Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Saturn conjunct Midheaven maximum orb 6°30′.

Saturn conjunct Midheaven natal is also termed Saturn culminating. It means hard work and responsibility are your karmic destiny. You will most likely feel a strong sense of duty and will strive with determination to do something significant with your life.

Depending on other aspects to your Midheaven and any fixed star conjunctions, Saturn conjunct Midheaven can manifest as outstanding achievement and success in your career or loss and disappointment. Fate and your early environment play their part, especially the influence of your dominant parent. But any alignment of stars and planets gives a certain amount of potential and free will to rise above limitations.

Saturn rewards hard work, and if you feel burdened by karma, it can also be paid off in one lifetime. Sometimes this aspect can indicate delays in your career, but it can also mean great responsibility is placed on you from an early age.

It is essential not to be too hard on yourself. Even with achievement and success, this aspect can bring criticism from your parents, the public, and notoriety. However, your relationships with superiors and the authorities should be mutually respectful because you share something in common. Respect is something you want, and you should earn. People will come to you for advice, and you may be a teacher or mentor.

The following case shows the intense feeling of responsibility with Saturn conjunct Midheaven. Jennifer and June Gibbons were identical twins born with this aspect at 0°38′ and 1°56′ respectively. They were known as “The Silent Twins” because they only communicated with each other. After being severely bullied at school, they began writing works of fiction but turned to crime when they started experiencing criminal tendencies. They were both admitted to Broadmoor Hospital, where they were held for 11 years.

the girls had a longstanding agreement that if one died, the other must begin to speak and live a normal life. During their stay in the hospital, they began to believe that it was necessary for one of them to die, and after much discussion, Jennifer agreed to be the sacrifice. [The tragedy of a double life]

You can see how Jennifer’s tighter conjunction gave her a stronger sense of duty, and she did make the ultimate sacrifice in March 1993. Jennifer could not be roused after they were transferred from Broadmoor to a clinic, and she was taken to the hospital where she died of an acute heart condition soon after. Her system had no evidence of drugs or poison, and her death remains a mystery.

Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Saturn conjunct Midheaven transit is a time of culmination in your career or long-term goal. You will have some essential duties and responsibilities involving one of your parents. This is not necessarily negative for you, but some expectations could be involved here.

You are reaping the reward of at least seven and possibly 14 years of striving. The more responsible you have been and the harder you have worked, the greater the achievement and recognition. Extra responsibilities, promotion, or demotion may need some sacrifice in your home or private life to compensate for.

Circumstances may force a significant review of your goals and where you are heading with your career. But past efforts will still be rewarded. If this were the case, it would not be a loss or failure, but your experience and achievements would be carried on into a new area of specialization in your career.

The most important thing to take from this transit is to take responsibility for your past, present, and future. Avoid procrastination if you know that something needs doing. This even applies to the simplest things like making an important phone call or paying a bill.

Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Celebrities

Celine Dion 0°06′, Bernadette Peters 0°08′, Emily Dickson 0°09′, Cecilia Bartoli 0°12′, Gene Wilder 0°14′, Uri Geller 0°15′, Jennifer Gibbons 0°38′, Athol Rusden 0°39′, Madeleine of Scotland 0°58′, Lucky Luciano 1°01′, John Hurt 1°02′, Elizabeth II 1°07′, Paddy Ashdown 1°30′, Lord Byron 1°31′, Mary MacArthur 1°46′, Oliver Stone 1°51′, Karen Silkwood 1°54′, June Gibbons 1°56′, Rudy Giuliani 2°36′, Jeane Dixon 2°39′, John Frawley 2°49.

26 thoughts on “Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

    • Interesting point Denyse. Jupiter is generally thought to rule higher education but maybe the professors are ruled by Saturn.

  1. The Queen of the UK is important with this aspect as i recall, if my memory serves, she has an unaspected saturn conjunct her MC!!
    Quite the position for a queen to have…LOL! Talk about high responsibility – much more than anyone else would have to endure, and of course, it’s lifelong for her… that’s the epitome of unaspected planets IMO – the planet applies to the WHOLE chart – is free to be applied to ANY area because of its LACK of aspects, the planet is not BOUND by aspects – so hence the native is able to apply the unaspected planet to any and all areas of life. It’s like the planet is ‘free’ to wander about the wheel, and the native is free to express the entire SCOPE of the planet due to it’s lack of binding aspects to other planets.
    Unlike the most popular interpretation of an unaspected planet is that due to a lack of aspects it lacks expression in the person. Ironically this view is made by those without an unaspected planet. Yet if you research those with true unaspected planets, you find, like the Queen example, the person has the opportunity to become the epitome of that planet and it can rule their life – hardly ‘unexpressed’!!
    Coincidentally, the singer Freddy Mercury also had an unaspected Mercury….i wouldn’t say his vocal expression was limited would you?! 😉
    I’m a cancer sun with unaspected moon. Discovering astrology helped me understand why my emotional landscape, experience and expression was much more powerful than i have witnessed in anyone else i’ve ever met. I wondered as a child why everyone hides their emotional selves. It’s a combined blessing and burden to have an unaspected planet.
    I have saturn conj. MC – thankfully not exact!

    • Hi BPip, I also thought of the queen when I read this!! Yes saturn on her MC – the duty , the responsibility, wow. Karmic indeed. She is 92 now i think and STILL doing her duty, what an inspiration. I think unexpected planets are little understood. And yes very potent. I have an unexpected mercury – in the 3rd house – with a Gemini ascendent! Can you imagine? It explains a lot…

      • Mine is unsuspected as well. I know it’s in Taurus from the Saturn returns. I wonder where hers lies. Like I said mines in Taurus, But I never understood that placement. My Saturn return was more….. Scorpio. Anyways. Interesting but makes me wonder where her Saturn lies. It’s probably on line somewhere. It also says a lot of things when the aspects are not there. In the Midheaven especially Things. That should be.

    • Hi BPip,
      I have an unaspected moon also, ruler of my MC and located in IX. Would love to hear more about your experience of the unaspected moon ruling a crucial element of the chart (your sun & my MC). Also welcome Jamie’s input. Thanks to both!

  2. I have Saturn transit MC and starting the square to my stellium in Libra with Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Lilith. 3 tough years ahead!! .

    • Its worth to mention that capricorn is intercepted in my natal chart, so Saturn plays out with less strengh I guess.
      At the same time my progress moon is conjuct MC (the other ruler of intercepted Cancer), and is the only planet in earth signs!. So….capricorn/earth/10 house will be the challenge.
      Parent and work are both issues on my scope now!.

  3. Hi Jamie, could Saturn transiting opposite the I.C also indicate birth?

  4. Ive heared saturn has entered capricorn in 2018 and will be there for the next three years. does that mmean that there will be more sense of resposibility? what do you think?

  5. Sorry for delay reply helen, i didnt receive notification…..i imagine your mercury 3rd house with gemini ac is a wonderful combo! Would that be a pisces mercury unaspected? Ohhh that would be a depth and expansive communicational mind! How do you find your mercury affecting you? (My moon is 3rd house too unaspected….makes me go beyond the boundaries of traditional thought, seeking philosophy, very open-minded, sometimes too much perhaps lol)

  6. Hi! I have been following your insights for quite a while! Thanks for all the inputs!

    Taurus rising here, born in 1990. So I have Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and MC in Capricorn. My MC is on 29°, and I have heard about the critical angle…Would such transit a bit different for 29°?

    There is opposition…Venus and Jupiter in cancer. :/

  7. Hi! In my chart Saturn (18”51 Aries 10th house) is conjunct Midheaven (18”23 Aries). Also, he receives loose opposition from Mars (0”23 Libra 3rd house). I just switched from sidereal to tropical. This article is so unbelievably on spot. Now I understand myself through astrology definitely better. I discovered a lot. Thank you for your work 🙂

  8. Hi Jamie, I still can’t find a page on saturn conjunct IC transit. Is it in here anywhere ? I searched. Thanks

  9. Transit-Saturn retrograde is now conjunct my MC and Venus, and semi-sextile my Sun and Mercury. I have been expecting a kicking. So thank you, Jamie, for this: ‘You are reaping the reward of at least seven and possibly 14 years of striving’. 🙂

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