Moon Opposite Mercury Natal and Transit

Moon Opposite Mercury Transit

Moon opposite Mercury maximum orb 8°00′.

Moon opposite Mercury natal can give an outwardly bubbly personality that disguises an inner fragility. Or it can make you a normally quiet and introspective person who becomes overly talkative and entertaining in the presence of others.

The main challenge with this aspect is an inner conflict between your thoughts and feelings. Your emotions and instinct are often out of alignment with your rational thinking. Your heart may say one thing, but your head another.

You can appear overly analytical one moment, then over-emotional and irrational the next. This can make you very sensitive, anxious, curious, and confused. An inability to find inner balance and reach a tranquil state of mind can leave you very nervous with a tendency to addiction.

The polarity between rational thinking and intuitive feeling can cause an inability to understand and express your true feelings. It can distort your perception of reality and cause problems with judgment and decision-making. You may become opinionated, parochial, or prejudiced.

Moon opposite Mercury can cause some difficulty in understanding the feelings of others. You can sometimes appear insensitive and even offensive because of a lack of tact and diplomacy. Your views can be controversial, yet you can also be overly sensitive to criticism. Miscommunication can result in arguments and relationship conflicts.

Blending your intuitive insights with your analytical intellect is the key to resolving these problems. This will lead to better self-standing, clearer self-expression, and more direct communication. Keeping busy and productive will also help.

Moon Opposite Mercury Transit

Moon opposite Mercury transit makes it harder to understand your feelings and to share them. Scrambled or polarized thinking can make it challenging to find inner balance, relax, and make it harder to make sense of everyday problems.

You may become overly analytical one moment, then over-emotional and irrational the next. This can result in arguments caused by emotional bias or a simple lack of understanding. Other symptoms include confusion, anxiety, prejudice, racism, and addiction. Extra care needs to be taken with negotiations, critical decisions, and sensitive discussion topics.

Spending some quiet time in reflection may help you understand your feelings and also help you relax. Or you could talk with a counselor or mentor about any feelings or attitudes you sense are holding you back. Otherwise, try to keep yourself busy and productive.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Mercury transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon opposite Mercury.

Moon Opposite Mercury Celebrities

Mary Tyler Moore 0°03′, Alexander Graham Bell 0°07′, George Chisholm 0°07′, Priscilla Presley 0°10′, Robert Watson-Watt 0°17′, Bil Tierney 0°18′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 0°20′, Cindy Sherman 0°22′, Tina Turner 0°26′, Natalie Barney 0°33′, Michael Tyler 0°44′, Judy Garland 0°58′, Enrico Fermi 1°02′, Tracy Caulkins 1°14′, Charles Gounod 1°25′, Paul Foster Case 1°25′, Shawna Lenee 1°28′, Denton Welch 1°37′, Terence Rattigan 1°39′, Cecilia Bartoli 1°49′, Roseanne 1°52′, Princess Victoria of the UK 1°53′, Lady Bird Johnson 1°56′.

11 thoughts on “Moon Opposite Mercury Natal and Transit

  1. exactly opposite my natal mercury. Going to a show with my clan to watch sons girlfriend perform . Should be fun, but maybe I should be careful what I say?

  2. My 71st birthday in tomorrow May 7th. Ive been having a lot of crying episodes the last few days! Maybe this is why?? couldn’t understand why? I NEVER cry!!!

  3. With my progressed moon in the 8th house, after finishing 2 1/4 years in the sign of Gemini chaos, it moved into Cancer six months ago and is now opposite my Mercury. The calming effects that the progressed cancer moon has now, after a gemini joy ride, is making this mercury/moon opposition experience a lot more normal. I have a natal Pisces moon, so when the progressed moon goes into any water sign its usually more calm (for me).

  4. Both of my vaccine shots and my booster were done on this transit. Both squaring natal ascendant so makes sense

  5. Wow this is one of THE most accurate descriptions i have ever read about myself and has given me so much clarity as to why i feel like i do most days, thank you Jamie you’re very good at what you do!

    • Thank you Amanda. Sometimes when I read back over these I cringe. I want to update all these aspects I wrote a long time ago. I think I could be better.

  6. On my natal chart, the value corresponding to the moon opposite mercury bit is -314. The value is supposed to be about how the energy flows? What does the value actually mean for this aspect?

  7. “Moon opposite Mercury can cause some difficulty in understanding the feeling of others”

    With this apect, shouldn’t be this the opposite? I mean, shouldn’t be “being more open to understand the feeling of others”? or I’m wrong?

    Or maybe it’s after you come with terms with this aspect + maturity while getting old?

    I love this page BTW. I think your descriptions are accurate and at the same time unique compared to all the copy-paste astrology that exist all over the internet(specially now)

    • Hi Greenlion. Being open to understanding feelings is probably more like the trine. Thank you so much for the compliment. I do put a lot of work into research. But I wrote these Sun and Moon aspects a long time ago. I know I could write them better now.

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