Uranus Square Neptune Natal and Transit

Uranus Square Neptune Transit

Uranus square Neptune maximum orb 3°00′.

Uranus square Neptune is a significant planetary aspect shared by the generation born from 1952 to 1957. Uranus square Neptune next occurs from 2037 to 2043.

Natal Uranus Square Neptune

Uranus square Neptune natal makes you intelligent, charismatic, and romantic but also over-sensitive, reactive, and attention-seeking. Sometimes your perception of yourself and the world becomes distorted, leading to strange ideas, sudden disappointments, or embarrassing controversies.

You may become suspicious or paranoid about things others find acceptable or normal. Keeping secrets may prove difficult at times. A particular religious or spiritual upbringing may strongly influence your beliefs throughout life. But it is just as likely that you reject traditional systems and seek alternative or unusual ideologies.

Whatever the case, some system of morals or values is essential to give you a sense of structure, reliability, and continuity. And even if you hold conservative values, you will probably be interested in progressive ideas like anti-discrimination and humanitarian or environmental causes.

Uranus Square Neptune Transit

Uranus square Neptune transit can bring unexpected or sudden changes that test your faith. You may experience deception or disappointment and struggle to understand why. So this can be a very confusing time of life.

It is also possible that you start to become suspicious or paranoid. This is okay because you could be more susceptible to fraud, charlatans, or cult leaders.

However, hypochondria or believing in conspiracy theories would increase this transit’s delusional and confusing effects. For example, you could be more vulnerable to infection, so hygiene, healthy eating, and visiting your doctor are essential now. Vaccination could keep a young, old, or sick relative out of the hospital. But believing the anti-vax conspiracies could cost you dearly.

Your new reality may be challenging, but you should not use strange or unproven ideas or belief systems to make sense of it. Mystical experiences, dreams, and psychic readers are likely to be unreliable. Experimenting with hallucinatory or mind-altering drugs should be avoided, especially if your grip on reality is fragile.

Uranus Square Neptune Celebrities

F. Matthias Alexander 0°01′, Bill Maher 0°04′, Geena Davis 0°05′, Angela Merkel 0°06′, Marie Curie 0°07′, Sandra Bernhard 0°19′, Ravi Shankar 0°23′, Annie Sprinkle 0°25′, Shelley Ackerman 0°30′, Hugo Chavez 0°39′, Nathan Lane 0°42′, Kathie Lee Gifford 0°44′, John Hinckley 0°47′, Mel Gibson 0°50′, Harriet Wilson 0°51′, Hulk Hogan 0°55′, Arsenio Hall 1°01′, Louis XVII 1°02′, Chris Evert 1°03′, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 1°10′, Althea Flynt 1°18′, Annie Lennox 1°19′, Adam Ant 1°22′, Freddie Prinze 1°23′, Denzel Washington 1°27′, Nathaniel Bar-Jonah 1°29′, John Frawley 1°41′, Bjorn Borg 1°56′, Mark David Chapman 1°58′.

Uranus Square Neptune Dates

July 15, 1954
December 2, 1954
June 11, 1955
January 19, 956
May 5, 1956

October 2, 2039
January 31, 2040
August 29, 2040
March 18, 2041
July 25, 2041

20 thoughts on “Uranus Square Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Uranus {hard aspects = unexpected disasters} in hard aspect to Neptune {drugs}. The late Andy Gibb had this aspect in his birth chart {died from drugs}. Both planets mean more than just this, but just pertaining to this particular aspect and the person I’m speaking of.

  2. Pushing vaccination has just got your site taking off my go to read!!!

    • I am totally with you Anne. After all that the ordinary people have been subjected to in 2021 and 2022, especially in Australia where this site hails from, I am appalled to read this propaganda. I wonder how much the oligarchy are paying him, along with so many other celebrities, to push this agenda……. Fortunately there are many other wonderful astrology sites that don’t promote discrimination and anti choice.

      • I AGREE. He sure is twisting things to fit his propaganda on vaccines. It’s a CHOICE. No one should be trying to create division over it. If he’s got such bad judgement and is so anti-freedom, I’m not coming back here either. Agreed, there are better astrology sites who don’t push a vaccine agenda.

        • Anti-freedom? He’s not telling you that you HAVE to be vaccinated. He is just giving the facts as have been stated by a vast majority of medical professionals. You might not suffer the effects of Covid, but by not being vaccinated, you could infect others. Ask the frontline hospitals staffs what they recommend.

          • Hear, hear, Gare Galgbraith!!

            Thanks for your help distinguishing what was written versus what was interpreted. Funny how it kind of bullseye-highlights the pitfalls of the uranus/neptune transit aspect!

            His highness the Astology King has won a new subscriber in me.
            I like a pragmatic voice of reason in wild times, someone who can see all sides.

            I’m a veteran health care worker, no longer at the bedside, but working in patient safety.
            My job these days is to go through the charts of the recently deceased patients, to check for unrecognized error, or improvement opportunities.

            The last few weeks have been worse than any other time in the pandemic- both unvaccinated and vaccinated people get COVID, but the unvaccinated way outnumber those who got the vaccine.
            The death rates?
            Much higher for the unvaccinated.
            And we’re talking healthy folks these days- unvaccinated runners in their 40’s, etc.
            They die. And we do everything to save them.

            Just sayin’.

            The unvaccinated will bankrupt the healthcare system yet- (you know what 4 weeks on a ventilator in ICU costs in labor alone?)

            Also a reminder?
            Almost every medication, vaccination, surgical procedure, suppliment, etc., you could think of has side effects. All of them.
            Medicine will always be an imperfect science.

            Freedom to go without vaccine protection still exists.
            Just be sure you’ve made a though risk-benefit analysis, and are prepared to die for your decision, or worse, unwittingly kill your loved ones.

            You can’t begin to imagine the stunned silence of the survivors, whose unvaccinated loved one just died “unexpectedly” from COVID.

            But as we say in healthcare…it’s a self limiting problem!

    • Oh grow up! What about the polio vaccine? You mean you wouldn’t want it? You’re all ignorant.

  3. Once again, Astrology King, you have hit the nail on the head. Not only do I have the 89 degree natal angle, those are my two ruling planets. Keep up the good work!

  4. Many “frontline” hospital staff have refused to be vaccinated, and lost their jobs but still maintained their ant-vaccine opinion. So deal with that. Of course he’s being divisive. When a vaccine is experimental and caused health damage to many, then just be quiet and let people make up their minds instead of slandering them. If the vaccine really works, (which it doesn’t), why even worry what others do ??? Go get vaccinated and mind your own business. Supposedly you’ll be FINE.

  5. Actually, you are a bald-faced liar propagandist Genocider. The VIRUS is the VACCINE. the VACCINATED are dropping dead with strokes and heart attacks. Little children, you viscous LIAR. HOSPITALS are willfully killing people with Remdesivir and vents for $$$$$ YOU are a disgusting liar.. WE ALL KNOW. IVERMECTIN kills colds flus and MUCH MORE in a few days.

    • You’re right.
      My mistake.
      You know ivermectin also kills heart worms in dogs? Main ingredient in Heartgard- good stuff.
      Best wishes in the new year

  6. When I was having this aspect exact last summer I had a very bad fight with my cousin who is an anti vaxer. I was so upset that she didn’t care that she could hurt other people as well as herself by not getting a shot. We have never fought before. Thank you Jamie for standing up for the health care workers and the health of other people on this planet!!

  7. Veteran “healthcare worker”? Pffft. Means zilch. Your rank is incomparable with a qualified nurse. There are brave nurses around the world who have given testimony to the truth that hospitals are full of VACCINATED patients with serious vaccine injuries, including young people in their 20’s with myocarditis -which until the vaccine roll out, was a very rare condition. “Sudden Adult Death syndrome” is now a thing. Nurses and doctors face threat of job loss if they speak out. There are now graphs showing excess mortality (from all deaths ) in many countries showing same unmistakable and highly disturbing trend – ie. that deaths started spiking way higher than expected average -AFTER the vaccine roll out. This is also being confirmed by insurance companies, and funeral directors Why is the corporate media not reporting any of this? (Ans is not hard to guess).

  8. I’m guessing the person who wrote this has Chiron in the 9th?? Stop pushing your views upon people. Pro-vaxxer or anti-vaxxer, you shouldn’t be using astrology to push your views against anti-vaxxers to fit your own agenda and beliefs. What an ignorant thing to do

    • Chiron in the 4th House. I am not pro or anti vax, just a sensible and caring son, parent and husband.

      • Thanks Jamie! Same here! Chiron in 4th, (in pisces,) and just sad that there’s a lot of great stuff and people here, but I’m going to unsubscribe for lack of moderation around the angry, political discourse. I just don’t need this extra negativity and rage in my life.

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