Venus Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

Venus Square Ascendant Transit

Venus square Ascendant maximum orb 5°30′.

Venus square Ascendant natal makes you romantic, stylish, and popular but can also cause problems with your self-image, relationships and finances.

You can count on being well-liked because of your good looks and charismatic appeal. However, you could take your friends for granted or come to rely too much on your charm. If so, admiration could quickly turn to notoriety or scandal. You may then also be accused of being shallow, insincere or immoral.

Social popularity can lead to other potential problems if you come to expect the compliment and favors that go with it. If you do not learn to make an effort to receive love and affection, you could become lazy in relationships. Or you may become self-indulgent and want to enjoy the good life while forgetting your responsibilities.

If you had a comfortable or affluent childhood, wastefulness and excess could lead to self-esteem and financial problems later in life. However, if you had to work hard to earn love and money, you would have learned to respect money, friendship and yourself.

Learning from experience teaches you modesty and the value of love, hard work, and money. This leads to a healthy self-image, fewer complications in your relationships, and more admiration than scandal.

Venus Square Ascendant Transit

Venus square Ascendant transit can make you romantic, stylish, and socially popular. It often brings more love and affection and can influence relationships, even signaling the start of a significant new relationship.

One potential problem is not being assertive in asking for what you want or complaining about what you don’t like. Because you tend to become insecure, indifferent or lazy, you may instead put up with something and not make a fuss.

Another possibility is expected love and affection without trying to earn it. You may want to socialize and make love but forget your other responsibilities. Also, a lack of modesty and discretion could lead to notoriety and scandal. Indiscretions in your love life could lead to embarrassment and regret.

Don’t be too self-indulgent or wasteful with your money and other resources. This transit can indicate carelessness with your finances. A conscious effort to be more self-disciplined is needed to avoid this.

Venus Square Ascendant Celebrities

Gustave Flaubert 0°00′, Bill Haley 0°00′, Brooke Shields 0°02′, Colby O’Donis 0°03′, Garry Kasparov 0°09′, Uma Thurman 0°20′, Michael Chang 0°22′, Heinrich Schütz 0°23′, Mick Jagger 0°27′, Marie Alexandrine Becker 0°29′, Gary Hart 0°31′, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 0°35′, Samuel Taylor Coleridge 0°42′, Ted Kennedy 0°44′, Josh Homme 0°48′, Claude of France 0°50′, Julius Streicher 0°53′, Mary Shelley 0°54′, Georges Seurat 0°54′, Tom Hanks 1°04′, Dmitri Shostakovich 1°06′, Billy Bragg 1°07′, Ron Jeremy 1°09′, William Bligh 1°14′, Maureen O’Hara 1°23′, Elizabeth I 1°30′, Dennis Rodman 1°41′, H. G. Wells 1°46′, Friedrich Nietzsche 1°48′.

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