Sun Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Ascendant

Sun opposite Ascendant maximum orb 9°00′.

Sun opposite Ascendant natal is also called Sun conjunct Descendant and Sun Setting. This aspect, more than any other, signifies close one-to-one relationships. You need a companion to make you feel complete, and you are still very much your unique person but are more comfortable with someone else.

Having a partner, whether a best friend, a romantic partner or a business partner, helps you develop your personality. Working in partnership gives you the confidence to express your own identity fully. However, this aspect alone does not describe how harmonious or otherwise your close one-to-one relationships will be. The other person in your life could be a marriage partner or an open enemy. You could be happily married for life or may have a series of unhealthy codependent relationships.

Your life will be more pleasant if you get along well with others. This aspect suggests you like being around others and being friendly and well-liked. However, you probably have a strong competitive streak which could make you seem provocative or selfish.

Marriage is most likely crucial for you, and a happy, healthy marriage is ideal. If relationship problems arise, it would be best to communicate your concerns as openly and honestly as possible. You may need to see a relationship counselor; otherwise, you may experience much conflict leading to affairs or separation. Your powerful need for companionship means you probably won’t stay single for long.

It is also a good idea to seek help from people in other areas of life. Seek professional advice for financial and legal matters. Develop good working relationships with everyone from your doctor to your trash collector.

Sun Opposite Ascendant Transit

Sun opposite Ascendant transit or Sun conjunct Descendant transit makes partnerships the primary focus of your attention. This will include all one-to-one interactions. This transit forces you to work with others, sometimes resulting in ego conflicts and encounters with open enemies. Be self-confident and ready to defend yourself against any ego trippers.

There will also be opportunities for win-win situations; you should get valuable assistance and advice. You can use your relationships to promote yourself and your goals. Consulting everyone from an accountant to your hairstylist will help you advance. If this transit is a new moon, especially a solar eclipse, it can signal a new long-term relationship or marriage.

This is not the time to shy away and retreat. Whether your interactions are harmonious or challenging, you will learn more about yourself and benefit in the long run.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Ascendant transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Ascendant.

Sun Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

Heather Locklear 0°35′, Bruce Willis 0°38′, King George IV of the UK 0°44′, Chelsea Handler 0°45′, Patch Adams 0°55′, Julian Clary 1°23′, Vivien Leigh 1°33′ Stacy Keach 1°35′, Willem Dafoe 1°47′, Peter Jackson 2°01′, Alan Page 2°19′, Patty Hearst 2°19′, Mark Spitz 2°23′, Mel Gibson 2°29′, Duke William of Cambridge 2°35′.

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  1. I would be interested to know how different the effects would be if it was a Lunar Eclipse with the Sun on the descendant, as opposed to a Solar Eclipse.

  2. My Progressed Sun is conjunct my Prog. DC, and today is the birthday of my Ex. How about that!? Thanks for this one, Jamie. Forced me into looking at the timeline of the Neptune transit of this conjunction. (2020). As you may surmise my prog. Sun is Pisces, prog. ASC is Virgo

  3. I had a great laugh with this one! I was researching this aspect because of my children….they were literally born with a companion, they’re twins! The Universe gets you at every turn, Hahahaha

    • That you have twins ,and that they had/ have an immediate companion was destined.

    • I have two friends that are twins Virgo sun Pisces ascendant I’m on this page because of them I didn’t even think of the fact that they already found them

  4. woah, , , standing my ground but oh my my, my partner turned into Mrs. Hyde for reals… 2’31″CapAscendt

  5. That will be true. I always have a partner all the time. After one go away, I can find another one. Now, I got myself with my husband. He can help me to find myself.

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