Mars Trine Jupiter Natal and Transit

Mars Trine Jupiter Transit

Mars trine Jupiter maximum orb 5°30′.

Mars trine Jupiter natal is an indicator of success in life. Some may call you lucky, but you make your own luck through a strong self-belief and good, honest intentions. No one can doubt your strong work ethic and productivity.

You are bold, confident, and never shy to try your hand at something new or challenging. This aspect is noteworthy for its physicality, sexy appearance, strength, and athleticism. Victory in sports and war can also apply to business and politics, where your leadership talents bring loyal colleagues and fans.

You would make a good warrior, but your integrity and generosity bring more compromise and win-win situations than hostilities. You are the one who will take the first bold step to make things happen for the benefit of all involved. It may be your instinct or judgment, but decisive action is your strong point.

Getting people to work together on common goals may also come from your creative talents. This is an aspect of birthing, applying your ample energy and initiative to make something big, valuable, and successful.

There is also primal creative energy behind your sexuality. Yet the proud way you express your sexuality can be far removed from the species’ survival. The sexual magnetism you ooze wins you many admirers but can also open many doors in life.

Mars Trine Jupiter Transit

Mars trine Jupiter transit increases your desire to compete to win. Almost any action you start now will turn out to be successful. This transit is one of the best indicators of successful effort — successes in war, sport, sexual conquest, and business.

The good fortune you enjoy comes from your strong self-belief and good intentions. Applying such bountiful and positive energy toward any righteous cause will bring the benefits you desire. This is one of those rare times when risk-taking is advised.

You should get what you want, even with selfish intentions, as long as no one is hurt. Use your initiative and act on your instincts. This is the right time for decisive actions, making important decisions, taking the lead and increasing your wealth.

You can count on good judgment to take advantage of any opportunities for personal, material or spiritual growth that come your way. This is a perfect time for dating and improving existing relationships. Other people will be strongly drawn to your sexual aura and confident presence.

Mars Trine Jupiter Celebrities

Roseanne Barr 0°02′, Julian Clary 0°02′, Hans Fritzsche 0°02′, Hank Locklin 0°07′, Thomas Browne 0°11′, Reinhold Ebertin 0°11′, Mia Farrow 0°13′, Karl Kaufmann 0°13′, Stephen King 0°22′, Ferruccio Lamborghini 0°22′, Andie MacDowell 0°24′, Tyga 0°24′, Steve Winwood 0°27′, Jaclyn Taylor 0°32′, Chrissie Hynde 0°33′, Mike Barson 0°34′, Upton Sinclair 0°35′, William Wyler 0°44′, Sukarno 0°45′, Jack Bruce 0°47′, Brian Eno 0°54′, Yehudi Menuhin 0°54′, Gregory Peck 0°54′, Wilhelm Brückner 0°57′, Ernesto Miranda 1°00′, Anne, Princess Royal 1°00′, Helen Keller 1°02′, Robert Hand 1°07′, Roberta Taylor 1°08′, Jack London 1°09′, Harry Reid 1°12′, August Bebel 1°13′, Christopher Wren 1°15′, Maximilien Robespierre 1°18′, James K. Polk 1°19′, Joseph Fiennes 1°25′, Heinrich Himmler 1°28′, Leonardo DiCaprio 1°30′.

Mars Trine Jupiter Dates

1 August 2023
12 January 2024
28 October 2025
21 March 2026
30 December 2027
21 May 2028
23 February 2030
28 July 2030
1 May 2032
20 October 2032

13 thoughts on “Mars Trine Jupiter Natal and Transit

  1. Mr. Jamie my mars in cancer my jupiter in scorpio and saturn in pisces are all In a Water Trine what does the water element do to the mars trine jupiter thats supposed to be Fire appreciate your wisdom.

  2. It does of course have a highly “noble knight” feel about this aspect, unfortunately some may become deluded that they are superheroes with this methinks, using others as kindling to start fires. not always literally often metaphorically either way it is just so they can be seen to be the hero and put it out and destroy the lives of others in the process, not honourable, fair or respectful, sadly and it occurs far more frequently than many are willing to acknowledge in that old established man made world, sacrificing the life of many innocent men women and children in the name of war or competition for basic/personal needs to look like the hero eliminating the minority who are deemed “bad” not always completely true, except through pride and its prejudice, judgement of the many due to a few, mostly. Hopefully the more positive potential is in reach of more, even though not inclined to publicly boast of it, sometimes to escape from tyranny spite and greed, one needs to be quiet and unthreatening and just move on.

  3. Hi Jamie! I currently have both Pluto and Mars trine natal Jupiter and Juno….and reading your post it sounds as everything is good with the trine :)…
    hopefully it will bring some well deserved good things to my life! Can this help me with work and financial matters? (Mars rules my Mc and Pluto my 5 house….although if I remember well you do not work with houses)

    P.s: hope things are also getting better for you!

  4. I too am feeling a little relief as this builds, also because Jupiter has just passed over a quincunx to my Jupiter conjunct IC at 5Aquarius so I worked with the stress of it to do my best to delete energy from the full on presentation of ghosts or people places things experienced that haunt us at the depth of the back of our mind (negative imprints on energy due to tramatic events or only thought forms without substance tempting to re energise the fear it will happen again, no choice type thing because of past experiences now gone which is untrue, there is a choice at to whether to believe in them or not) anyway, Pluto demolishes yet always creates a ghosting effect to discover our “bane” that haunts us, so we are able to systematically remove the fear from them, a bit like the symbolism of Harry Potter and Vol de Mort type thing, any way Mars conjunction of Pluto in Capricorn had them building to seem quite realistic and 9 days of extreme inner turmoil and panic attacks occured like the tremors building to an earthquakes and then the after shocks to diffuse the fear it will happen again (anyone who has suffered true panic attacks will understand this) being highky sensitive with a Libra moon, I dont do Mars energy well, yet this time I managed to work with it rather than fight against it and up the anti which definitively has worked in my favour. I do not know why I am inspired to share all this, on here, apologies Jamie if I have inadvertantly overstepped a boundary, I just felt it need to be offered so maybe someone else will be able to benefit from it by knowing the pitfalls are there and tempting yet dont have to be a shock or trauma ahead with this, forewarned forearmed to to speak. I thank you for the opportunity to do so.

  5. This just started for me today- but it is coincide with one of the most hellacious Mercury retrogrades Ive ever experienced. But i do feel confident I can do anything.

  6. jamie what do you think of relationship that starts during this transit will last or not

    • jamie what do you think of relationship that starts during this transit will last or not

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