Uranus Trine Ascendant Natal and Transit

Uranus Trine Ascendant Transit

Uranus trine Ascendant maximum orb 6°00′.

Uranus trine Ascendant natal means you are open-minded, creative and experimental. Doing your own thing in your own way is very important to you. You prefer to find things out for yourself because learning by experience is more exciting and interesting than formal education. Although people may find you eccentric, they accept you for who you are because you are lively, engaging, and accepting of everyone. You push the boundaries of society and relationships. However, your intention is to increase awareness rather than cause a revolution.

This aspect means you should have the freedom to be as independent as you want. If you were to be restricted in some way, you certainly would not like it, but you have a remarkable ability to adapt. You would still probably rebel or try to escape. Your unusual tastes may be reflected in your partner. It would be easier for you to form a long-term relationship with someone from a different cultural or ethnic background or simply someone lively and open-minded.

You tend to gravitate toward eccentric people, original types who think outside the box. You need to be stimulated by colorful friends and unusual experiences. So you tend to move away from anything routine or boring. You are suited to the fast-changing technological era we are living through. How exciting!

Uranus Trine Ascendant Transit

Uranus trine Ascendant transit allows you to be yourself more in relationships. It gives you more freedom to express your unique personality and follow your goals as distinct from another person.

Greater self-awareness, open-mindedness, and opportunity will lead to new and varied experiences and adventures to make your life more interesting and exciting. The changes in your life could include your close relationships, but a good relationship does not have to end. If a connection is worth continuing, your partner will surely be happy to see you getting more out of life, and they will adapt.

Unexpected new friendships are likely as you become more enticing and exciting with an electric type of attractiveness. You will be attracted to and attract different kinds of people than you are accustomed to associating with. You may meet people from other countries and cultures or travel to exotic places to meet them.

Flashes of insight and psychic awareness can lead to discoveries about yourself to expose your full potential. Other people you meet can also help you leave your old ways behind. Some new people you meet will come and go quickly, but it is possible to meet a long-term partner. However, making a solid commitment during this transit would prove difficult.

Uranus Trine Ascendant Celebrities

Woody Allen 0°01′, Sir William Hamilton 0°02′, Shirley Temple 0°10′, Camille Paglia 0°10′, Pablo Escobar 0°11′, Oscar Wilde 0°11′, Robert Currey 0°11′, Donald Rumsfeld 0°13′, Harrison Ford 0°26′, Jimmy Swaggart 0°32′, Gloria Estefan 0°43′, Buddy Holly 0°44′, Jay Rockefeller 0°46′, Herb Ritts 0°48′, Edwin C. Moses 0°51′, Robin William 1°02′, Andrea Dworkin 1°05′, Mark David Chapman 1°06′, Kenneth Copeland 1°37′, John Cena 1°43′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 1°45′.

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  1. Hello Jamie! I have Uranus in Capricorn 23 trine my Ascendant in Taurus 23 literally at 0’03 Degrees, Loved to hear your unique take on this! you and everyone have a good day or night ^-^

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