Sun Sextile Uranus Natal and Transit

Sun Sextile Uranus TransitYour peculiarities and tendency toward change does not generally cause drama or chaos in your life. Even other people will come to accept your differences because you have a stimulating and exciting affect on those around you. This acceptance also stems from your own self-awareness of your uniqueness and awareness also, of how you others see you.

You may be attracted to scientific or internet based careers, and you would be suited to occult subjects like astrology. You enjoy the freedom and self-confidence to express yourself with flair. You are also very clever, ingenious, inventive and above-all creative.

It is common with this aspect to have a big, or healthy ego and to be proud of being different. You will stand up for the underdog and will fight against injustice and authoritarian rule. Flashes of insight and an uncanny ability to find new and innovative ways of doing things can lead to new discoveries and revelations.

Sun Sextile Uranus Transit

Transiting Sun sextile Uranus brings pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters. This is a good time to try something new and exciting, and you should have enough freedom to be able to do this. Increased self-awareness can come through flashes of insight or through feedback from personal interactions.

Creativity is stimulated and you should feel comfortable expressing the more flamboyant, or kinky side of your personality. Socializing, group activities and chance encounters should be more frequent and enlightening. You are more likely to meet unorthodox types or people from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds than your own.

Curiosity and inventiveness allow you to make new discoveries or receive flashes of insight about whatever interests you. Scientific, electronic and internet technology subjects may spark your interest, and this is also an excellent time to  practice astrology or similar subjects.

It may be difficult to stick to routine and you will be easily distracted. However, it is this tendency to skip from one thing to another that leads to the extra insight and discoveries. Taking the opposite view or making changes in your life will not be as disruptive as it sometimes can. You will find new ways of doing things than can lead to greater efficiency.

This interpretation for Sun sextile Uranus transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon sextile Uranus.

Sun Sextile Uranus Celebrities

Jean-Claude Van Damme 0°00’09”, John Frawley 0°05′, Tony Blair 0°06′, Aleister Crowley 0°07′, Sir Hugh Greene 0°28′, Dr. Phil McGraw 0°31′, Howard Sasportas 0°37′, Diana Ross 0°43′, Kirk Douglas 0°38′, Jennifer Lopez 0°43′, Dianna Ross 0°43′, Paula Abdul 0°46′, George Michael 0°51′, Chrissie Hynde 0°58′, Robert Creeley 0°58′, Alicia Witt 1°09′,  David Icke 1°20′, Jeff Buckly 1°52′, Sir Isaac Newton 1°58′.

Sun Sextile Uranus Dates

13 February 2018
23 June 2018
18 February 2019
27 June 2019
22 February 2020
1 July 2020
25 February 2021
5 July 2021
2 March 2022
10 July 2022
6 March 2023
14 July 2023

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  1. The celebrities with this aspect cant be more convincing. The efficiency influence i can personally attest. Thanks Jamie.

    • Yes I is really noticeable with this aspect. That’s the benefit of using only very tight orbs because it means the aspect is one of the strongest in their chart so has greater impact on their personality or behavior.

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