Moon Opposite Mercury Natal and Transit

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Moon Opposite Mercury TransitMoon opposite Mercury in the natal chart symbolizes an inner conflict between thoughts and feelings. Others will observe this as a person who can be overly analytic one moment, then over-emotional and irrational the next. This challenging aspect can cause a lifelong challenge to find an inner balance, to reach a tranquil state of mind.

With challenging aspects from other planets, this polarity may cause nervous ailments. You can see in the list of celebrities with this aspect, that the key to overcoming the potential downsides can be found in keeping busy and productive, channeling the insight of the Moon and the intellect of Mercury into public communication. Actors and artists such as Mary Tyler Moore, share their talents by communicating to a large public audience. Alexander Graham Bell found the ultimate expression of Moon opposite Mercury by inventing the telephone. Sharing your insights and feeling to as many people as possible is the goal.

Moon Opposite Mercury Transit

Transiting Moon opposite Mercury involves the understanding and communication of your feelings. Being a challenging opposition aspect, scrambled or polarized thinking is the potential downside, where you find it difficult to make sense of everyday problems. This can result in arguments caused by emotional bias or just a simple lack of understanding.

With the Moon ruling clans, habits, and primal instincts, other influences on your thinking may include addiction, racism and prejudice. Sensitive discussion topics and negotiations are best avoided for the time being. A more productive exercise would be to spend some quiet time in reflection or chatting with a mentor about some of your inner feelings which you sense are holding you back.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Mercury transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon opposite Mercury.

Moon Opposite Mercury Celebrities

Mary Tyler Moore 03′, Alexander Graham Bell 07′, George Chisholm 07′, Cindy Sherman 23′, Tina Turner 26′, Natalie Barney 34′, Michael Tyler 44′, Judy Garland 58′.

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  1. exactly opposite my natal mercury. Going to a show with my clan to watch sons girlfriend perform . Should be fun, but maybe I should be careful what I say?

  2. My 71st birthday in tomorrow May 7th. Ive been having a lot of crying episodes the last few days! Maybe this is why?? couldn’t understand why? I NEVER cry!!!

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