have to move home. Things like this are a sign that you need to change within, something that has been hidden away for a long time. Don’t suppress these buried feelings or aspects of your life, or more extreme disruption will occur.

You may not have even known about these new aspects of yourself, and only your close loved ones would notice your inner changes. You will need to adapt and make changes at home and with a family to integrate these changes into your daily life.

People may try to hold you back in your profession, or work may suffer because of needing to spend more time at home and with family. Try not to ignore or upset people in your career or social circle. Your public image and status could suffer if these people feel offended or threatened by you.

Uranus Opposite Midheaven Celebrities

Sophia Loren 0°08′, Jack London 0°19′, Tobey Maguire 0°24′, Charlotte Rampling 0°32′, Josemaria De Balaguer 0°36′, Ernest Hemingway 0°50′, Bon Scott 0°52′, Rosie O’Donnell 1°00′, Marlon Brando 1°31′, Diana Mitford 1°33′, George Oppenheimer 1°55′, Kenneth Branagh 2°05′, James Croll 2°19′, Steve Earle 2°25′, George Van Tassel 2°44′, Elizabeth Taylor 2°51′.

2 thoughts on “Uranus Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Interesting post, Jamie, thanks. I have natal Uranus in the 3rd, so it crossed my IC early, the year I was 7. My little sister was born and my parents moved me to a room in the basement, where I was isolated from everyone else in the house and suddenly had much more autonomy—no one knew if I stayed up half the night to read, as I often did. Even though I was a good student and a usually quiet bookworm, I also have the strong will of natal Mars/Pluto conjunct and as a child frequently clashed with certain authority figures, around that time probably the height of difficulties with my parents, as well as my teacher that year, who took a strong disliking to me. As Uranus crossed and recrossed and finally moved past my IC the following year, we moved to a new town and the girls in my class, apparently threatened by my midyear arrival disrupting their social group, took an even stronger disliking to me. Definitely not the happiest of transits in my experience! Uranus on the DSC at ~30 wasn’t much better. Now it’s approaching the MC and I’m hoping that knowing it’s coming and being better prepared for it this time will improve the experience. Fingers crossed…

  2. It seems thst those public figures who had Uranus in opposition to their Midheaven were rather successful, though. Aparently, nothing of the pending influences have disturbed their achievements…

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