Mars Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

Mars Square Ascendant Transit

Mars square Ascendant maximum orb 5°00′.

Mars square Ascendant natal gives extraordinary energy that makes you driven, motivated and passionate. You can also motivate and inspire others and may have good leadership qualities. However, this dynamic energy’s raw and abrasive nature verges on aggression that can intimidate and scare others.

Many people with this aspect are drawn to fighting against injustice and standing up for the underdog. You can have a very positive influence and help many people by channeling your aggression into fighting for worthy causes. It could be in feminism, equal rights, workers’ rights, or some other social cause that fires you up.

But that same radical activism and aggressive fighting spirit that can make a big difference can also cause serious relationship problems. You need to realize that the same behavior can hurt your loved ones.

Partners, in particular, can find you arrogant, domineering, selfish, egotistical, demanding, defensive and thin-skinned. You may tend to lose your temper and attack people. A strong, devoted, and understanding partner must stay in such a tumultuous relationship.

Feminist writer and activist Betty Friedan had Mars square Ascendant (0°03′). She wrote:

“The truth is that I’ve always been a bad-tempered bitch.”

And her husband said:

“She changed the course of history almost singlehandedly. It took a driven, super-aggressive, egocentric, almost lunatic dynamo to rock the world as she did. Unfortunately, she was that same person at home, where that kind of conduct doesn’t work. She simply never understood this.”

Betty also gave a clue on how to channel the dynamic energy of this aspect:

“The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own.

Mars Square Ascendant Transit

Mars square Ascendant transit makes you very competitive and easily angered. You are prepared to fight for your rights and against any injustice you see. You can make a big difference in important causes now. But you must be ready to deal with aggressive responses and some controversy.

You can also be selfish and very demanding in personal relationships. You can become argumentative, mean, and aggressive if your passionate desires are not fulfilled. This is likely to be a tumultuous time in a marriage, and the only way to resolve that is to cooperate and be calm and patient. But unfortunately, that is the opposite of what you feel.

This is a difficult time to get your way in relationships. The chance of winning is not good, and losing may make you resentful and vindictive. Even if you do win, the relationship could be left in tatters.

So the best option is to work alone on creative projects or physical activities that burn up your excess energy. You can be very productive by channeling aggression or sexual frustration into worthwhile activities, even housework.

Mars Square Ascendant Celebrities

Betty Friedan 0°03′, Coretta Scott King 0°06′, Artur Dinter 0°08′, Bernardo Provenzano 0°09′, Kevin Hart 0°16′, Barbara Eden 0°16′, Gavin Newsom 0°20′, DuBose Heyward 0°20′, Antonio Banderas 0°26′, Leopold I of Belgium 0°30′, Celine Dion 0°32′, William J. Brennan Jr. 0°34′, Jan Oort 0°35′, Jacques Corrèze 0°40′, Tyrone Power 0°48′, Priyanka Chopra 0°56′, Linda Tripp 0°58′, Baron Trump 1°03′, Loni Anderson 1°03′, Frances Bean Cobain 1°04′, Margot Robbie 1°05′, Gene Simmons 1°05′, Victor Hugo 1°06′, Jean Jaurès 1°06′, Stacy Keach 1°13′, Louis XI 1°18′, Janet Street-Porter 1°21′, Tom Waits 1°23′, M. C. Esher 1°22′, Billy Bean 1°23′, Louis Pasteur 1°24′, John Bennett Ramsey 1°32′, Lana Turner 1°39′, William Bonin 1°48′, Elias Ashmole 1°51′, Nancy Pelosi 1°56′, Patty Hearst 1°57′.

9 thoughts on “Mars Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. Interesting thank you Jamie, I have Mars in Leo 10th sextile Libra ascendant so quite subtle, but I do have Saturn squaring that ascendant from Capricorn that keeps me rock solid in my expression, and Pluto will be conjunct that natal Saturn when Mars/Venus conjuncts Pluto….I have always passionately worked hard to command respect rather than aggressively demand it and since 2012 and definitely in recent years, that passion to listen to my instincts for the best order and timing to be seen/heard and command respect, has been strengthened rather than weakened over the past 9 years, since life as I knew it, ended quite devastatingly, but in hindsight, I have learned, that it needed to, in order and timing to be walking my talk, now. I think I am in for an interesting few weeks and certainly looking forward to the opportunity to help others out of this mess, if they so choose to lay it to rest and leave it behind, where it belongs.

    • My Venus in Aries squares my Capricorn asc. Could this be similar in energy to that of the mars placement? Worth noting moon in Aries conjuncts my Venus also , my mars in Aries about a degree or 2 away from a triple conjunct . But the temperament is there. Curious?

      • I personally would think those placement would be quite formidable in influencing being well principled in self focus to bring out your best self, for the benefit of others, but houses and other points/angles may provide a clearer picture or better understanding. I. dont profess to be an Astrologer Faye, just someone who has been intrigued to learning about it and understanding how it works with my own chart and in relation to others for many years, which is probably quite Libra of me, but what I have learned that especially with transits, is that a combination of a few minor aspects, can behave in accordance with a major transit during the timing of those various transits and until it occurs we cannot really “see” how it will play out.. My moon is in Libra 12th house, inconjunct Venus, my chart ruler in 7th house Taurus also a Venus ruled sign which has been quite a critical aspect literally, with regards to being aware of being hypocritical, hypercritical and appropriately diplomatic, its a fine line sometimes, but with the Saturn square ensuring that I dont profess to be or know about anything, that I actually dont, know, understand or believe, my principles are very much that my words mean nothing if my actions betray me, plus I have a very sensitive conscience, sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse hahaha! thanks to a few placements including a grand water trine between mercury in cancer, neptune in scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, opposite Pluto in the point that even imagining lying, cheating or doing something unconscionable makes me feel physically ill because of its empathic nature. Anyway, if Jamie doesnt answer your comment, I would simply advise that you note what is written here, your own chart and what happens when those placements are activated by transits 😉

    • Those that persist,will never change there ‘ways’.
      They will be imprisoned.
      Locked away for 2000yrs.

      As for the ‘lighters’:

      “Nothing in the world is softer and weaker than water But, for attacking the hard and strong, there is nothing like it! For nothing can take its place. That the weak overcomes the strong, and the soft overcomes the hard, This is something known by all, but practiced by none.”

      ― Lao Tzu.

      Where in a new age,that you should have gotten the right ‘way’ now.

      The shift has turned and your going to see your own sword.

      YOU had it coming.

      What persists,deteriorates.

      I will watch,not celebrate.

      Up yours,

      all the same,


      • Ps.Key figures of the old narrative are going to pass away this year.


        IF so,(rightly sow)

        the chosen wings WILL spawn.

        “the fish spawn among fine-leaved plants”.

        Alchemy & immortality

        LU K’UAN YU

        (Charles Luk)

    • Debbie,If you haven’t ‘saved’ your self,
      why have have you written from ‘martyrdom’.
      or more to,why have you ‘alleviated’ your self.
      more than others as ‘speciality’.

      What have you to give?
      Other than your own lack of self love.

  2. (As all the users above me had said) Very Interesting Jamie , especially the Betty Friedan mention/quote .

  3. Not knowing my exact time of birth, I’m not sure about the Mars square Ascendant issue. However, I do have Mars in the 4th which is also the ruler my ascendant and my moon. So, the 4th takes a lot of heat. Dunno if I am like Betty, but I do have fiery emotions. Another thing adding intensity to Betty’s chart – she had the Moon opposite Pluto (a 2′ orb) and the Sun opposite Neptune (a 3′ orb) which would give her intense emotions combined altruism/idealism.

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