Pluto Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Pluto Opposite Ascendant Transit Pluto Conjunct Descendant

Pluto opposite Ascendant maximum orb 7°00′.

Pluto opposite Ascendant natal is also called Pluto conjunct Descendant or Pluto setting. It means you have intense one-to-one relationships that can profoundly change your life’s direction. You also have a powerful influence on family members, close friends, and partners.

To say that you need companionship is an enormous understatement. You could have a compulsive need for partnership and become obsessed with a specific person until they are yours. You may also attract obsessive-compulsive types of people or even stalkers.

You must have high regard for yourself. If you have poor self-esteem, then it is crucial with natal Pluto opposite Ascendant that you work on becoming more confident and self-secure. Otherwise, your deep need for companionship may cause you to lower your standards and form unhealthy relationships.

In extreme cases, you could seek manipulating or abusive partners. If your intense need for a partner combines with your fascination with the dark side of life, then you could end up associating with addicts and criminals.

There is a tendency with Pluto setting to enter into codependent relationships. These are unhealthy partnerships where one person has all the power and control. Physical and emotional abuse would destroy the little self-esteem you have. A critical point would then be reached where an intervention, dramatic event, or violent incident forces you to recognize and admit you have a psychological problem and seek help.

Pluto destroys to renew, and you have remarkable recuperative powers. If your self-worth or relationship is destroyed, you can transcend the pain and transform yourself. Personal mastery means regaining your inner strength and controlling your destiny.

Depending on other aspects to your Ascendant and fixed star conjunctions, you will hopefully never be taken through the underworld and used and abused by a partner. Experiencing the positive side of natal Pluto opposite Ascendant will still involve intense power and control struggles. Still, they do not have to destroy your self-esteem and physical body.

You may find yourself in relationships where you exert all the power and influence. If you abuse your power by manipulation or intimidation, you can count on being taught a painful lesson before too long. Perhaps you will recognize any controlling behavior and try to evolve to a higher level. Whatever the case, intense power struggles or painful separations will bring positive change and transformation in how you relate at the intimate level.

More positive manifestations of Pluto conjunct Descendant include forming profound connections with people too deep for words to explain. There is a chance you could marry a powerful, wealthy, or famous person. On the other hand, your positive influence on a partner could help make them successful, powerful or wealthy. There is an excellent chance that your life will be positively transformed by someone who changes the course of your life.

Your relationship with a marriage or business partner could develop into a successful business venture that gives you more power, influence, and wealth. Perhaps you will become influential or essential in some other way as a couple. Or maybe your idea of a wealthy and successful marriage is having healthy, happy kids and a comfortable home.

Pluto Opposite Ascendant Transit

Pluto opposite Ascendant transit is sometimes called Pluto conjunct Descendant transit. It means that one-to-one relationships will become more intense and have a more significant impact on your life. Your relationships will be transformed, as will how you relate to close friends and family members.

Your expectations of your partner will likely change. Powerful forces or a dramatic event will change the relationship dynamics if you are married or in a similar relationship. For example, a change in your partner’s career may affect the power balance of the relationship, and it could increase your partner’s self-esteem while lowering yours.

If your relationship was already challenging, Pluto opposite Ascendant transit could result in separation. A healthy relationship should survive, although it will have transformed significantly by the time this transit is over.

It is shared with Pluto conjunct Descendant transit for a significant new relationship. A new person entering your life would likely be a strong driver of change, and they could positively transform you or change your life’s direction. As a result of this person’s influence, you should enjoy more personal power and influence.

There is a chance of a one-to-one relationship with someone who wants to damage your marriage, reputation, or career prospects. They might feel threatened by you or be jealous of you, and you may also choose to target someone you feel threatened by or because of revenge.

An openly antagonistic relationship with an enemy will transform how you relate to others. This can be a positive experience if you have always been submissive or abused. A conflict during this transit will force you to be ruthless and more powerful. You may be surprised just how strong you can be when you stand up for yourself.

If you attack someone without cause, this transit could negatively transform your life. You will likely suffer through this transit if you have a history of mistreating your partner or denying them their human rights. The same applies if you have bullied a particular person. If you have abused your power over an individual, this could be the year to make up for it through humiliation, loss of power or prestige, pain, or some other form of punishment.

Pluto Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

Liberace 0°10′, Brenda Frazier 0°11′, Tammy Wynette 0°28′, James Watson 0°46′, Yehudi Menuhin 0°46′, Antonio Banderas 0°51′, Wallace Clement Sabine 1°01′, Arnold Bax 1°04′, Manuel Noriega 1°08′, Paul Newman 1°12′, Jane Fonda 1°17′, Titus Salt 1°20′, Andy Gibb 1°21′, James Croll 1°27′, Hugo Black 1°29′, Lorenzo Carcaterra 1°31′, Charles Dickens 1°47′, Stu Sutcliffe 1°48′, Tom Jones 1°52′.

31 thoughts on “Pluto Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. Sadly this is my ex husband, even safder that he is a truth seeking Saggitarian, with a Libra moon, who was so damaged by the toxic environment of home as a child, that he became heighly deceitful & manipulative “a charmer” or emotionally abusive to the pont of becoming a danger, you could see the menacing nature growing thrpugh his eyes as he became detetmoned to take down amy one who loved him, to make him look better, making obvious how unworthy he felt underneath ot all. I atill love him, the truth seeker, tha man of courage he is at heart, however that was not what he had become until finally it was neccessary to let him go 18years ago, since then his hatred of me became a vengence to settle what he saw to be his entirlement, the noble knight becomes his own bane lost in the dark forest , his acting has improved selling himself as a pillar of society, as his downward slide goes on. Of couse as we were both born in 1961, we both have Pluto in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces, which could have has him now as an elder, a fine example of a healer, integrity, high moral standing. Even though we have been evolved into higher minded beings for eons now, the majority still underestimate and deny the power of the psychology of our higher minds and the long standing affect this can have on the whole life of a child subjected to abuse, because of how vulnerable they are to deep wounding, before the age of reason around age 12, & oir natural ability to shape shift or morph into what we mimic that we see more of. It is abuse of trust and duty pf care by the responsible adults, sadly so commonplace these days, that the majority of society do it and laws, rules, regulations restrict it in remaining commonplace by dictating what we can choose from to be or so, thus no one sees it as such any more, uet many see that the outcome has been repulsive. Nought strange as folk, ezpecially cloned ones, regulated to operate by habitual trained routine.

  2. You totally hit the nail on the head when speaking of a shifting balance of power within the couple with Pluto opposite the ascendant. Most astrologers focus only on relationships when seeing a transit on the descendant, but let’s not forget that this is also an opposition to the ascendant and with Pluto there one’s image and position in life could undergo a thorough make over. In my case this transit brought me a long period of unemployment, while my husband was starting a new career. The power balance definitely shifted for us.

    • Hi lstanasi and thank you for the feedback. This is so interesting this polarity when one side goes up the other side goes down the keep the balance. I will pay more attention to this when i look at more transits to the relationship axis. I wonder if Pluto sextile and trine Ascendant lets both partners make more money.

      • Thanks, Jamie. I also have a similar natal constellation. My life is now much more quiet and simply better without a partner. Stress 500%. Dirty tricks, the whole shee-bang. Didn’t need a transit to trigger it, either. Greets to down under.

  3. Wow I have pluto in scorpio 25 20′ opp ascendant in taurus 23 12′ with a t-square to my sun in leo 26 59′. Loved your writing.

  4. The transit is currently going on and the relationship I have with my partner has transformed from love to friendship to epathy… As I also have Venus trine Pluto close to 0° my entire life was devoted to this relationship but something profound has happened to change this once and for all…after years of waiting for love to change things, love did change the entire relationship dynamics…too much emotional turmoil.. heartbreaking..hope this ends soon..more dreadful is that it coincides with Saturn square Pluto during the entire 2018… Any relief would be welcome

  5. Its me!!! My natal Pluto O’ Libra opp Asc 29′ Piscis. So perfect youre description. All my partners have Pluto conjuct or opposite Venus in close aspect. I attract all this kind of people, powerful, succesful, intense, obsesive. I feel like a channel for them to experience this energy through me. I never leave my own power and this makes it more difficult. ????. I hardly trust in someone, I rather be alone and happy.

  6. Pluto opposition Natal, means that one has given away ones power away to others due to too much deepenedcy, or not understanding the dynamics of ballance and equality in relationships even in the sphere of religious concept with a higher power. Projection of one’s shadow takes on mammoth proportion of destruction in the most incidious manner in relationships. Harder still if Pluto opposite the Natal sun and or Mars or sun in Aquarius or air sign. There the ego being weak adds double troubles for the native fate at the hands of others. The native destiny this time is to free himself from all relationships of the past, even ancestral ties and learn to stand totally aloneand the importance of self love while experiencing a total rebirth and self assembling. This is truly the dark night of the soul most epic battle. Sadly many lose it due to lack of knowledge of astrology.

    • No, Pluto on descendent does not mean giving one’s power away. The 7th house is Libra. Libra seeks balance. The scales can just as easily go the other way where the Pluto person controls the partner.

  7. Even more true if the sun sign natally falls in the 7th house, Living for and through others.all relationship s will carry a most toxic and incidious aroma. A most difficult turning point for the soul.

  8. In the end such a soul will need to connect and make friends with his shadow, nature and the mother. And above all to forgive an aspect of one self. It’s truly home sailing after that with a truly expanded consciousness of god within .

  9. Surely you cannot see this transit in isolation. Pluto is now opp ,y ascendant, but at the same time is sextile my Saturn and sextile my MC, therefore Trine my DC. Also in transit Jupiter and Mars are conj Saturn, trine MC. In 2020 Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are in loose conjunction opp my Asc…. Make sense of that!

  10. Hi Jamie… Im headed for a major Pluto and Saturn conjunction 4degrees from descendant and 2degrees from St Node.. 2020 would be a good year for foresight!

    • Hi, I would love to hear how it turns out for you. I’m also having a conjunction to the ascendant within 2-3 degrees. It’s already hell! There’s a lot of frustration with finding work (capricorn) where I can feel empowered (the key is to mutually empower I guess), but also fulfilled; I’m not finding the help in people I used to be able to rely on; and there are financial power struggles with family members…
      Indeed I seem to be able to affect other people’s lives more, usually financially… But I find myself at an imbalance where I give more and receive less. In other situations it’s the opposite.

  11. I do have Pluto conjunct my descendant transit for a while,
    My Partner opened his own business, while I was unemployed
    he became much more self-confident while I found myself sitting at home, waiting for him…. the years before I left him waiting for me 😉

    • Hello Mimi- the imbalance. What is that difficult in the “Libran” house with intense Pluto there.

  12. Hello Jamie! This is my life assignment so I gladly read up on it. After being widowed at a realively young age, I never went into a relationship again. The power was given to the husband leaving me dangerously drained. I think long-term. relationships are a life-investment not a stop-gap. Transit Uranus conj natal Venus hasn’t been painful due to good astrological advice. These transits are generally not for keeps and Pluto is not interested in that uncertainty. Greets!

  13. Interestingly, I believe Meghan Markle has had transiting Pluto conjunct her descendant the past years and now March 2021.This recent episode in the series of Meghan and prince Harry in an interview with Oprah, is really so childish beyond words. How can two grown up people make such a mess in order to attract a world wide attention? It really seems that the immaturity of these two – and no one else – is painfully shameful. What´s their point? Getting the attention and the sympathy of the world for their immense suffering and pain? This is so ridiculous that I cannot believe that any other media except the yellow press is paying any attention to these two individuals who obviously resist growing up. I read a few articles, I had enough. Downright stupid.

    • I believe their relationship has changed recently, particularly to do with the businesses they are in together – they are going in different directions. Harry just been seen at the super bowl with Eugenie. He has been doing more with Better Up and proselytizing about mental health as if he is a professional psychologist. Maybe she has GOT bored with him and is looking for political partnership s.

  14. 1 million $ for “pooping” on the rellies ia a real bitter pill.

  15. Bingo. My husband started a new career right when Pluto was hovering over my ascendant almost in the exact degree. his career took off while I took a hiatus…and during those 4 months of transition, he abandoned me, out of sheer ego. we used to work so well together in our own business, but once this new offer came through, everything changed. I am on my own now and he’s flying high. Interestingly, I don’t know how this happened because I am a very sensitive, empath…never hurt a soul yet I am suffering deeply while he’s flying high. I don’t get it.

  16. Sooo, i have Aldebaran Ascendant , which means that i have Antares Descendant, both Square to Venus, Also i have Venus Square Pluto (0°17)

    I read your post about Venus Square Pluto, that i need to learn to love myself, which i successfully achieved and my life turned upside down for the better, but still i am curious what can i expect from relationships, Jamie

    I have Also Sun Conjunct Spica (1°03) & Arcturus(0°39) Alongside Mars Trine Jupiter (0°36)

  17. My natal Ascendant us at 24 Leo and my natal Venus at 24 Libra. Am a sun Virgo. What should I expect during pluto transit in Aquarius?

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