Uranus Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Uranus Square Midheaven Transit

Uranus square Midheaven maximum orb 4°00′.

Uranus square Midheaven natal makes you fiercely independent, sometimes to your disadvantage. Rebellious under restraint, you needed supportive parents to give you a certain amount of freedom while guiding you gently in a way that helped you express your unique and perhaps egocentric ways.

Your early home life may have been unstable. Perhaps your parents divorced, a single parent raised you, or you have a complicated or mixed family. If you could not express yourself freely by understanding parents and teachers, you likely rebelled against authority and tradition. Others would have seen this as defiance, contempt, disruptiveness, and bad behavior.

Punishment for rebellious behavior in your youth through detention or isolation may not have upset you because you can handle being alone. But unless you learn to express yourself in a way that does not anger those in authority, your career prospects may suffer, or worse, you could be confined in a prison cell, which is the worst outcome for such a freedom-loving person.

So the big lesson with this aspect is to express yourself, your personality, and your beliefs without hurting others. The more you learn to adjust your behavior and compromise, the more you can make the desired changes and convince others. More importantly, you will be better able to share your genius, creativity, progressive ideas, and inventions with the world.

Unfortunately, along the way, you could be estranged from family members, lose friends, and make enemies. Sometimes you may feel all alone and that no one understands you. You may suffer hardships trying to start your career, try various jobs of short duration, or move around a lot. Even when you do find success, you may have ups and downs or have to adapt or relaunch your career.

When you reach a point in your career or calling of power and authority, it is essential to remember what it was like when you were young. Listen to others’ calls for change and make people feel included. Don’t become too remote. Otherwise, you may face a rebellion yourself.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference. [1]

Uranus Square Midheaven Transit

Uranus square Midheaven transit can be a time of uncertainty, unpredictability and change. At the most personal level, you may question your place, what you want for yourself and your family, and your real goals. Importantly, you may realize that they must support your individuality for your home life and career to be in harmony.

You now want the freedom to choose, but circumstances could make that difficult. Change or disruption in your career may well be causing insecurity and affecting your loved ones. And changes at home may be affecting your work life. This could lead to restlessness and irritation. If you have been constrained or limited lately, those feelings may lead to anger and rebellion.

But this is not the time for impulsive actions and sudden life-changing moves. The best course of action now is to adapt to the changes affecting your home life and career. See them as opportunities that will eventually lead to more stability and security and allow you greater freedom in the future.

Uranus Square Midheaven Celebrities

Billy Ray Cyrus 0°00′, Oliver Baldwin 0°01′, Charles de Gaulle 0°06′, Louis XVI 0°07′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 0°07′, Chris Pratt 0°09′, Henry IV of France 0°11′, Jack Kerouac 0°11′, Billy Mitchell 0°14′, Daniel Chester French 0°17′, Lucile Ball 0°18′, Larry Flynt 0°19′, George III 0°21′, Allison DuBois 0°27′, Diana Ross 0°29′, Jeremy Silman 0°50′, Billy Corgan 0°52′, Nigel Farage 0°57′, Buddy Rose 0°58′, Che Guevara 1°08′, Paul Claudel 1°15′, Martha Graham 1°15′, Steven Spielberg 1°16′, Kurt Cobain 1°27′, Monica Lewinsky 1°31′, Phil Spector 1°34′, Hugh Hefner 1°35′, Angela Merkel 1°50′, Beck 1°56′, Allen Ginsberg 1°59′.


  1. The Serenity Prayer, Reinhold Niebuhr

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  1. Spot on, thank you Jamie! My Scorpio Uranus additionally squares Mars on Dsc in Leo. To my own disadvantage 🤣

  2. I have Uranus conjunct my Leo ascendant at me midheaven natally .
    This is on point and totally resonates with me.
    Thank you.
    Your posts are always so incisive.
    Blessings to you

  3. what you described fits almost totally to my life…but the orb for the square from Uranus to Midhavean is 10 degrees…as an astrologer don’t use such wide orb….Uranus how ever is in a tight finger of Yod with Saturn and Jupiter ….with the Moon in opposition ….Saturn rules 10th house where jupiter is…Moon in 4th….what you wrote has been the life have had….divorce parents…bullying in school….it goes on…vANCE

  4. Thank you for your keen insights ! I am so grateful for you ! You are one of the Best , Ever 💫

  5. Hello Jamie
    I love that you look at aspects to the Midheaven and Ascendant. So few websites do. These posts make your site outstanding. (I have some harsh aspects to my Ascendant that I’ve learnt more about from you.)
    I’d be interested to know if you ever consider the Vertex point.
    Thank you for continuing to work, and to your good health,
    Regards, T

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