Moon Square Mercury Natal and Transit

Moon Square Mercury TransitMoon square Mercury natal creates a high degree of tension between your heart and mind. This is not open warfare but a continual questioning or internal debate between your thoughts and feelings. The result is an intellectual or creative genius, but the process can play havoc with your personal life.

Anything you feel strongly about or have an opinion on is subject to your questioning, indecisiveness, and variability of emotions or interest. This can have a particularly detrimental effect on your intimate relationships. You may not care much about what others think of you, but your partner will most likely.

The internal conflict between your thoughts and feelings can manifest externally as communication problems between you and your partner. You are willing to openly and honestly share your feelings but the message received can be less thoughtful and caring than intended.

Friends may come and go, but family is forever. Your parochial views on family may reach beyond the clan and extend even to nationalism.

There are so many ebbs and flows in life, but when you’re raising small children, your family means everything. [Uma Thurman]

There is no doubting your wit, charisma, and cultural understanding. However, this aspect is neutral for good or evil so your provocative influence can lead to fame or infamy.

Moon Square Mercury Transit

Moon square Mercury can bring disagreement because of parochialism or moodiness. You may feel very opinionated on a particular subject and care little what others think. However, this is not a good time to preach to others and tell them how they should think or act.

To a large extent, this battle between thoughts and feelings should be internalized. This is contrary to most psychological and astrological advice, and there are exceptions. These exceptions include parochial views about your family, clan, or larger emotional grouping. It would be great if you could let off steam at a football match or political debate even.

Your emotional biases are influencing your thoughts, and your intellectual reasoning can influence how you feel about a person or subject. The best use of this tense energy is hard mental work. You can take a critical look at both sides as you perfect your ideas. Otherwise, this is a good time to tidy up at home. You are in the right frame of mind for feeding and cleaning children while getting ahead on routine chores around the home.

This interpretation for Moon square Mercury transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon square Mercury.

Moon Square Mercury Celebrities

Jacques Leroy de Saint-Arnaud 0°00′, Compton Mackenzie 0°01′, Uma Thurman 0°03′, Martha Graham 0°04′, Langston Hughes 0°07′, Konrad Adenauer 0°11′, John Hinckley 0°18′, Maureen Connolly 0°20′, Mae West 0°24′, Arthur Koestler 0°31′, Willie Nelson 0°35′, Allen Ginsberg 0°36′, Bernard Arnault 0°39′, Debra Winger 0°41′, Victor Hugo 0°42′, Harry Houdini 0°45′, David Icke 0°51′, Susan Sarandon 0°52′, Jimmy Hoffa 0°54′, Mary Shelley 0°54′, Manuel Noriega 0°55′, Charles Manson 1°01′, Zoë Kravitz 1°24′, Oscar Wilde 1°43′.

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