Venus Quincunx Jupiter Natal and Transit

Venus Quincunx Jupiter

Venus quincunx Jupiter maximum orb 4°00′.

Venus quincunx Jupiter natal gives conflicting characteristics, among which charm and politeness mingle with melodrama and obsession. You are generally a fun-loving, warm, and generous person who enjoys being around people. You love entertaining friends with your well-developed sense of humor. While humor and pranks can bring social popularity, taking things too far can lead to embarrassment and controversy.

Going to extremes can cause friction in many areas of life, especially in love relationships and social situations. An underlying tension gives incredible creative talents but can also escalate to anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, irrationality or hypochondria. At times you may become introverted, lacking energy and ambition. While at other times, you might be wildly funny and enjoy social popularity.

Learning moderation is the key to dealing with this aspect. Too much enthusiasm and optimism can make you overbearing and excessive, and you can only sustain this high energy for so long before you reach a tipping point that forces you to relax. It could be over exhaustion or a confrontation that turns drama and overconfidence into shyness and passivity.

Learning your limits is also important in giving and receiving love and affection. Until you become self-confident and comfortable with yourself, you may give too much of yourself to feel valued and accepted. Alternatively, Venus quincunx Jupiter can also manifest as vanity or narcissism. You may experience ups and downs with your finances. So unless you are wealthy, you might have to work on curbing your enthusiasm for retail therapy.

Your society’s religious and moral standards will likely be quite different from your own. You do not have to live by them, but your life will run more smoothly if your humor does not offend others. Relationships tension, controversy, scandal, and even lawsuits are possible if you push your luck too far. And you are a lucky person. You have diplomatic and tact skills, so use them to your advantage.

Venus Quincunx Jupiter Transit

Venus quincunx Jupiter transit brings the potential for relationship tension or financial stress; an imbalance between the love you give and receive needs correcting. If you have done too much for someone, they may take advantage of the situation and make you feel used and abused. If you have taken someone for granted, they may withdraw their affection until you realize how much you need and love them.

You may experience embarrassment, shame or financial hardship if you have overindulged recently. However, you may also receive a gift, money, an offer, or some other good fortune as a karmic reward for earlier good deeds.

Extra charm, diplomacy, and tact will help relieve any relationship tension. You can also use your enhanced sense of humor to entertain your friends or break the ice. However, a tendency to push the limits could result in someone taking offense. People may be more sensitive about religious, moral and sexual topics. Use moderation and humility to avoid controversy, scandal or legal problems.

Venus Quincunx Jupiter Celebrities

Franco Nero 0°00′, Howard Stern 0°07′, Lily Tomlin 0°20′, Nathalie van Parys 0°25′, Jodie Forrest 0°32′, Otto von Bismarck 0°33′, Pauline Ducruet 0°35′, Michael Richards 0°42′, Red Skelton 0°46′, Barack Obama 0°55′, John Derek 0°58′, Georges Seurat 1°03′, Sarah Jane Morris 1°05′, Roseanne 1°05′, Barbara Cartland 1°10′, Frank Ocean 1°12′, Steve Carell 1°15′, Jerry Springer 1°18′, George Moscone 1°20′, Tony Curtis 1°33′, Michelle Pfeiffer 1°36′, Shirley MacLaine 1°36′, Tom Conti 1°38′, Julian Assange 1°49′, James Durbin 1°52′, Mark Harmon 1°55′, Jimmy Swaggart 1°57′.

Venus Quincunx Jupiter Dates

October 23, 2022
November 16, 2023
January 3, 2024
October 10, 2024
November 26, 2024
December 18, 2025
January 31, 2026
February 21, 2027
April 9, 2027

4 thoughts on “Venus Quincunx Jupiter Natal and Transit

  1. Jupiter quincunx Venus is applying in my chart right now. Relationship tension is very strong and there has been a fallout. In my effort to at least get the relationship back to safe, friendly ground I’m making every effort to keep engagement simple, friendly and in safe territory, as if we have just met for the first time. I took advantage of the recent Mars trine to Jupiter transit to initiate a conversation and I’m happy to report the pain of loss is gone. A new starting point.

  2. At this point of life there is uncertainty in mostly all areas of my life a new beginning but don’t know what direction I am going.

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