Mars Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

Mars Opposite Pluto Transit

Mars opposite Pluto maximum orb 5°30′.

Mars opposite Pluto natal creates an intensity of energy inside that must find expression through physical or creative outlets. You must battle against the odds to prove yourself, as this is an aspect of conflict. This conflict has an inner and outer side that can pose particular difficulties, especially when young.

You may start this life with feelings of victimization. You may even be harsh on yourself because of a masochistic tendency here. An urge to compete to win may affect your self-esteem if you don’t live up to high expectations, especially in physical appearance or sporting activities.

On the other hand, this feeling of victimization may come from an abusive or dominating parent or teacher, most often a man. This may continue into adulthood in conflict with superiors and people in general. There may well be truth to this persecution, but to resolve this conflict issue, a realization of your role in the dynamics must develop.

Your firm and independent nature may irritate others, in which case they would react defensively or with hostility. Your energy can be intense, and your courage and fighting spirit may appear coarse and abrupt. Without intending to, your natural strengths can initially be weaknesses that must be addressed.

Thankfully, you have a remarkable ability to transmute, transform and refine your powerful energy. The key to this is combining the best of Mars’s strength and creativity through relentless Pluto determination and single-mindedness. Self-awareness will come through a deep investigation of how your intense desires and actions appear to others. This comes not through studying books but through hard work, trial, and error. It is like on-the-job training until you master the intensity inside.

Along with Mars’s courage and strength comes a high degree of sexual desire and passion. You most likely give off an alluring sexual magnetism, and you can use this to your advantage. However, as with your other strengths, subversive tactics or abusive and controlling behaviors must be replaced by a spiritual-moral code and a sense of karmic responsibility.

A quick scan of the famous people with this aspect below reveals the endless possibilities for transforming the raw Mars energy and passion into constructive and valued accomplishments. You may always feel like you are fighting to get ahead. So long as you don’t abuse your considerable personal power, you can win at the highest level.

Mars Opposite Pluto Transit

Mars opposite Pluto transit gives an intense passion for achieving your strongest desires. You may go to great lengths to achieve victory in this competitive spirit. This battle may be internal in which you strive to reach your full potential and better past efforts.

This transit does come with powerful and primal energies, often activating the fight or flight response. If you can channel such aggressive and dominating urges, the transformative nature of this transit enables considerable achievements. Physical and creative pursuits are favored, but the competitive arena may involve business or other professional areas requiring courage and strength. The project you are determined to complete may have begun a year ago.

More often, however, this transit will result in competition against others or a particular person. If, in the above case, where you concentrate fully on achieving your own goals, you can come up against resistance from powerful enemies. If you threaten their position or use ruthless tactics, you will be in for a fight. The physical nature of this transit means that in such situations, there is a danger of aggression turning to violence.

You may have to contend with powerful forces acting against you. They will seek out weak spots in your plans and defenses. Sometimes, you will realize that your effort will not succeed now. If so, you can use your energy to transform your goals to remove the heat.

If you chose to go into battle at this time, it would be better not to go it alone and enlist the help of other motivated people. Success will only come by maintaining high moral standards, and any coercive tactics, threats or intimidation will likely backfire.

Sexual conquest at this time also comes with dangers. Your willpower and sex drive may become overbearing. If dating, beware of predators and the potential for male violence or rape under these conditions.

Mars opposite Pluto Celebrities

Joel Coen 0°05′, Crystal Gayle 0°12′, Mel B 0°18′, Bret Easton Ellis 0°18′, Vivian Robson 0°27′, Peter Brock 0°29′, Carson Daly 0°31′, Cindy Crawford 0°35′, Ian McKellen 0°38′, Helmut Newton 0°39′, John Belushi 0°40′, Mohandas Gandhi 0°45′, JonBenét Ramsey 0°52′, Martinus Thomsen 0°56′, George Bowering 0°57′, Rosie O’Donnell 1°01′, Woody Allen 1°04′, Jean Henri Fabre 1°04′, Richard Nixon 1°05′, Charlotte Ford 1°13′, Joseph Stalin 1°15′, Buzz Aldrin 1°21′, Ely Jacques Kahn 1°34′, Emperor Akihito 1°46′, Michelangelo 1°46′, Audrey Tang 1°46′, Magda Goebbels 1°50′, Mary Shelley 1°53′.

Mars Opposite Pluto Dates

June 5, 2021
May 20, 2023
November 3, 2024
January 3, 2025
April 26, 2025
October 3, 2026
September 15, 2028
August 31, 2030
August 17, 2032

35 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

    • Great addition Greg. She also has Mercury opposite Pluto. That’s three for my list of Mercury conjunct Mars opposite Pluto. Should post about it tomorrow as it happens next week on the new moon.

  1. Try Mars conjunct Pluto squeezing your IC in the middle. Throw in Regulus on Mars and an opposition to the Moon in Pisces. I swing from angel to demon on a daily basis. With an insatiable sex drive that makes me feel so guilty. Cher and Bruce Springsteen share this conjunction with me. I find myself smiling at people while imploding with anger at the same time. These two planets are one heavy karmic combo to carry. My only outlet is to blow like a volcano or get on my knees and pray. Neither one is easy for me to do. Perhaps because M+P are in Virgo Decan 1. Smart friends recommend athletics. But I’d rather listen to romantic music. Lol. Thank you Jamie. I hate how precisely accurate you are. It’s unnerving. 🙂

      • The UNDERSTATEMENT of the century. (I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse for a personal reading very soon.) 😉

  2. I have the square natally, which I think is a little more challenging because you have all the tension but no balance so it’s just constant pressure to work harder and do better with those illusive victories so rarely materializing without a great cost.

    I am obsessive about goals and desires, jealous, vengeful, and I have a very hard time letting things go or walking away from a fight where I know I’m right (which, honestly, is not all the time, but those instances are incredibly difficult because I feel injustice will occur if I don’t speak up. It’s not really an ego thing).

    I want things to be the best they can be so I’m not going to cling to something that isn’t working if I have a choice, unless I’m trapped in the situation against my will, which happens a lot, too, unfortunately.

    People think I’m mad at them when I’m not. I must give off a vibe of a chip on my shoulder if you don’t know me, and people want to take me down before I’ve done anything to them.

    Doesn’t help Saturn is conjunct my Pluto so I deal with a lot of authority figures abusing their power. I did experience child abuse as well. Not a very zen aspect. Lots of challenges to overcome my whole life.

  3. Anthony, also incorporate the signs and houses where this square occurs. That’s how it will play out. As an astrologer in constant learning, I’ve noticed squares are inexorably karmic past life challenges that have we have to make the best of. But, we don’t have to act on them. Although, any Mars square is going to play out with an element of impulsivity. Yet, Pluto, on the other hand, will make you seethe. And, Saturn conjunct Pluto means a lot of people your age have this aspect.

    Perhaps there’s a male authority figure issue stemming from your father, playing out? You did allude to that. Abuse is a hallmark of this combo. Saturn rules the father. Pluto = power. Mars rules male siblings. That’s projected onto teachers, bosses, anyone who tries to control you.

    The positive thing here is that you’re incarnated as a man. This is a lot of masculine energy. Am assuming it’s made you tough. It’s a really tough world right now, so this serves you well. It’s a beat or be beaten planet on several planes of existence. Like I said, that gives you the power to stand your ground against abuse. It may not feel good, but Saturn rules Capricorn and that is one cold unfeeling sign. And that might be the type of person that you constantly encounter.

    Last, try and run your solar arc and secondary progressions. That will move this aspect forward to today, and may ameliorate the square as you get older. The tighter the orb, the stronger the aspect. The farther apart, the weaker the aspect.

    Plus, what element are the planets in? Water, air, earth, fire? Are they Cardinal, mutable, fixed…there is so much at play with just that. Athletics, military, strategist are all great outlets for this power aspect. Check your Jupiter and Venus, too. Sometimes they soften hard angled aspects.

    Like I said above, my Mars Pluto is conjunct in Virgo, a mutable earth sign, in opposition to my Moon in Pisces, a very escapist, mutable, water, emotional Moon. I fight with my mother constantly. Then we make up. But it’s extreme all or nothing arguments. I’m obsessive about health (Virgo), but then say screw it! (Pisces). It’s like a pendulum. Mars is conjunct Regulus and the opp to the Moon is one of my strongest aspects, so I was beaten up a lot in life. Lots of abuse. A lot of it mental – again Virgo, the critical.

    But now Mars has progressed to Libra and am so agreeable, even when my temper is volcanic. I found kick-boxing to be the best outlet for me for right now. But the obsession, possessiveness – all the Scorpionic qualities that Mars in aspect to Pluto make, are constantly at play. I’ve masked them with the Moon, which is on the Midheaven (outer world). While Mars Pluto saddle the IC (my inner-self). That’s where my biggest fight is. Me criticizing me to the nth degree. Virgo.

    It would be interesting to know the signs your square is in and in what house. And, did you have a Saturn return yet? How bad was it?

    Hope this helped.

    • Hi George, thanks for the advice.

      My natal Mars is in 10H Cancer and Saturn-Pluto is in 1H Libra. Not the best signs for these planets. Again, amplifying the abusive authority figure theme and toxic childhood/family/relationships. I hope Pluto rolling my IC will put these issues to bed once and for all, but I’m pretty powerless in my situation now. Nothing I can really do to change anything as much as I want to.

      I am still learning about solar arcs and asteroids so I don’t really know enough to comment on those.

      In my progressed chart Mars has moved into Leo in the 9H just past a conjunction with my MC, so things should theoretically be getting better. Progressed AC is now in Scorpio, squaring my natal Sun in Leo. Things have not been any easier the past few years, but I think that’s mostly due to transits. Uranus-Pluto is riding my angles, Neptune still opposing my Venus after finishing with my Mercury recently. Saturn the past few years has either been squaring my Sun, opposing my moon or squaring my Mercury. My chart is too spread out to ever get much of a break from Saturn. I think I feel Saturn more with my 10H Sun and 1H Saturn, too.

      I’m in my progressed balsamic moon phase, so looking forward to next year when my progressed moon hits Leo for my progressed new moon phase. Hoping for a new beginning. Also transiting Pluto should finally be moving off my natal IC by then to trine my natal Moon, which hopefully is nicer. The trine to my natal Venus wasn’t anything special, not like some people make it out to be. Not enough to offset the depression from everything else.

      I have a square from transiting Uranus to my natal Mars (also opposition to Saturn-Pluto) coming up to look forward to and about another year of Saturn squaring my Mercury and Venus in Virgo. My natal Venus-Merc in Virgo squares my Chiron in Gem and Jupiter-Uranus in Sag. Every planet in my chart is squared by something except Neptune, which is conjunct my SN. Sometimes I think I must have been a serial killer or Nazi or terrorist in a previous life.

      Yes, I have already had my Saturn return. It wasn’t necessary the worst time in my life. I became a father. I have a fixed Sun and Moon (Taurus) so whenever Saturn is in the fixed signs is usually the hardest for me. Saturn in Leo and Scorpio were much harder than Libra for me, but I think Saturn in Scorpio has just been extra hard because Uranus on my DC and Pluto on my IC. I actually liked Saturn in Virgo. That was probably the best time of my life. I think Sag will not be so bad once it gets past my Venus. I’m guessing the trine to my Sun will be offset by the square to my Venus so that will probably be a wash. Probably a lot of hard work that won’t materialize into anything except some more “spiritual growth.” 🙂 I’ll try to stay positive and hope for the best but not expect too much.

      Thanks again for taking an interest. Nice to talk to people with similar interests.

      • Anthony, there’s a lot going on to get into in this forum. But what the hell. I’d love to run your chart and tell you what’s happening today. I can look at transits, solar arc and secondary progressions for no charge. I do this for fun. Like I said, it’s a never ending learning curve.

        My email is You decide.

        From what you said, let me tackle a bit of it and concur with the rest. Mars in Cancer is not the strongest Mars, but it’s not the worst. Mars in the 10th house ruled by Capricorn, is a strong house position for Mars, though. The dichotomy is that Cancer and Capricorn don’t mix well at all. But the dynamic is great. Because it gives a weaker Mars, a big set of cojones. That’s a good thing. Yes, you are here to fight for your place in life. But that place might be selling expensive real estate. Or metal objects. Careful though of sharp objects or guns hidden in water or earth. Am being too traditional here though.

        Back on track-

        Saturn – Pluto in the first house is also a strong placement. The first house ruled by Aries colors the airy, Cardinal, Venus-ruled Libra with some fiery, authoritatian (Saturn/Capricorn ruled) and transformative (Pluto/Scorpio ruled) energy.

        Am assuming when you walk in a room, people notice. Libra on the ascendant is the ultimate people pleaser. Saturn and Pluto in the first house are not. Again, the dichotomy. Depending on how close these planets are to the Ascendant line, the more or less, you can use the Libra charm to cover-up what’s going on underneath.

        Pluto in house 1 is constant transformation. Saturn may inhibit that or delay it or constantly question it. But it can also realize it and make it permanent. What’s always changing for you? That wold be ruled by Libra? Love?

        Regarding the square to Mars, Libra is cerebral. Logical. Deductive. Cancer is all about feelings. You very well might not get yourself at times. But if you can accept that duality, then you can make it work by not allowing your feelings to suffer because of the way you think.

        Back to karma and evolution. You’ll have to make some tough choices in life. They might not feel good. But in the name of justice – Libra, the scales – they must be made. That’s a constant in your life. A reoccurring theme. Use it as an advantage. An ability. Not many people can pull that off.

        The reincarnation of a serial killer or Nazi means you suffer. I’m a Cancer Sun with a Moon in Pisces and I bet I suffer just as much. That’s part of the karmic debt all of us are here to pay-off.

        Powerlessness is a whole ‘nother issue. That’s purely spiritual and, no, it’s not your fault your caught in the Grand Cardinal Cross from pure hell, that we’ve all been caught in. My Sun is in the first house conjunct my Ascendant and it was decimated by the Uranus, Pluto square like 7x.

        Imagine this, I used to make a living in front of the camera for decades. Then came this square and I had an accident to my face. I lost EVERYTHING. Career, home, relationships (plural), money. And, according to Jaimie, I’m not out of the woods til 2018.

        Can it all come back? Probably not, because unlike Saturn, Pluto takes things away permanently. Can it transform to something different? It did. Can things come back in a better way? Hopefully. There are still houses, jobs, people, plastic surgeons and banks.

        But these planets are going to keep moving and moving until they’re done. The cross hit all of my angles, too and that was and still is brutal. So I empathize with your struggles.

        Last, Sun and Moon in Taurus are great. Yes, you’re fixed and super stubborn- but you know what the right thing to do is, in any situation. That’s wonderful. You will be a great father.

        Prepare for Uranus in Taurus. That will be a time of mega-watt life changes for you. But you can handle them.

        Jaimie answered me in a blog that transits are everything. So like I said, I’d be happy to help you with what’s going on today. It all matters – solar arc, progressions, current transits. You can’t get hung up on just one. Unless the orb is super tight. Then that’s a major player in your life.

        Now, about Saturn – most people, especially those in relationships, were very tested while Saturn did Scorpio and is now retro in it. They don’t mix well. But that ends in September, and we’ll see how it plays out in righteous Sadge. A lot of untruths will be exposed.

        It makes sense that Saturn in Virgo was a great time for you. It trined your Sun and Moon and Venus and itself. Virgo and Saturn are great pals. Capricorn trines Virgo.

        Just know that a chart of squares is pretty normal. I see that a lot. It makes you strong and toughens you up. And this is not the 1950’s anymore. This is one hard planet under one super harsh astral sky.

        The last time we saw Uranus and Pluto do this kind of square, was during the rise of the third reich. The next time will be in 2070, and I hope I’ll still be paging through a book of pictures deciding who I want to be in my next life.

        Hard to believe, but we chose our charts to evolve our souls. Lol. We must be masochists. A school of astrology believes we sign contracts and are beholden to them.

        That’s when the nodes, vertex, Lilith, part of fortune, yada, yada, yada tell a lot. Too much.

        Offer’s good on the chart. Otherwise, hope this helped. Plus, I’d love to hear other perspectives from other people.

        Remember always to incorporate the fixed stars. Taurus? Algol? That’s tough. Make it benefit you.

        Thank you for allowing me to shed some light. Sincerely hope it helped.


        • Wow, George, you are so kind. I will send you an e-mail.

          Thanks so much.

  4. This has become an interesting thread. Thanks, Jamie, George, and Anthony. I have another marshmallow to roast in this fire: My progressed chart has Mars approaching opposition to Pluto, a degree+ apart. This must be a pivotal year. Good luck to all.

    • I’d be interested to hear how this panned out for you, Greg; I’m now experiencing my progressed Mars in Pisces, 3rd house (conjunct natal Chiron (with a Chiron return!)) applying in opposition to Pluto by less than half a degree to go. These placements make up half of a grand square to my ASC/DESC axis, with Mercury and Sun conjunct the ASC. Pluto has a 6-degree conjunct to Uranus to boot. I’m slightly too subjective to see the potential here, as all I’m seeing at the moment is intense struggle.

      Any comments welcome, and thanks for a great article, Anthony 🙂

  5. What are the signs and houses involved? Re-read Jamie’s interpretation of the transit. And, if I may give advice, know your enemies – especially males. Careful with who you become sexually obsessed with too. Or vice versa. One degree apart on approach? It’s already in full-swing. This is a power (Pluto) struggle (Mars). Other aspects, patterns, transits, you know the drill, can ameliorate this progression. Keep us posted. We all share this dynamic duo in one aspect form or another. Oh, walk away from guns and knives. And crowds who wield them. 😉 Be careful Greg.

  6. Just wondering if there are any 2017 dates for Mars opposite Pluto and also Mars opposite Saturn?? Thank You.

  7. You don’t say when it’s going to happen again!

  8. I’m a Taurus asc. with Mars in the same sign but 12th house opposite Pluto in Scorp in the 6th. My sun and Mercury retrograde are in conjunction in Pisces 11th, trine Pluto & sextile Mars. I am hoping to find a little more information on how the placements influence the opposition. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Effie. Don’t worry about the Houses they only confuse matters. Read up on the sextile and trine aspects. For example, identify your strong points from Sun sextile Mars and see how you can work with them to ease the dramas caused by Mars opposite Pluto. You have a lot to work with there. 4 helpful aspects to counter 1 challenging aspect.

      • Jamie, I know this reply is late, but the advice of focusing on the sextile & trine aspects was super encouraging and helpful. I have Mars Opposition Pluto and this transit has been especially difficult for me. But I also have Jupiter Trine Pluto, Saturn Sextile Pluto, and Neptune Sextile Pluto so reading up about those has given me some encouraging thoughts. Thank you for that. My friends and I follow your site daily and it has been extremely helpful.

  9. So I’ve just met a guy this past week. Seems super nice, gentle, very considerate to everyone. People who know him highly recommended him. He’s a Capricorn, I’m a Sagittarius — Taurus moon, Aquarius rising — very scared of getting trapped or boxed in, also pretty uncomfortable with intense emotions. He’s an introvert with social anxiety, very hard on himself, very honest. But he finds me extremely attractive, and the urgency of his desire kinda scares me, overwhelms me, in a Psycho kind of way, like he is capable of overpowering me to take what he wants. We’ve been together once and it was very intense, he satisfied me like I haven’t been satisfied in a long time, he made me feel like I’m a goddess (in a Porn Star way, lol), I knew I was in control and he loved it, and I found no logical reason to believe he would hurt me. But I can’t turn off the fear in my gut that things could end very badly if (when) they end. All I’ve got is my gut feeling, absolutely no evidence whatsoever. (His criminal record is clean, his friends love him, women from his past still speak fondly of him on Facebook, etc.). So I’ve been reading his birth chart (without an exact time, unfortunately), and I think what I’m picking up on is this Mars opposition Pluto stuff. His Mars is in Pisces, so I wonder if that modifies the dark side at all?

    I just want to make sure I’m not bringing an abusive stalker into my life, which I’ve read that aspect could be. It’s so hard to tell if I’m just reacting to the astrological forces between us, or if I’m actually picking up on some red flags that I cannot see.

  10. Mars opposite Pluto, and opposite Saturn, t-square Eris.
    Mars conjunct Brexit NN, 23Can46, this aspect 22 June.
    Other aspects occurring, that catch the eye: Sedna sextile Mercury, inconjunct Galactic Centre, a Yod
    The chart for 22/6 sets-up soon after the Sumer Solstice. Anyone see anything unusual, like the Taurid meteor storm, pass it along.

  11. I have mars opposite pluto natally to within a few minutes of a degree. I can be a bit of a dragon. I was born on the same day as Brett Easton Ellis and Wanda Sykes. Both are known for being outspoken, and can be harsh when aroused. I’ve heard said that this aspect can make you a murderer or make you so abrasive that you drive others to violence, but it doesn’t seem to have done these two astro-twins any harm in fact arguably, although it might get them into trouble at times, they would not be the unique people they are without it.

    • Additional note my opposition is between pisces and virgo. It is also between the second and eighth house. I noticed during covid and during the processing of the estate of my late father money came in when this opposition was aspected. Today which is my mars return was no different. I received £10000 today. Another time when i won some money the money didnt arrive until several months later when the sun formed a t square to my mars pluto opposition. So Ive learnt to look forward to this aspect, even the square. It has been said that pluto squares are one of the timers of lottery wins.

  12. It’s been a horrible transit from Capricorn to my natal mars in cancer in the third I think. (It’s just past exact.) But it was hard to know what all was causing it with URANUS TRANSITING my natal VENUS and mercury – and Saturn transiting my Aquarius moon feelings at 11 – squaring Venus – with that URANUS transiting. I decided to dig out an old book Eliz Haich INITIATION means AWAKENING and noticed her Venus was same degree as mine 11 degrees Taurus and where uranus is transiting as I said NOW. So coincidental. Now it starts to pick up interest. Then I noticed my deceased father had his Saturn there with my Venus. I walked out of LD and fell head over heels in love with a Nissan and suddenly I got how Venus loves materialism and dad hated Capitalism so I did too. The awakening is following its own unique path. Will I obtain release now and will this karma be over with dads influence. Materialism a dirty word. Problem is I ve dug into a spiritual vision maybe 7 years ago of the spirits love and radiance. Now what where is this going.
    It’s crazy so I need to see when uranus will turn direct because it’s always the end of a transit that lets go. It’s super tough but looking at the world around me who knew.
    But back to the book Initiation awakening. I ve into yoga in varying degrees over 40 years and some of the aims of that direction are coming into awareness. Omg so how mars oppose Pluto fits in – maybe it’s because there’s no neat explanation.

  13. So two night ago I dreamt of other women and I and these trees that were the Tallest most rounded I have ever seen and there was a overgrown grass covered elevated part of the surroundings that I was imaging as outdoor tea place. Trees . Xxx
    Just watching Russel Crow in dramatic writer father daughter story. Don t mind me.

  14. Yesterday I came across a Pleiadian site which explained a lot fitting in well with my dreams, like coming out of a cave to see the light of dawn. Like seeing at my door total blackness that frightened me. I ve heard others speak of them for years but suddenly it’s opening to me. Not happily if the majority of us are not to be given light for 200 more years. It showed the four power rings or dimensions and I recognized them , grateful for the explanation of my partial experience of. There it was, the bigger picture/perspective to satisfy natal Saturn in the first house of world. In a way my heart sank. Today the new moon is on my natal in I hear a volcanic month . Going down. Ever been in a small boat that heads down in the trough of a large wave leaving one to wonder if it will come back up. We had a 21 ft cabin cruiser which we turned towards the ship going to Alaska to get closer to see it way across the inlet until though a great distance away those waves hit us. Maybe that’s this Aquarius moon waves. Moon waves. Poetic. Down down down down down song. Cj

  15. What I want to know is when are you putting a book together? I would easily pay money to have all this wisdom on my shelf. You’re my go to when I need another perspective on things.

      • my Rio had a new wheel bearing malfunction earlier today Aug 17, 9:30EST. Pulled over in front of the Lions Community Center, on the Pluto side, and an address: 1939 Governors rd. on the Mars side.

  16. Hi Jamie, thank you for another wonderful post!
    I looked this up because I was looking at Angelina Jolie’s chart – I think she would be a great addition. She represents this placement so well!

    • Hi Britt. Thank you! Angelina is listed in other aspect pages but her Mars opposite Pluto orb it too wide to include here, at over 4 degrees. Keeping the aspect orbs tight gives better interpretation results. Angelina Jolie has Mars trine Neptune (0°22′) which would explain her goal-directed energy and sexuality better than Mars opposite Pluto.

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