Saturn Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Saturn Opposite Ascendant Transit

Saturn opposite Ascendant maximum orb 7°30′.

Saturn opposite Ascendant natal is also called Saturn conjunct Descendant or Saturn Setting. It mainly affects your one-to-one relationships, making you a very loyal friend and lover and taking your close relationships seriously. But your personal and professional partners can cause some difficulties in your life.

Your friends and partners may be too controlling or critical of you. In this case, it is possible that you subconsciously attract a strict father figure. You may fear being responsible for your affairs or not think you are good enough to take control of your own life.

Alternatively, you may be responsible in the relationship and attract younger or more immature friends and lovers. You may subconsciously feel you have a duty of care and must keep them safe and out of trouble.

Some astrologers say you should wait until you are about 30 until your first Saturn return before you marry. This is questionable and probably based on personal value systems tainted by religion. You learn so much about life and yourself through close one-to-one relationships.

You should not fear forming close relationships or getting married. Saturn already has a delaying and isolating influence, and you may already have a fear of marriage if your parents separated. It is possible, especially if Saturn is retrograde that you have memories of loneliness or losing a partner.

You may be critical of others but must learn to use this to your advantage. Nagging or teasing others must be avoided. Instead, you should quietly listen and learn about human nature and relationship dynamics. This way, you will be more discerning and make good relationship choices. With age comes self-assurance and self-confidence. You will realize that you deserve a happy marriage and enduring love, more deserving than most.

Saturn setting is an indicator of a long life. The list of celebrities at the end of this post shows they all lived past the average life expectancy, most well past. Even for Gerard Manley Hopkins, who died aged 44, the average life expectancy for his era was 40.

Saturn Opposite Ascendant Transit

Saturn opposite Ascendant transit can bring about a marriage or a separation. If you are with the right person, then Saturn can act like relationship glue and bring long-term commitment like marriage. There will be a heavy responsibility for partnerships, whether with a lover, a business partner, or an open enemy. You need to put in a lot of effort even if you fall in love and enjoy yourself.

Bad relationships will get more stressful and probably reach a breaking point if the problems are too difficult to resolve. If there is a conflict with competitors and enemies, it would be because you are making breakthroughs in your professional life, and they feel threatened or jealous.

You are on the way up to reach your goals. Careful work and perseverance will lead to success. You must take care of all your duties and responsibilities. Don’t leave things to the last minute or procrastinate; you will also need patience and discernment. Get everything done on time and budget. Take no shortcuts. Saturn rewards hard work and taking responsibility.

Saturn Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

Dr. Phil McGraw 0°12′ (aged 69), Prince Michael of Kent 0′14 (aged 77), Jack Paar 0°18′ (died aged 85), Gerard Manley Hopkins 0°18′ (died aged 44), Julian Assange 0°19′ (aged 48), Georges Clemenceau 0°26′ (died aged 88), Willie Nelson 0°36′ (aged 86), Kirk Douglas 0°38′ (died aged 103), Margot Robbie 0°47′, George Van Tassel 0°51′ (died aged 67), Ross Perot 0°57′ (died aged 89), David O. Selznick 1°02′ (died aged 63), Marguerite Yourcenar 1°08′ (died aged 84), Woody Allen 1°48′ (aged 84), Kourtney Kardashian 1°58′, Kevin Smith 2°06′ (aged 49), Stephanie Cole 2°29′ (aged 78).

16 thoughts on “Saturn Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. Thank you Astrology King
    This is the most interesting interpretation of Saturn opposite AC I’ve read in a long time. It describes my sister so well. We don’t know what time she was born but it’s her Sun/Saturn opposition you described so well.

  2. My husband’s birthday is 9th Dec, 1972….time 11.30am….. can you pls tell me about his health and career…. He is in insurance business…

  3. My Descendant 8°Aquarius, Saturn 1°Aquarius, so a 7° Orb. Mercury at 7°Aquarius.

    Thx Jamie. I’ve been making breakthroughs, and there is now a disturbance in the force. My Capricorn Mars, Venus and Sun is in confinement in the Age of Aquarius chart, plus Mars, Saturn and Pluto are transit Capricorn.

    Pluto transit conjunct my natal Sun, 21°Cap.

  4. I Born on 9th October 1973 , 5:40 AM , When i m gona be settled Permanently in one Country . I m like a Rolla Coeaster ??? Pls Tell me
    Many Thanks
    Kind Regards

  5. Finally something that makes sense. My love life has been so hard my whole life. It is very much like you describe. I have Mercury 29 Pisces 33 than 8 degrees from my Pisces rising which would be conjunct that fixed star Scheat you mention. My descendant is 21 Virgo. Vesta is 21 Pisces. Re Scheat, I was a near drowning, have felt suicidal in the past, and suffered extremely during my first marriage. I feel a sense of relief from the new understanding you have given me. Fortunately fI found a great religion in 1985 that I can follow wholeheartedly and know I now have protection from great misfortune. Thank you so much for saying we with Saturn setting deserve a happy marriage. Comforting to hear.

  6. Saturn exact conjunct DSC at 22 Cap. Jupiter at 19 Cap. Second Saturn return coming up. I’ve always felt this placement was a difficult one in that it’s just never my turn yet. But I think having Pluto hovering in the neighborhood might be more upsetting. Dunno. Just so much restriction and angst. I wish I felt more free to enjoy life.

    • It seems a lot of us little people have horrible placements, I really have. Have you tried a Solar Return chart from Just been looking at mine and have to say that Saturn and Pluto about to oppose my Mercury,Sun and I’m tired(knackered) of looking after everyone else. Saturn in my 2nd this next year(whats new?) Pluto in the third. Look for where your vertex is, write down the placement numbers, then put in the next birthday year and see if any of the numbers match up. For instance Vertex in the 8th this year, Venus same number , same sign, next year but gone to 12th. My hubby has dementia and its getting worse so yes, I do know and dread what its saying. The natural way of things So, REMEMBER THIS, We have survived the past and does it make you stronger???? Well, we are better equipped than most to get through the absolute dread caused by astrologers telling us we are doomed, the good stuff does not come so why should the bad stuff. And, second Saturn Return is much easier to deal with. My husband is an Aquarian and his mantra is this(which I always hated) expect nothing and every good thing or nice person etc etc that you get is a huge bonus. Now I know that he was correct and Polly Anna here was wrong. Stop hoping and everything gets a bit better, it really works. Always had horrible Christmas/Birthdays? you know what I mean, stop hoping and you really can cope better. Never my turn yet, loved that. want to join my club……LOL. Read Jessica Adams on the coward Saturn. Pluto over descendant means an ending, Saturn holds on and will not let go, that is not bad news. You do know about Jan 12 2020 don’t you??? the descendant always looks at ascendant, and look at midpoints, just amazing. And, remember this, there are a lot of us drones out there, try not to dread which I do just like you. Thinking of you and sending you love through the medium of Uranus.

  7. Hi Jamie,
    Does Saturn square ascendant at 0° orbit have the same effect as the opposition?

  8. My ascendant is around 10 degrees Scorpio. I married with Saturn in Taurus retro,(going for descendant) Mercury retro with Saturn going to descendant (2nd Marriage) and yes its not been easy but we are stuck together like glue. its what gets you through. ps. Saturn rx, Mercury rx supposed to be terrible for any contract but in love maybe not, 20 years this summer. Jamie is right its a glue, however, unknown to me at the time Saturn was retro on our composite Sun, like we had gone to pick each other up after our first mistakes.!!!

  9. When Saturn was exactly opposite my mom’s Ascendant she married my dad. They’ll be celebrating their 30th anniversary December 31st of this year.

  10. Hi Jamie,
    What would be the orbit to start feeling the transit?
    How long you usually feel it?

  11. I just looked up my chart on the day I got married and transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct my descendant. Interesting!

  12. Hi… am dating a Taurin right now and saturn in Aquarius is conjucting my Descendant@24 and tribes my Venus @ 24 too. Am a sun Virgo. My Fortune is as well @ 23 Leo. Do you think the relstionship will be a kind of karmic one? Tell me mire about ehat you see ir think about it please.
    I was born on the 1st of sept. 1970 @ 5:30am in Kenya and she was born in Chicago on the 21st of April 1952 @ 7:35pm. Thank you in advance.

  13. I have saturn opposite the ascendant. The biggest problem is that I’m an Aquarius and therefore I have the ruler of the Ascendant opposing the Ascendant. My life has always been hard, of annulling myself in front of others, especially my family, which I always carried on my back. Life always brings me people to humiliate me, to put me down and I never understand that. I’m pretty sure I won’t have a long life, because I’ve already decided to kill myself. As things have gotten a lot worse with saturn above my ascendant these days, I’m just waiting for him to finish this transit. If nothing changes for the better, despite my struggle, suicide is certain. I don’t care about a life that’s just one big burden.

    • I have Saturn opposing my ascendant natally too. Leo rising 1 degree, saturn is 2 degree aquarius. I for quite some time felt like I was a victim to this aspect in my chart, that somehow Saturn was always trying to kill my buzz (sun jupiter and chiron also in leo, the childlike sign who wants to play and have fun) .. NN Capricorn, saturn asc opposition teaching me to grow up and take responsibility..
      Many astrologers teach that there are no “bad” aspects, you are not defined by your chart, you can overcome whatever difficulties you face and that is exactly what Saturn teaches us. Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus and Saturn. Too futuristic and brainy to be ruled by Saturn alone, though Capricorn is.
      Aquarius is all about finding your people. If you are embarrassing or humiliating yourself in front of others its because you are taking it too personally, this is not your true family, even if by blood. Find your fellow weirdos, the people you don’t have to change yourself to be around, and you will find a connection and understanding that makes all of your hardships worth it, you’ll come out all the wiser.

      All the best to you!

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