Mercury Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Mercury Square Midheaven TransitMercury square Midheaven natal makes you a charismatic idea person with a great imagination. Although you have many talents, communication is your strength, but it can also get you into trouble at times.

Trying to understand the mysteries of life continually sparks your intellect. It makes you curious and inquisitive and enables you to teach yourself. You are an articulate communicator yet have an informal style. So you have the ability to convey your ideas in a way that allows many people to understand things easily. You would make an excellent propagandist.

You may have moved a lot when growing up. If so, you would probably have missed the places you used to live. Even when older you may get homesick, or even dislike traveling, especially flying. You may in fact be very nostalgic and yearn for your old self, feeling sad about the passage of time. This can lead to regrets and bouts of depression. Anxiety, OCD, and panic attacks are also possible side effects of having the overactive mind that comes with Mercury square Midheaven.

Yet at the same time, you can be very optimistic about the future. This dichotomy can cause an inner battle that may result from a close relationship with both parents who were opposites. Or perhaps it comes from different teachers who were influential in your upbringing.

This inner battle is related to pessimism versus optimism about the future and memories of the past. But it can also result in simultaneous skepticism and wonder. This makes you a free thinker and master of rhetoric and intuitive argument. But this also means disagreements, often with authorities as well as legal problems.

With such an active mind, you may have had trouble at school due to unchallenging classes and uninspiring teachers. You may focus your interests too broadly across a number of areas, not finish work or give up or cancel things.

Spreading fanciful ideas or those that have not been fully proven can lead to controversy and scandal. You may even be accused of plagiarism. It is also possible that you become unpopular with family members, colleagues and superiors. They may turn against you and talk behind your back. Self-aggrandizing or being too outspoken can also lead to criticism, bad media, and loss of reputation.

Mercury Square Midheaven Transit

Mercury square Midheaven transit makes you curious about the future and nostalgic about the past. You may have important discussions with family members or with colleagues and superiors. These serious discussions could be about the past or the future. You may have to travel to meet people and this could involve delays or simply be annoying.

A mix of optimism and skepticism is possible as you think about your future. You may feel sad about missed opportunities or have regrets, even guilt about the choices you have made in the past. So some indecision or hesitation is possible, and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, you should avoid focusing your interests too broadly across a number of areas. There is a risk of being easily distracted or getting bogged down in small details and missing the bigger picture. This could lead you to not finish your work, or give up or cancel things.

Also, take care to think things through fully and to do your research. Spreading fanciful ideas or those that have not been fully proven can lead to controversy and scandal. Think twice before sharing information on social media.

Your discussions may involve some sticking point or problem that needs to be resolved before you can move on. But arguments and conflict are possible if you try to force your ideas without listening to the advice of others. There is a risk of upsetting people in your career who may turn against you and damage your prospects.

Self-aggrandizing or being too outspoken could lead to controversy, criticism, bad media, and loss of reputation. Open-mindedness and cooperation will instead lead to win-win situations and better relations with family, colleagues, and superiors.

Mercury Square Midheaven Celebrities

Adele 0°07′, Burl Ives 0°07′, Rodney King 0°07′, Carl Sagan 0°08′, E. H. Sothern 0°17′, Bernard Arnault 0°19′, Niall Horan 0°19′, Tony Blair 0°20′, Edwin C. Moses 0°26′, Grace Kelly 0°29′, David Grohl 0°37′, Belinda Carlisle 0°39′, Leo Varadkar 0°40′, Cilla Black 0°41′, Walter de la Mare 0°47′, Loni Anderson 0°49′, Doris Day 0°53′, Alexander Graham Bell 0°55′, Silvio Berlusconi 0°56′, Marie Antoinette 0°59′, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario 0°59′, Lindsay Wagner 1°08′, Dolores O’Riordan 1°12′, Muhammad Ali 1°17′, Andy Warhol 1°19′, Marguerite Duras 1°26′, Lee Miller 1°35′, Martha Graham 1°41′, Carlos the Jackal 1°43′, Ferdinand Marcos 1°57′.

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