Moon Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

Moon Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Moon conjunct Ascendant maximum orb 9°00′.

Moon conjunct Ascendant natal makes you a sensitive, caring and emotional person. You do not hide your true feelings but do not make a point of showing them off, either. You are a private person who does not seek the limelight. However, you do have public appeal and should enjoy popularity among friends.

You would probably have difficulty hiding your emotions anyway, as showing your true self is a subconscious action. You also interact with others automatically, by habit at the emotional level. Your family probably conditioned your relationship skills at an early age, usually most strongly by your mother or a female carer.

Family is an integral part of your life, and you have the right temperament and skills for parenting. Throughout your life, you will attract many women and enjoy their company. In your relationships with men, you may prefer sensitive types. On the other hand, you may find that a more dominant alpha male style compliments your emotional nature to form a successful partnership.

People like how you share your emotions because they know you are being honest. You do form close emotional bonds and intuitively know how others feel. Your nurturing, maternal nature gives you a lot of sympathy and empathy for others. Others also appreciate this and will repay your kindness. However, don’t give too much of yourself or let others mistake your kindness for weakness. One last thing to watch out for is a tendency to become emotionally demanding of others. Not everyone can sustain your level of emotional support.

Moon Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Transiting Moon conjunct Ascendant makes you more sensitive to your feelings and the feelings of others. Heightened emotions and intuition enrich your intimate relationships and attract new people, especially women or sensitive, caring men. They will appreciate how you share your emotions and genuinely care about their feelings and general well-being.

You will likely feel homely but enjoy a good public image and popularity. You can sense the mood of a group and connect with them and unify them behind a cause. People will appreciate your honesty, empathy, and emotional support and return it as favors or compliments. Dealing with women, in particular, is very beneficial to you. If this is a moon phase, especially an eclipse, there is a good chance of forming a significant new relationship.

Potential problems can arise by acting and reacting out of habit. You may regress into old habits and negative behavior patterns without conscious self-awareness. You risk being taken advantage of if you are too generous with your emotions, and people who see your kindness as a weakness will drain your energy. Alternatively, you may become unusually moody or emotionally demanding of others.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Ascendant transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon conjunct Ascendant.

Moon Conjunct Ascendant Celebrities

Lady Helen Taylor 0°15′, Bernadette Peters 0°19′, Lewis Carroll 0°21′, Farrah Fawcett 0°24′, Jack Kerouac 0°28′, Karen Silkwood 1°12′, Friedrich Nietzsche 1°20′, Bella Hadid 1°21′, Dionne Warwick 1°46′, Garry Kasparov 2°00′, Queen Victoria 2°18′, Martina Navratilova 2°′19, George Harrison 2°49′.

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  1. Finally I hear an accuracy of this aspect!!! This is me, thank you Jamie! In approaching 70 this year and have only heard the more negative. This is me. I care…yes maybe too much. Cheers.

  2. I thought this was a very accurate reading! Thank you so much! Blessings!

      • Yup, I think you did. ????
        Good point at the end, Jamie. I’m trying not to expect too much from kids…emotionally speaking. Astrology helps, doesn’t it!!

  3. Moon conjunct ascendant also indicates a person who has a bit of a childlike quality all their life and that the family or Mother figures prominently throughout their life. The aspects and sign determine the characteristics and if the moon is afflicted then early life could have been difficult with family separations, serious losses or upheavals. It seems like the ascendant affects the whole life in regards to others in close but broken ties. I find that the Moon can often signify one’s whole fortune throughout their life.

  4. Best Definition after clicking on numerous links .. for it was the transit .. Thx Jamie

  5. Hi Jamie, What does it mean if the transiting new moon puts the moon and the sun exactly conjunct one’s ascendant? Appreciate any insights you might have as this is what will occur for me next week at 21 degrees Virgo – all conjunct within a few minutes.

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